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[Invited food tasting by Openrice] 

Disclamer: This is by no means a food critque. I am only writing a review to let readers know how the food taste. Please don’t sue me 🙂

Right on the day when I had the omy bugisplus foodtrail few weeks back, I had to rush down to another food-tasting event held by! 🙂 IMG 8084

This time it’s Pho Stop (Pronounced as fur-stop, or firrrr(st) stop). 

Pho Stop basically serves authentic vietnamese cuisine at the convenience of people who frequents Tanjong Pagar. 

21 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-01
  Singapore 088444

Mon: 11:30 am – 9:30 pm Fri: 11:30 am – 9:30 pm

Sat: 11:30 am – 3:00 pm

Check their facebook here

IMG 8087

Am all excited about the Vietnamese cuisine I’m going to try soon! 

IMG 8014

PhoStop had also specially tailored a menu for the food-tasting, thumbs up for the meticulous and special service!

IMG 8093

As I was late for this event, I had to miss out the spring roll making session which was meant to be so fun ;( 

But usually, PhoStop will be the one making professional looking springroll for you to save your the hassle and trouble of making one. 

IMG 8043
Fresh ingredients for making the springroll. 

IMG 8012 summer roll collage Here’s a photo of the springrolls I koped from Herine! Thanks babe! 🙂

My friends were saying the springroll was good and the skin was soft too. The vegetables provided gave a crunchy feel within the soft layer of rice paper. 

As soon as I’ve arrived, we first came to the Vietnamese Fish Cakes $6.60

IMG 8009

Taking a bite of it without dipping the sauce tasted fine. But after dipping the spicy and sour sauce placed on the plate, I was mind-blown. The average looking sauce can be so spicy that water couldn’t even tame the flaming spiciness. That’s what I call real authentic vietnamese sauce. 

IMG 8008

Next was the Vietnamese Deep-fried Spring Rolls $5.

Deep-fried Spring rolls have always been my favourite because I like the way how crispy they are on the outside and soft on the inside. Stuffed entirely with meat chunks and carrot, it goes pretty well with the sauce provided too. What makes a good plate of spring rolls is none other than the lack of oiliness. And yes, this isn’t oily at all.  

IMG 8019

IMG 8015
Grilled Pork Chop Dry Noodle $9.20

Without the condiments provided, the noodles will taste a little dry. So I suggest including the sauce, which is what it’s intended for! The chicken chop on the other hand was really tender and succulent. Another amazing fact about the pork chop was that it wasn’t too fried such that majority of the chicken pieces was just skin and flour.

There’s more to the sauce to compliment this bowl of noodle. It has five elements of Salt (Fish sauce), Spice(Minced Chili Padi), Sour(Lime Juice), Sweet(Sugar) and Aroma(Garlic). I honestly thought this was quite a well-prepared dish! 

Here’s Boss Bryan spending lots of effort bring us through the food and painstakingly telling us the history of Vietnam and Vietnamese food.

Lots of actions involved too 😛

Here’s a short summary of what he said:  Basically, PhoStop aims to serve a mix of everything, which is more influenced by South Vietnam. The South took much effort to tone down strong flavours like curry chicken, as compared to North Vietnam.

Moving on from food to beverages and dessert, 

I opted for the famous and well-known Vietnamese dripped coffee !! 

IMG 8077
Vietnamese Dripped Coffee $3.50

I’ve been to Vietname before and I’ve witnessed the true blue preparation of coffee, and it’s none other than using their traditional dripping coffee device. It tasted a little sweet though, so perhaps if you’re not really a sweet tooth, you can prolly ask for less milk. But other than that, the nostalgic feeling of the times I went to Vietnam when I was young, just came into my mind. 

IMG 8078 IMG 8092

IMG 8079
Vietnamese Lotus Tea $3.50

If you would like to have a different taste from the mainstream teas, perhaps give this a try? 🙂

Some behind the scene photos! 

IMG 8041

IMG 8049
That’s Estelle from openrice!

IMG 8032
IMG 8033IMG 8027
IMG 8083

Now the best part is here!! 

Pho Stop has the quirkiest dessert ever – Vietnamese special beverage that turns into ice cream! 

Not to forget to mention about their cute bottles as packaging.

IMG 8052
Assorted Ice Cream at $3.20 
IMG 8057
Coconut ice cream 
The coconut flavour was refreshing at the start after consuming the spicy vietnamese food. I thought it’s good to give your tastebud a revitalizing feel. The coffee flavoured ice cream on the other hand was a little strong, which makes it thick and aromatic. It gives a strong aftertaste too.

IMG 8058

Coffee Ice Cream 

My favourite flavour has got to be the Milk Tea Flavour! 

IMG 8054
Iced Milk Tea Ice Cream

A perfect balance between sweetness and the tea flavour, it caught me taking numerous bites after bites.  The ice cream was honestly creamy and smooth for a good standard ice cream. I will surely come back for this! 

IMG 8064

Photos time! 

IMG 8097

With Boss Bryan. 

IMG 8096

And the people who attended this event! 

IMG 8094 IMG 8095

Ending off a last photo of myself. Thank you openrice and Pho Stop for the wonderful Vietnamese Meal! I must say I miss vietnamese food. 


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