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I have finally come to the last stop of the food trail! 

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ramen IMG 7932

It is none other than the popular and interesting restaurant, Ramen Champion! 

Honestly, at first when I stepping into this place, I didn’t quite know the story behind this restaurant! 


Ramen Champion has this competition where the 8 different ‘stalls’ under this umbrella of “Ramen Champion” will fight it out to determine which of their ramen is the most popular and the most fast-selling ones! All the ramen here are absolutely prepared by pure japanese chefs!! 

I am so blessed to be able to try ALL the different ramen here for this food tasting! I can NEVER do that unless I come in a group of 10!? But omybugisplus food trail has certainly made my dream come true, with ease.

Some of the stalls! 🙂

IMG 7937

IMG 7935

IMG 7941

The championship involves all the participating outlets, including Ikkousha, Gantetsu, Tai-sho-ken, Riki, Iroha and Bario. 

In 2011, Ikkousha emerged the champion and became the truly Singapore’s Ultimate Ramen Champion 2011 ! 

IMG 7934

IMG 7931

IMG 7942

Please let me emphasize one more time how lucky we are to be able to try all the ramen here. I am so glad and thankful :’) Imagine the moolahs or number of times I have to come back to try out everything. 

IMG 7943

Personal view:

I guess what makes these ramen differ from those from AJISEN is really because the competition element involved. Because you are not the only stall in the restaurant, there are certain competition involved which prevented you from being too complacent and jeopardizing the real quality of the ramen. They are really too good to be true! I’ll explain more in a while. 

IMG 7973

First from AYOMA, we have the… 

IMG 7945
Special tonkotsu ramen

This soup has a traces of pepper if you would like to have extra flavours other than spicy or chicken broth. The nicely boiled egg and pork slices are not marinated in order to maintain and preserve the authentic taste of the broth, way to go! Simple is the best! 

IMG 7956
Special tonkotsu ramen uses thin straight ramen, like the usual ones.  

Next from BARIO… (whose chef is the youngest among the rest: 32)

IMG 7959 1

The first thing that caught my attention is the large amount of bean sprouts and fresh cabbage topped on the ramen. The meat that they have was different too, as they not only doesn’t use thin chashu slices, but actually included thick pork belly which was caramelized to a deep brown. I love the broth too because the chef wholeheartedly uses pork bone and 7 spices to create the best soup base. 

IMG 7965 1
AJITAMA Ramen used Futomen, thick noodle 

IMG 7963

Let’s have a commercial break! Here’s a photo of me with UncleTehPeng, another fellow blogger I knew before this event! 

IMG 7968

IMG 7971
Here’s the marketing lady of Ramen Champion explaining to us the different types of ramen

The third one was from GANTETSU

IMG 7982
King Chashu Ramen

This bowl of ramen has shredded ginger to add a taste to the mild and slight creamy miso. The fact that they placed a big sheet of seaweed at the side stands out this even more. 200g of pork cha shu was rather well marinated and the thickness of it was very well done.

IMG 7981 1

And from IROHA… (whose chef is 56 years old already!)

IMG 7988 1
King’s Ramen

Seriously, let’s talk about passion here. Being the oldest (56 years), Chef Kiyoshi Kurihana is indeed passionate about bring you spicy ramen that never fails to leave you an impression that strikes a balance for the spiciness of the broth.  

IMG 7990
The chef actually vouch to bring you the authentic taste from Japan 

From TAISHOKEN, we have…

IMG 8001 1
Cold and spicy TSUKEMEN

Something out of the norm? Here you go. 

Instead of the normal ramen where you find the noodles submerged in delicious broth, the chef decided to bring something different to you: The only dry option, with thick and chewy noodles, coupled with dipping sauce!

IMG 8003


And as usual…

Always saving the best for the last….

We have our champion here,


First we were presented their champion ramen, Spicy Takana Ramen 

IMG 7976
Spicy Takana Ramen

With the usual price compared to the others, Spicy Takana Ramen is definitely different because of their smooth creamy pure pork-based soup with Ajitama (Jap flavoured egg). The soup was cooked for 12 hours and they actually replaces the pork bones every hour to maintain a rich broth; I guess this must be the reason for it’s popularity! 

This humble looking bowl of Spicy Takana Ramen actually garner a total of 100,531 bowls compared to 65,529 (the second place)! That is a double amount! 

The young chef, Kosuke Yoshimura, aged 35, was really happy to be able to introduce their Hakata-style Ramen from his hometown. 

IMG 7997
God Fire Ramen 

Another bowl of ramen from IKKOUSHA too, this God Fire Ramen has 3 different hotness levels: Mild, medium and dangerous. I can actually take half-here-half-not-there spiciness and honestly I would really want to try out their dangerous level!! Hahaha. Maybe when I tried it, I’ll let you know again!! LOL 

IMG 8004

Once again, if you are looking for great authentic ramen, you really wouldn’t want to miss out… 


IMG 7933

This marks the end of the food trail and I hope you liked everything! 

I would like to extend my gratitude to omy for this wonderful and unforgettable event that I’ve ever came across. I guess it’s near impossible for a person to try EIGHT F&B outlets within a few hours! And not to forget about the amount of money needed to pump in 😛 

Thank you and bugisplus, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the 5 posts on this food trail! 

Remember to stay hungry always 😉


Hui Yan- 

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