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When I first started blogging, I chanced upon Openrice which literally opened up many opportunities to me. My first invited food-tasting was actually by openrice and I am eternally grateful to them!!! If you don’t believe me, here are all my food-tasting session with Openrice! 

So ya, that’s quite a comprehensive and long list of food-tasting JUST under Openrice only, isn’t it? 

But right now, here’s a chance for you to eat free food just like me too! You have 3 simple steps to do it 🙂 

1. JOIN OpenRice as a member! 

Registration is really easy and hassle free. Just fill in some information about yourself, or even better, sign up using your facebook account and you’ll be good to start. 

Sign up here now now now!!

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Facebook will make everything easier 🙂

2. START writing reviews! 

You can see my examples here!

The more you write, the more quality is your review, the higher chance you’ll be invited to the food-tasting session! 

(not saying my reviews are of good quality, but honestly I believe I’ve put in enough effort into what I do)

Screen+Shot+2013 03 28+at+8.21.03+PM

They also have this gourmet competition now, go check it out! 

The prizes are really attractive. Screen+Shot+2013 03 28+at+8.21.11+PM

3. And GET your sure-win prizes! 

Sure-win, in other words, guaranteed. 

Why? Because they love food just like you do! 

They wish to make you happy as you write reviews and share with other food-lovers about all the good food in Singapore.

Share your thoughts, and get rewards! 

And even food-tasting sessions! 🙂

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IMG 8095

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