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Hello beautiful readers! 

If you’re here, it means you (probably) are interested to find out what products have I reviewed so far, and hopefully from my side, I am able to bring you honest feedbacks and critique about the products. 

For disclaimer, I am certainly no professional in makeup and beauty products stuff. I’ve not received any professional advice or education. That said, all reviews are done from a normal consumer’s point of view, all to inform readers how the products fare. So please do not find fault with me, thank you 🙂

To set off and ensure consistency, I thought it’ll be good to set a grading criteria for all the products that I’m gonna review. So let’s cut the chase and here goes! 


1. Price 

Whether the product is worth the price, duh. My friend asked me what was the maximum price I would pay for a makeup product and I replied $50. I guess it is fair after all for me to set a standard using a student’s point of view. But good things are always an exception and who knows I might try out higher end products if they promise results. 

2. Effectiveness 

Does the product promise result? Does it do what it says? 

3. Durability/Lastingness

Yes, does the product last? Especially foundation. Does it last 24 hours like how the product says? I’ve always been cheated! 🙁

4. Uniqueness

Probably not something common here. For this, I seek to see if the product is different from the others, or is it just a mediocre product. Does it have that unique point that gives people the “ohh” and “wow” factor? 

5. Others

Depending on different products, and suppose there is something about it that isn’t reflected in PEDU guideline, I will just add it under ‘others’ section! 

This is just a basic criteria guideline and it’s opened to modifications and corrections. 

So yup, enjoy the reviews! 


Celine Chiam (HY)

twi-3900989  insta-4236859

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