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Are you the kind of person who can’t live without music? You can’t stand the noise in public places, the loud chattering on the trains and the boredom to walk a long street without any music to accompany? If so, here’s another question: Is tangling wires an annoyance to you?

Plantronics+Backbeat+GO+2 1 It sure is an irritation to me especially when I run around all the time. I’m a local undergrad and we do not have a fixed seminar room for the different modules. Often than not, I have to carry my laptop and some study materials when I move my butt from a place to another, sometimes in a rush if I have back to back lessons! At this point of time, all I need is a wireless earbuds that can allow me to connect quickly to music without being plagued with wire problems. That’s where the Backbeat GO 2 from Plantronics comes in handy. *wink Backbeat+go+2+bluetooth+earbuds A wireless and water resistant earbuds, Backbeat GO 2 is also a sleek, light-weighted and user-friendly device. So far, I haven’t been meeting any big issues or problems with the Bluetooth earbuds. The wireless earbuds itself allows up to 4.5 hours of listening timeand 5 hours of talking time.


I was given the Backbeat GO 2 Bundle which comes with a charging case. It is a ballistic nylon rechargeable case which can charge your earbuds for another 14.5 hours of usage!  I love how it keeps me disciplined to keep my earbuds in the case instead of throwing it around too.

I am extremely amazed that a 20 min charge time in the case adds another hour of listen time. A red light indicates charging time. When fully charged, the light will turn blue. bluetooth+wireless+earbuds
Not only that, the wireless earbuds comes with stabilizers so it makes it a good device for exercise, especially jogging! To fit both Asian and Western consumers, there are also three sizes of cushioned eartips for you to switch interchangeably!


But what about the other specifications that the Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 wireless earbuds promise to deliver? Do they live up to your expectations?

Throughout this short period of time, I will be reviewing the earbuds with the theme of “On the Go”. Stay with me and check back often to see how the Bluetooth earbuds are useful to my daily life! Meanwhile, if you would like to get your hands on a pair of  such wireless earbuds, here’s your chance in getting it at 15% off! This is only for Backbeat GO 2 bundle (with charging case) only. The bundle retails at SGD 199, but will cost only SGD 169.15 after the discount! Head over to www.EPShub.com to do your purchase. When you clicked the link, you’ll be directed to this website below: Screen+Shot+2013 10 23+at+3.47.23+PM Thereafter, insert the discount or promotion code “15OMYCHIAM” in the Promo Code box. Remember, it’s only valid on www.EPShub.com! discount+code

On my next post, I’ll show you how Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 positively impacted my life. Follow me on instagram @chiamhuiy to check out my daily updates!

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