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Online shopping is my favorite activity of all my online activities. Won’t you agree with me? Sitting at the comfort of your own home, behind the computer screen, munching on your snacks while you browse through items with the click of a button on the mouse – that’s the life man! Internet shopping is much easier, it also allows prices comparing but it can be a little time consuming at times. BUT, what if I tell you price comparing can be made easier and more fuss-free?


Things couldn’t have been better after I tried out PriceMe. Like how the name of the platform suggests, it allows consumers to compare prices against different offerings or different product types. 

So let me give you an example; I was browsing around to find a suitable and I landed my eyes on this beautiful Canon PowerShot G16review

Further clicking into the product presents me its product specifications, the stores that offer the best prices, the reviews of the product and its star ratings. It definitely consolidates all relevant and importance information into just one platform for me, which is really helpful and convenient.

It even suggests to your similar products!

Sounds like a breeze! Check out the item you have been eyeing for the longest time and start comparing prices and save 😉

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