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3CE%2BWater%2Bwrapping%2BFacial%2Bmask%2Breview We have all heard about the brand 3CE. Mostly known for its cosmetic range, do you know 3CE has its skincare range too? Nope, I wasn’t aware at first so it explains why I was pleasantly surprised to receive this in my May BNTnews box! 3CE%2BFacial%2Bmask 3

So here we have it, 3CE’s Water Wrapping Facial Mask. Each box comes with 5 sheets. 

Like how the name suggests, it’s a mask that provides hydration solution to all dry skin worriers. This mask comes in a velvety smooth sheet socked in rich hydration solution which includes Hyaluronic Acid and Alaska Glacial Water.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural hydrating agent that helps lock in moisture in the skin, while Alaska Glacial Water is an untapped and uncontaminated water rich in minerals to keep our skin moisturised and smooth.

3CE%2BFacial%2Bmask 2
3CE%2BWater%2Bwrapping%2BFacial%2Bmask 1

True enough, thanks to the velvety smooth mask sheet which is thicker than many other mask sheets, it gives me an impression that an intensive moisturising treatment is going on under the moisture wrap of the mask. It kind of prolongs the time the solution gets evaporated off the mask sheet as well. Most importantly, I can’t help to keep emphasising how much i love the smooth texture of the mask sheet! Not all mask sheets comes with such good quality I have to say. 

Quality of the mask is thick and of high quality. Very smooth as well!

3CE%2BFacial%2Bmask 4

You will also be surprised to know 3CE has many other mask types as well! 

But right now, the hydration solution is the best for my skin 🙂

3CE%2BFacial%2Bmask 5

Thank you BNTnews for sending this lovely item over! 


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