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Just few hours ago I experienced Singapore’s first ever Halloween spa party at Masego Safari Spa, Singapore’s only safari-themed spa which brings you all the mystical experiences and indulgences as you get to enjoy a spa session in a unique setting. Well of course I don’t get to enjoy a full body massage spa today due to time constraints, but what awaited me at the event was even more interesting!


First we have plenty of performances. Acrobats doing ribbon acrobatics, tribal performance and interesting interactions with the performers. 


Then we have of course, the ‘Skull Massage’ that only takes up 10 minutes of your time. It gives you an idea of how the skull massage would be like and you’ll get to try before paying for a full-fledged service. Other spa treats include Ear Candling.


A good event must have good food and drinks, and one of the highlighted drinks is none other than Dester Original Brew. I pretty like the taste of the beer at the very beginning when it’s super chilled, but after a while the taste kinda changes. So drink it while it’s…chilled!


Don’t forget to give the Tribal UV Face Painting a try. UV painting, as the name suggests, will let those designs flash even brighter under UV lighting. 

Apparently, these acrobats performing ribbon acrobatics were specially flown in from Bali just to put up this well-thought performances for us. Make sure you watch it when you’re here! 🙂

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JUST look at her split in the air!

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I really must say this is one unique event that I’ve ever attended. It’s like a bazaar kind of setting where different functions are being set up. From food, to nail art then to massages, the ‘safari’ vibe is always there. I appreciate all the effort being put up especially by the performers, so for that, THANK YOU! 🙂


Events definitely become more enjoyable with these people around. That’s my blogger BFF, June and her BF!

And for the first time I brought my boyfriend along despite his busy schedule. I really appreciate it! Thanks darling 🙂

Some details for Masego Halloween Spa Party

To put it simply, it’s an ticketed event opened to the public on just four exclusive nights – 24 Oct, 25 Oct, 31 Nov and 1 Nov.

Tickets priced at $88 (redeemable for $68 full body massage) for 5-hr entry into Masego Safari Spa to enjoy spa treats and spooktecular Halloween fun. Discounts are available – $72 Early Bird till 10 Oct or Group booking of 6 tickets; $75 for SAFRA members, student/senior citizens,NSF; $60 for child ages 6 to 12. Get your tickets from sistic here today:

NOTE: If you purchased the $88 ticket, you’ll have to make your way down to the Spa Party on either days to collect the complimentary ticket for the $68 full body massage, which has to be scheduled for appointment on ANOTHER day. Hope this clears some confusion cos I previously had some!

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Once again thank you Masego Safari Spa for the invite! 🙂

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love,


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