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I love body firming creams because they not only provides body contouring, it also moisturizes my skin at the same time. Hello Beauty is an online shop selling beauty products which includes the ones that I’m gonna review today. 

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Prior to the review, the items arrived at my place nicely wrapped in bubble wraps, showed how much effort they put in to ensure safe and protected delivery. Today’s review will touch on Hello Beauty’s 4 body contouring products, and they are: Body Contouring Essence, Bust Lifting Essence, BB Spray (body) and Sea Salt Body Contouring Scrub. 

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First item is the Sea Salt Body Contour Scrub, which is meant to keep your skin healthy by removing the dead skin cells while maintaining good skin metabolism. The Body Contouring Scrub contains sea salt which cleanses and exfoliates the skin),  grapefruit extract which whitens the skin and shrink pores, witch hazel leaf water for anti-inflammatory and tightening effect, algae extract which acts as a strong antioxidant for anti-aging  and caffeine to fight stubborn cellulites. In other words, it’s packed with so many beneficial ingredients such that I don’t mind putting in more effort to use it regularly! 

Directions: You just have to scrub it onto your body in the shower and rinse off after some scrubbing. 


The Sea Salt Body Contour Scrub instantly smoothens out my skin like baby skin. I like how the sea salt bits rubbed against my skin to remove the dead skin cell, plus it has a very nice grapefruit smell. When I first applied the scrub on the back of my hands to test it out, it instantly heats up my skin. But when I tried it in the shower, the burning sensation isn’t that great, probably because it gets in contact with water. After application, I feel really refreshed and my skin feels really baby-skin smooth. 

This is a very big bottle of body scrub and it’s only retailing at S$36.90 on Hello Beauty site. Quite worth it!  sea%2Bsalt%2Bbody%2Bcontour%2Bscrub


The next item may be useful for big events like wedding dinners, ballroom events or any occasion that you wish you could flaunt your legs in a gorgeous dress. The BB Spray foundation will come in handy because it serves to smoothen out the uneven skin tone on your skin. It’s also helpful to conceal certain kind of scars, like scratch marks or chickenpox scar.

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Direction: Hold the bottle about 10-15mins away from your skin and spray it on. Spread the foundation evenly on the skin. 

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To my surprise, the BB Spray is extremely waterproof! That being said, you don’t have to worry that the foundation will fall off if you perspire a lot. 

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And the BB spray looks natural on my skin


The next item is a Bust lifting essence. This product helps to provide smooth and firm breast but so far I haven’t been using this religiously so I can’t tell the effect yet. Other than that, the lifting essence is quite a decent product to help moisturise the area around my breast. 

For fortunate ladies with bustier figure, I reckon bust lifting cream can help prevent problems like sagging breast. The Bust lifting essence contains Pueraria Mirica Root Extract and Kegilia Africana Extract to enhance and increase breast size, lift sagging breast and even fight against aging.  


The lifting essence is a slighty translucent gel texture that is easy to spread and apply. 

Direction: Pump out one-two pumps of essence and apply onto the breast in a circular motion.



And finally, my favourite product of all four – The Body Contouring Essence. 


I like this product the most because it gives almost an instant effect upon application. When I massage the contouring essence on my limbs, it takes only about 5 mins before the heating sensation kicks it. It contains micro-crystal beads and several other natural ingredients to burn off excessive fats and stimulate collagen. I kind of enjoy the burning sensation because it feels like my fats are burning. However, a gentle reminder is to not apply before you sleep because the burning sensation may prevent you from sleeping.

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Direction: I usually applied onto my legs and arms before I massage until the essence is fully absorbed. 

The burning sensation can last up to 1 to 2 hours. I also noticed the intensity of the burning sensation can be altered by the amount of essence I apply on my skin. I usually dispense a 50cent-size amount of essence for my arm, thigh and calf separately. 

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I noticed after regular application of the  Contouring Essence, the skin around my thigh looks firmer with less dry marks. I only applied onto my right thigh for my own comparison, and I do see a difference. 


Holding my favourite product! The Body Contouring Essence retails at S$36.90 on Hello Beauty website. 

Hello Beauty carries an extensive range of body products. You may want to visit and check it out! 

http://www.hellobeauty.com.sg/ http://www.hellobeauty.com.sg/ http://www.hellobeauty.com.sg/ http://www.hellobeauty.com.sg/

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