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For something fully dedicated to hydrating your face, you may want to consider this hydration range at very friendly prices. Introducing here is the DCS Aquaderm skincare range, which is catered to bring back the moisture of your skin using the best ingredients from Jeju island. 

The DCS Aquaderm skincare range contains agave cactus, which has the remarkable ability to retain almost 100% of its moisture despite the most extreme desert conditions. Likewise, the extract has excellent water storage ability as a humectant, strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier and restoring vitality to even the driest of skins.

The refreshing green tea-scented AQUADERM range is assured to take care of your skin needs from day to night, consisting of cleansing water, a foam cleanser, a toner, a moisturising ampoule, a day cream and a night cream.

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Super Aqua Cleansing Water 150ml, $30.50

I often use a cotton pad along with the makeup cleanser to remove the makeup on my face. Then, I’ll move on to cleanse my face with the DCS cleanser. This cleanser removes makeup and skin waste without tightening the skin, and I’ve always been a fan of cleansing water over oil cleansers, so hooray!

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Super Aqua Foam Cleanser 150ml, $30.50

The DCS Cleanser may come off a little drying after rinsing off, partly also because I have really dry skin. I would only receommend this cleanser to oily and combination skin. 
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Super Aqua Toner 150ml, $33.50

To start off the skincare regime, began with DCS Super Aqua Toner. This toner is unique because it’s unlike usual toner which is watery. This toner is slightly thicker and jelly-ish, but leaves no sticky residue. Since it’s thicker in texture, it suits dry skin better too. This toner even has whitening and anti-wrinkling benefits for those in need.

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Super Aqua Ampoule 30ml, $53.00

Moving on to their highly raved DCS Ampoule which gives an intensive concentration of beneficial ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, which has moisturising content 6000 times its own weight. This ampoule helps to build up skin resilience and moisture and protect the skin from external stimulation by forming a thin and transparent film on the skin’s surface. 

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Super Aqua Day Cream 50ml, $41.00
Super Aqua Night Cream 50ml, $41.00

Finally, I end off the skincare regime with day and night cream respectively. I especially love the day cream since it has minimal SPF properties to protect our skin. Makes me feel safer since we are actually suppose to apply sunscreen even at home! Now that I have this, at least I have the minimum protection required. The night cream on the other hand also has whitening and anti-wrinkling effects brighten up the face for the next day. DCS%2BAquaderm%2Bskincare 7
DCS%2BAquaderm%2Bskincare 9 The DCS Aquaderm skincare range is now available in watsons stores! Look out for it! 🙂
DCS%2BAquaderm%2Bskincare 11 DCS specially infuses each one of its products with Jeju’s mineral-rich volcanic sea water, making it possible to tap into the volcano’s rejuvenating power for healthier glowing skin. DCS has 5 ranges, from hydration to anti-ageing, ensuring that every skin need is catered for. In line with its cruelty-free business philosophy, all products from DCS are not tested on animals.
DCS%2BAquaderm%2Bskincare 10 Thanks for reading! ❤

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