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[Invited food tasting by Openrice] 

Disclamer: This is by no means a food critque. I am only writing a review to let readers know how the food taste. Please don’t sue me 🙂

IMG 6306

This was my third invite by Estelle, and this time I was told to be the co-host for the food-tasting session! Hahaha there wasn’t anything much about it, just had to talk to the people who came and that’s usually what I do! But kudos for all the free food! Yay! 

This time, we went over to The Rotisserie at the Rochester Mall, for brunch, or more of breakfast. 

The place serves breakfast in a quick pace and they specialize in chickens. I had classic panini which has bountiful amount of chicken chunks in it, and I was totally bought over. 

IMG 6307

Openrice sticker on the door-front! 

IMG 6297

They serve cakes too! Quite a limited variety. Around 5 kinds? 

IMG 6298

Magazines and newspaper were provided at the restaurant, just perfect for you to read while you enjoy your breakfast here. If not, like what most of the patrons here do, they come in families and came for a late relaxing weekend breakfast. 

IMG 6299

Breakfast made right in front of your scrutinization! 

IMG 6301

I like the interior designs here. Very sleek designs everywhere. 

IMG 6304

At first I thought there were enough seats for customers, but little did I know The Rotisserie was so popular such that the indoors seatings were filled up by 10am, and late comers resort to sit outdoors. As it was raining before that, the weather was cooling enough. Not too bad!  

IMG 6305
IMG 6308

Iced water and condiments are self-serviced. 

IMG 6337

Salad bar! 

IMG 6339 1

Breakfast customized for you!

IMG 6341 1

Their speciality – Chickens! 

And some pastries if you would like to have some. 

IMG 6340 1
IMG 6338

Before the food was served, everyone was busy sharing contacts and adding each other on instagram/twitter etc etc! 

Add me! Instagram: Chiamhuiy, Twitter: Chiamhy

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IMG 6315 1



Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayonnaise

Bacon was obviously the star of the dish. Since it’s only bacon, they were pretty generous with it and you can see several bacon strips sandwiched between the toasted white bread. Comes with garden salad, but without salad dressing, so it was a little dull. 

IMG 6323 1Smoked Salmon Bagel with Cream Cheese


Can I tell you how good is this salmon bagel? Along with the cream cheese and its very smooth plain bun, this dish was a very appetizing and delicious bun. Commented by estelle, she finds the smoked salmon not as cold as expected. But I thought it was fine. That taste of the smoked salmon was balanced with the salty taste from the salmon, and sour taste from the cream cheese. Good one!^^  

IMG 6321 1

This time, I finally pulled myself out of the my comfort zone and finally tried something other than smoked salmon related dishes. If you have been a constant reader of mine, I usually order smoked salmon! 

IMG 6320 1

Classic Panini 


Roasted Chicken, Ham, Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese & Mayonnaise

Compared to the smoked salmon bagel, I love this panini much much more ❤! 

Look at the description and you’ll know there are really many ingredients under this humble looking panini bread. 

IMG 6319 1

This was generally a lip-smacking sandwich because the chicken slices was covered in adequate amount of mayonnaise and cheddar cheese!! Thumbs up to the cheese especially! The mayonnaise makes the chicken not dry at all, as well as the ham and bacon. I really love every bite I had. I strongly recommend this. 

IMG 6324 1

LOOOOOOOK at the layers of three types of meat, tomato and lettuce under one panini bread. 

IMG 6334 1

The gluttons, Estelle and me!

The classic panini is bigger sized than the smoked salmon bagel, as you can see in this photo. 

IMG 6326 1

And now with Cookie! 

IMG 6327 1

I order the English breakfast tea, and surprisingly, though I didn’t add sugar, it taste not as bad! 

IMG 6328

English Breakfast Black Tea


In fact I like the genuine taste, so I skipped the sugar and cream. 

IMG 6331

The rotisserie has a few cute customers too! 

Look at this cute little chubby girl! 


And this cheeky little boy! HAHAHA. 

IMG 6335 1

Some photos to end off the post! 

IMG 1151 IMG 1172
IMG 20130119 WA0003
IMG 20130119 WA0004 IMG 6336

Successful food tasting!!! 

Overall, I thought I had another enjoyable weekend morning breakfast at The Rotisserie, and I would love to bring my friends or my boyfriend over to chill out here. Probably not rochester since I don’t live near boonlay. Perhaps the other outlets! But the food are really worth another visit. And did I mention the price is really affordable? 

If you don’t believe me, take a look at their menu. Almost everything below $10, for such a big portion of food. I couldn’t finish my panini too. 

Really suggest all of you to visit The Rotisserie

The Rotisserie 

 Tel: +65 6570 1448

Address: 35 Rochester Drive, Rochester Mall @Buona Vista

Nearest MRT station: Buona Vista MRT station + 10mins walk 

Hope you liked my review! 

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