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5 months without a facial treatment just freaks me out. Especially when I am plagued by a horrendous breakout that happened while I was overseas in Europe, I knew I needed a life savior for my skin.

I was kindly invited by Queen’s Beauty Centre for a facial treatment. Besides the convenient location of the beauty salon being located in the heart of the city (Far East Plaza), Betty, the owner herself has over 36 years of experience, giving me a sense of relief because I knew I would be in good hands.
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Betty giving me shoulder massage after feeling my extremely tensed shoulders

Before the facial began, I had a personal consultation with Betty where she scrutinized my skin condition and told me what was wrong with my skin. Tapping on Betty’s vast knowledge on skin conditions, I got to understand the real problems behind such massive and unexpected outbreak on my forehead. Bearing in mind that my skin has always been plagued with only dry skin problems and the fact that pimple breakouts issue has never ever affected me, I am extremely worried about my outbreak. I expressed my concerns to Betty and she analysed my skin very carefully, and pointed out the following possible reasons for the outbreak:

Fast paced lifestyle (which I agree because of my travel plans while I was in Europe)

Irregular meals (again inevitable during traveling)

Change of diet (beer and chocolates as the main culprits)

Betty really impressed me a lot with her vast knowledge on acne and skin problem. Most of the time, she carries out the facial treatment herself because she believes in connecting to her customers on a personal level. In fact, Betty is one the rare beauticians I’ve met who can converse and explain to me the beauty technicalities in English during the facial treatment.


Fibro3 Peptides

The facial treatment that Betty decided to do for me was Fibro3 Peptides Program, formulated by the use of peptides and essential ingredients like plant extracts and minerals. The main purposes are to regulate and repair the skin, with steps to strengthen and firm the repaired skin with elements of collagen.

The facial treatment includes facial cleansing, an “Active Repair” mask as well as a shoulder massage. I even brought home a small bottle of facial repair essence that Betty had specifically combined for me using the different essences from the Fibro3 Peptides regime.

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Singapore%2BFacial%2BBeauty%2BCentre CelineChiamhuiy

At the end of the facial, I felt really refreshed and rejuvenated. The best part is that the whole process was painless. This treatment does not involve extractions because it believes in simulating traumas to the skin to stimulate natural healing by the skin with the introduction of proteins through pulsation. A day later, some of my angry pimples have already dried up.

I’m giving this facial treatment thumbs up for the excellent personal service. But of course one session is not enough and I would encourage having at least 3 or more sessions for the best results.

Queen’s Beauty Centre Far East Plaza #04-103, 14 Scotts Road, (S)228213

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