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I just had my eyelashes done at one of the home-based nail salon at SengKang, and I’m incredibly satisfied with my new pair of eyelash extension! This time round I have all C-curls of mm and a few strands of pink to add some fun to it! :3

Doesn’t it look great?! 

SAM 8965

As you can tell, I added a little bit of pink lashes this time round to make it more fun! Hahah.

Elayne, the girl who does my lash extensions, is great at doing nails as well. Here’s some of her works posted on her instagram (emerald.allure). 

Elayne usually has promotions going on, so check her out if you would like to get some natural eyelash extensions done! 🙂 Previously, she had the introuctory price of SGD20 lash by lash extension, seriously!? Too cheap but quality was still good. So do give her a call!

Emerald Allure provides makeup, nail, lash and gown services. Do call 86850822. 

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