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When we think of the Korean ladies, we immediately associate them with dewy, firm and fair skin. If you are up for it to change your entire skincare regime to a whitening skincare regime, the ISILOE Premium Whitening range can be a good option to start from. This regime starts from a softener, then to a cream and eventually ending off with their concentrate  Let’s check out the texture and product shall we!


Nicely packed in a premium box like this are namely a bottle of softener,  cream and concentrate, along with two travel size bottles of softener and cream. 


First try of the Enriched Softer (toner), is that it’s pretty thick for a toner. I guess this is the reason why it has the word ‘enriched’ in front. I’m a little worried because my skin is rather prone to break outs, but I think this is a good item for moisturising and firming effect. 


Moving on to the Enriched Cream, it’s not surprising that the cream is rather rich. Then again, in order to achieve a moisturising effect, is has got to be rich! Containing extracts of Sophora and Mulberry Root, these products effectively brighten your skin and prevent dullness. 


For something more concentrated and stronger, look no further because the Enriched concentrate contains a higher content of Sophora and Mulberry Root, which can be used on dark spots for a lightening effect. 


It is also ingeniously designed with a pump for easy application. You can actually avoid using your fingers with this applicator head. 


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