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Are you as irritated as me when it comes to nail polishes? For some reason my freshly done up nails can never last longer than 2 days and they’ll start to chip off by day 3 onwards. I know the best alternative is gelish nails, but they can be both expensive and damaging to your natural nails, since it requires overtime filing for removal! 

Fortunately, I get to try out this new invention known as the GelLack’s system. It’s very simple, it’s basically doing your own gelish nails without having to file your nails, at your home! 

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My nails have been really weak from the start and as much as I want to change my gelish nail designs every month, my thin nails are already protesting. So you bet I was really excited to try out this new home-based nail device which gives me longer lasting nails, better than normal nail laquers. 

It’s simple: first you just have to apply the step1 oil to prep the nails. Then put your nails under the UV light for 30 seconds. 

Then, apply the oil again followed by the nail colour. Put your nails under the light again. Reapply the colour until desirable shade. 

Finally, apply the top coat and dry under the light again. It’s really quick and fuss free! 

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The nails lasted longer than a week, but I’m speculating it didn’t last as long as it’s said to be due of my own nail condition. My nails might be too thin to hold the nail lacquers as long as it should be. 

My nail polish done using this home-based device was less damaging. I only have to dissolve the nail polish using the given oil remover, and subsequently place my fingers in a bowl of warm water for a while. I presume the removal process was not easy because I didn’t have the patience to put in the bowl of warm water longer. To remove, you just have to use a toothpick to scrape it off and that’s it! Not as damaging as filing. 


The removal was not as easy as I thought though, although it’s definitely less damaging. If you have done gelish nails before, you know that the removal part takes time and is damaging to the nails because it takes filing to remove the entire gelish residue from your nails. One good tip is to soak your nails for at least 5 mins in warm water to easily remove it.

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If you fancy doing your own nails, grab this package today!

GelLack’s system is exclusively available in Watsons Nex, Bugis Junction and Vivo City outlets. Check out their FB for more details.

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