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Hello! Sorry for the long delay but here’s the third and last part of my trip to Jurong bird park!

This post will show you how much fun I had towards the end of the day! 

Read part1, and part 2 if you havent! ^_^ 

You can just look at the photos too~~

A blur photo of me sitting on the tram without buying the tram ticket! LOL. It was like a “quickly take and run away” kind of shot. 

I think I just want to take a photo of me on it just for the sake of photo-taking. How tourist-y! 

IMG 5786

Then we stopped for a while to have our third sandwich of the day! Read part 2 to know how to eat affordable food at bird park! 

IMG 5787

Then we went to watch the Kings of the Skies, where they have all the predator birds out on show. Quite a magnificent show actually. Huge birds like eagle were just right in front of me because I sat on the first row :> I was never afraid teehee. 

IMG 5796 birdshow1 IMG 5800

Check out the spread of the wings! I bet the eagle must be heavy. There was no female bird-keeper.

IMG 5809 birdshow3

So gorgeous but dangerous! 


Later, they brought out owls! Okay the first photo of this collage is not an owl of course. But the rest of the photo was this owl right in front of me. It happened to open up its wings, look majestic! 

birdshow4 IMG 5836 IMG 5841

This is what I meant by majestic!!! 

It was too fast so bf didn’t had time to take the landscape photo. 

IMG 5849

Hello here, I am heroic, don’t I? 

IMG 5844

Then they asked for volunteer and guess what? 

This lady went up and was soooooo scared. 

Then why go up in the first place? Seriously. 

IMG 5856

I wish I was the one up there. Haha! 

And when the show was about to end, the released all the birds out. The view was really great, especially when I was in the first row! 

Bf managed to take quite a few nice shots :>

IMG 5862

This is really pretty! 

I wonder what will happen if I reach out my hand to touch it. 

A broken finger I guess ahahah. 

IMG 5866

The show was an eye-opener if you haven’t really seen a performance with vultures and eagles. This is more of those predator-types of birds, and something different from those zoo performances. Good to put aside some time to catch this performance when you are at the bird park 🙂 

Having few hours left before closing, we went to walk around! 

So more pictures for ya! 


Okay okay here come’s the more exciting part !! 

(At least to me)

I went into the aviary for some REAL FEEDING session! 

I paid $3 for a cup of bird food and the birds really literally flock to you! 

(There are many many photos of myself with the birds, so bear with me!)

The first bird that flew to my cup :>

*Happy die me* 


But subsequently, there were many many more birds flying to you, so not to worry! 

At first I wanted to attract them, and they were afraid so I tried my best to stand as far as I can. 

I’m obviously not the one scared okie. Hahaha.

birdfeeding IMG 5988

I love this photo! 

IMG 6004


Eh pause pause, follow me on instagram please ^_^ 

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IMG 6005
I enjoyed myself every single seconds in the aviary. If you are worrying if they will attack you, no way! They are more timid and afraid of you! IMG 6006

With my bf ^_^ Who doesn’t like to be taken photos of. 


More more photos!!! 

IMG 5973 IMG 6000

So cute! 

They are really smart too! We were supposed to leave out empty cups in a large container, but the birds flew here, use their claws and pick up the cup themselves! Such intelligent creatures. 

IMG 6015

And they sell souvenirs too! Was so tempted to buy, but have to save money! Hehe. 

IMG 6018IMG 6017

Don’t forget to read part1, and part 2!! 

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