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As cliche as it may sound, ancient people used to believe that the Earth is a square, and we may fall off an edge if we walk towards the end of one side. Landing human beings on the moon was one of the biggest breakthrough in history times but now, astronauts can practically live there for a period of time. Have you ever imagine how the World will be like 50 years later? Ok, maybe let’s narrow the scope a little – how would you picture Singapore to be like in 50 years time, in 2065? 


In the past, we never thought battery cars would exist. 

And before we know it, the very first head transplant will happen in a few years time. How insane is that? But yes, it’s possible.


Think about Singapore. How would Singapore be like in another 50 years time? Although we have lost a great leader this year with the demise of Mr Lee, I believe there are still many great leaders continuing the legacy of the late Mr Lee and bring Singapore to the next level of advancement. 

Do you have a vision for Singapore? Do you have a strong sense of speculation as to how Singapore will be like 50 years later? 

Then tell us! 

The #BuildSG2065 campaign wants to hear from you. They want to know what you envision Singapore to be like in 2065, and to make things easier, your vision can be categorised into 4 groups: 

– Go Green 

– Smart Spaces 

– Space-Age Kampungs 

– Weatherproof World

Submit your ideas, be it in text, video or images!

Who knows, your idea may reach the top 50 and you’ll win a prize!

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Attractive prizes include the top three as pictured above, and many shopping vouchers as consolation prizes! Poly students may also get a chance to clinch internship positions at Capitaland, how awesome is that?


I’m not sure how Singapore will be like in the future… but THIS is a magnificent change O_O

Perhaps in the future, we can easily head to the moon for a TOUR? 

Maybe we can easily switch on our lights with a simple command coming out from our mouths? 

Maybe each households will get a computerised system where we can order food as and when we like, without making a call or browsing the net?

Hahaha sounds far-fetched but remember, the only limit is our imaginations!



So don’t wait! Submit your ideas to #BuildSG2065 campaign and stand a chance to win the prizes!

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