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I’m back with the second part, Platypus KitchenChiamhuiy Bugisplus55

From the web: 

Platypus Kitchen in Bugis Junction is the largest restaurant of all Platypus restaurants in Singapore. It is a casual Mediterranean/Italian style bistro which specializes in fresh handmade pastas, gourmet risottos and delicious main plates. The restaurant boasts Singapore’s LARGEST SELECTION of fresh handmade pastas (35 pastas ) and gourmet risottos (12 varieties), and has over 120 gourmet dishes to choose from. 

What is fresh handmade pasta? All fresh pastas at platypus restaurants are made fresh everyday by hand using only flour, eggs, water and salt. They are different from the run-of-the-mill dried varieties and offer a more textured chewing experience. Our food contain no additives or preservatives; we believe in bringing out flavours through good cooking techniques.

At Platypus we are committed to bring value-for-money dining experiences to our customers, all dishes are priced under $20 and at Bugis Junction we have monthly set lunch promotions (starting from $10.90) and set dinner promotions (Starting from $16.90).”

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Platypus Kitchen is furnished with nice cushioned seats and exquisite lightings, giving diners a very cosy and comfortable dining experience without having much to spend a lot, since they aim to keep prices of main dishes below $20. 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus28 platypus+kitchen+chef+.jpg

This is Chef Nicholas Lin, who was giving us a brief explanation of the dishes that we are about to try. 

He’s the owner and chef of Platypus Kitchen, also the author of the bestselling cook book – Bachelor’s Banquet. 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus54

Apparently, Chef Lin has been featured many times on the papers! 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus30
Crab Cakes $12.90 (Soon to be $9.90) 

Not sure why but the menu did say it’s gonna be down to $9.90, maybe you can drop by and see it yourself! These 3 cute looking crab balls looks really tempting but too adorable to be consumed! Drizzle the lemon juice on it to give an extra tangy taste. Crab claw meat can be identified in the crab cakes. 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus31
Crab Cakes $12.90 (Soon to be $9.90) 
Chiamhuiy Bugisplus34
Risotto Balls $8.90

As compared to the crab cakes, the Risotto Balls fared better to my likings because of the stuffed mozzarella inside the risotto.

The breaded risotto was served in rich pumpkin puree as well. 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus32
Truffle Fries $6.90

The very first time I had truffle fries at XX place, I thought it was really good. It was only until this time where I realise the truffle fries the other time was too salty! Here at PlatypusKitchen, thick cut french fries is seasoned with white truffle oil, tossed in truffle salsa and topped with shaved truffles. So many truffles going on here hahaha. But yeah, it’s way better and it’s only at an affordable price of $6.90! 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus33
Truffle Fries $6.90

Apart from the normal beverages we have all tried at many places, how about trying their unique beer cocktails? 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus35
$9.90 (ala cart), $6.90 (set price)

I’m not really a fan of beer.. in fact, all alchohols. So I can’t really say about these two. 


My friends were all raving over the momo-lychee ale, because they find them sweeter. I did give both a try, and I guess Smith’s Ale is more of those who prefer sourness. 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus39
Some other drink creations at Platypus Kitchen. 
Chiamhuiy Bugisplus38
And the appetizer. That’s a great variety isn’t it?
Chiamhuiy Bugisplus40
Squid-Ink Scallops Ragout

Choice of pasta here is Squid-Ink Tagliolini, garnished with fresh bay scallops and cherry tomatoes, served in the lightest garlic-dashi sauce! This is by far my favourite of all and it’s the only one that was wiped out by everyone! Do not worry about stained-teeth, because Chef Lin made sure the pasta do not stain one’s teeth. 

Honestly and genuinely, Platypus Kitchen’s Pastas are really affordable and taste even better than those  more expensive one that I’ve tried. 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus41
Spicy ‘Diablo’ Crab and Prawn

Not sure it’s named ‘Diablo’ because the chef plays Diablo… or it’s because it describes the 4 different level of spiciness for this dish. Hahahaha. Without any special mention, this will be served at the lowest level of spiciness. However, you may choose to try the different levels!  Level one spiciness wasn’t really demanding for a person (me la) who can take mild hotness. 

Spicy ‘Diablo’ is also served with Egg Tagliolini, topped with generous amount of crab meat piled at the peak, and fresh juicy prawns within the pasta. 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus42
Spicy ‘Diablo’ Crab and Prawn
Chiamhuiy Bugisplus44
Truffle Carbonara

Truffle Carbonara on the other hand didn’t really got my taste bud dancing. Perhaps because we were too busy taking photos of it, causing it too turn a little to soggy and sticky. We all know carbonara should be consumed right when it’s served, so my review doesn’t do it justice. Carbonara lovers should still give this a try because base of other pastas quality, I’m sure this won’t be too bad. 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus45
Truffle Carbonara
Chiamhuiy Bugisplus46
Saffron and Caviar Risotto

Saffron infused and certainly hand-made risotto, inclusive of char-grilled juicy prawns and scallops, this is another favourite of the food-tasting. Special mention to the caviar lavished on top of the risotto. It gives a much added taste to the risotto due to its salty nature. The risotto’s texture achieved a good level of stickiness too. 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus47
Saffron and Caviar Risotto
Chiamhuiy Bugisplus48
Pressed Pork Belly

Another Pork Belly belly? 

This is something different from the norms because you get to pour the broth over the pork belly. This dish comes with braised apples, garden vegetables and honey and clove apple glaze. 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus49
Pressed Pork Belly

And finally the dessert, which is something everyone would be surprise to know that it comes with popping candies!! 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus50
Iced Sea Salt Caramel
Other than the special popping candies, this cake contains  layers of sea salt and caramel butter cream, chocolate peanut butter brittle and chocolate ganache.  On the flip side of the cake, you’ll see the chocolate sauce generously topped with peanut. It was a fun and quirky dessert to end the meal!

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus51

Iced Sea Salt Caramel

Here’s a summary of everything we had at the food-tasting. 

Screen+Shot+2013 04 16+at+2.51.57+PM platypus+kitchen+menu+Chiamhuiy Bugisplus52 Chiamhuiy Bugisplus56 platypus+kitchen+book+

At the end of the food tasting, we got to bring back the bestselling cook book – Bachelor’s Banquet !! I can’t hide my happiness *\_^.^_/*

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus53

Now everyone wants a signature from him on the book he published. 

Chiamhuiy Bugisplus57

Drop by Platypus Kitchen soon! This is one of the restaurants I would really want to bring my friends and family to. The food is really affordable and good. 

Bugis Junction 

200 Victoria Street 


12pm – 10pm everyday. 

As you all know, this is only the second stop of all 10stops in the food trail. You can follow me on  insta or twito receive immediate updates when I’ve blogged about it! 🙂

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