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People often carry the misconception that neighbourhood salons are old-fashioned and less classy, because most of the time, the hair stylists working at such salons are towards the thirties and forties. Neighbourhood salons are also often associated with barbers and cheap haircuts too!

Claire, who believes that hair services should and can be provided to the public at affordable prices, decided to start up Show Image hair salon, which is exactly a hidden gem in the neighbourhood. With a strong passion in art, Claire believes that hair styling is also a form of art. Her husband and she decided to open Show Image for her to venture into the hair salon business.


Here’s why Show Image is different from other neighbourhood salon (not comparing to salons located in town): 

1. Better technology

2. Young and stylish 

3. Able to produce stylish hair colouring 

showimage 30

For customers who are here for hair colouring, it can take up to 3-4 hours. To kill the boredom, Show Image has iPads for your entertainment as well as browsing hair photos. 


They also have such hair scanning technology for their clients to check out their scalp conditions. 

Not many neighbourhood salons have this isn’t it?

showimage 24

Their meticulous services include free beverages and small tidbits. How thoughtful! 

All the stylists at Show Image are experienced enough (about 10 years of experience), but they are still improving their skills by taking up more lessons. 

So now are you ready to see how they have done miracle to my hair? 

This is a before hair colouring photo. 


My hair color was previously very patchy because the last time I dyed my hair was by myself. And because my hair was previously dyed red, the colour now has faded into a copper-ish brown and everyone on the streets are carrying this colour. 

showimage 7

This time, I wished to achieve something new and decided to play with some colours! 

Tracy, my hairstylist suggested to do creative colouring instead of dip-dying. Many people has been doing dip-dying for the past few months, so she wanted me to do something different. So first step was to bleach a few bunches of hair!
showimage 16
showimage 18

Later on, I decided to have an ashy brown as my base colour. Because I didn’t want to bleach my entire head, I won’t be achieving ashy brown. So she suggested me to do a matte brown with some green elements in it. 

showimage 22
showimage 23
showimage 26
showimage 27

Honestly I thought I can even make do with these strands of bleached hair! 

After washing off the dye, Tracy moved on to dye them purple and blue. 

showimage 29

And here’s the end result! 

To prolong the colours, Tracy used a certain dye that will reveal even brighter colour after a few washes. So it may seem a little dull here but the colours are much brighter and prettier now! 

showimage 33

I like how the colours are subtly hidden underneath my ashy brown. They don’t look obvious indoors but when I stand under the sun, the bright colours are simply gorgeous. 

showimage 38
A photo with the owner, Claire. 

showimage 36

Show Image is a cozy salon hidden in Eunos neighborhood. 

As for me, I am quite happy with my hair colour now! Although I would really prefer my colours to be much bolder and brighter. If you prefer, you can opted for a bolder hair colour! But that would meaning hair bleaching, and thus you may need some hair treatment to maintain the colour and your hair condition. 

showimage 45showimage 46 creativehaircolour You only live once! I wanted to play with colours before I start working upon graduation!

Show Image

1A Eunos Crescent #01-2479 Singapore 401001 6742 5417 / 9731 5175 [email protected]

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