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I can’t tell you how excited I am again to receive another BlackBox pack. BlackBox has been running various in-store promotions weekly and members will get to enjoy free samples from time to time. Now they’re adding on a theme box this June, titled 500 Days of Summer Exclusive Pack! For country like Singapore, summer is the only thing we have. Though it can be frustrating at times, there’s really nothing else we can do except to embrace it! Let’s see how BlackBox prepare us for it 😉

BlackBox understands that as ladies, there’s many beauty must-haves to protect us. The following items in June edition BlackBox are: 

SkinAz Lip Tattoo (Sexy Red)

Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix

Dr+Nu:ell Double S Lotion

Trulife Tri-kit Collagen Drink

Would you like to guess my favourite item out of all these summer essential beauty items? 🙂

First, the Trulife Tri-kit Collagen Drink pack is great for first time consumers (like me!). The samples come in three different flavours packed with the nutrients and benefits that are great for our health in the long run. It helps to provide skin renewal, detox and eyehealth benefits; benefits that everyone needs now! Ask me what’s my favourite? Definitely the Berry Eye Health! 

For people who has been suffering from flabby arms, thighs, and especially cellulite, your life saviour is here. Get toned and bikini ready body with this 2-in-1 body moisturiser toning gel: Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix. What I love about this product is that it doubles up as both a moisturiser and a toning cream. It’s lightweight, it gives off a cooling sensation when spread on my skin, and it definitely does not feel greasy at all.  After a while, the heating sensation comes in but the heat isn’t as intense as any other slimming lotion. I’m a very lazy person, so if there’s anything that has a dual function, I’m in 😉 Am gonna bring this to my Aussie Trip in June!


Ever wonder how the Koreans attain their flawless porcelain-like skin? Heard that they spend a lot of time prepping their skin, and their skincare regime can go up to more than 10 products. In this case, I presume the Dr+Nu:ell Double S Lotion should be one of the products to give that healthy glowing skin (i’m including this into my regime now!). The brand  Dr+Nu:ell is known for its self-regenerationability, in other words wound repairing. This lotion would help to skin your skin dewy and hydrated at all times. Texture wise, it’s definitely lightweight and feels like nothing after it gets fully absorbed. It’s unscented as well, so I feel particularly assured about this.


Finally, leaving the best to the last because this is my favourite product in the BlackBox June Edition – the SkinAz Lip Tattoo in Sexy Red! Look at the lip swatch and you’ll understand why. 


Able to give that long-lasting colour, I am very in love with this product. Although the downside to this product is that it’s a little hard to apply because it’s slightly sticky the peeling-off process wasn’t as easy, I can definitely make do with it if the color turns out so fabulous LIKE THIS! Plus, this lip colour really lasts very long, there’s practically no need to re-apply. I thought it might be a good way to act as the base before I apply another layer of my favourite lipstick or lipgloss.


And guess what?

Instead of the usual selling price of S$29.90, BlackBox June Edition is going on a promotion at

only S$12.90 per pack! That’s very affordable for 4 items all together, it’s basically a steal! This is

exclusively between 3 June –1 July 2015. To top it up, you will receive a full size product from a

random pool of beauty items for every EXCLUSIVE item purchased at BlackBox e-store. Each

week will bring you different beauty products from a range of selected brands. 

Check out today!

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