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I’ve finally waited for the February BellaBox to arrive my doorsteps! 

This month, BellaBox decided to go on the theme ‘Fresh Beginnings’, which I find it very relatable because it’s an all new game for me this year. I take this as a fresh beginning for my blog to start off as I focusses more on beauty reviews and less of food reviews. I may also be working on more travel posts and lifestyle related gadgets, so I’m honestly all excited with the collaborations coming up. 

This month, BellaBox features a few new brands that I’ve never came across before, so let’s see what’s up their sleeves…

The February BellaBox includes: 

1. Laqa & Co Lip Lube Pencil

2. Glyderm Stretch Mark Cream 

3. Curel Moisture range and UV Protection Milk 

4. Goodal Oil plus Skin Mist 

5. Skeyndor Body Sculpt 

6. Tealy Summer Green Tea (Bonus)

The most anticipated product is definitely the 1. Laqa & Co Lip Lube Pencil. It come with four gorgeous pigmented colours, and the one I have in my box is ‘Stranger Danger’, a colour more towards the hot pink. I’m a warm tone and I usually can’t pull of cool tones like pink and red, so I’m excited and thankful to be wearing this colour because it looks pretty good on me. Most importantly, this Lip Lube Pencil feels really moisturising!

As the makeup gets covered, we move on to the skincare range provided by Curel. The moisture range and UV protection milk (in other words, sunscreen) is definitely a good to have for me to try before buying the actual retail sizes. I’ve heard of Curel before, but mostly for its exfoliator because you can literally rub off dead skin cells from your skin through Curel exfoliator. For its name for such efficacies, I’m definitely looking forward to try out their moisture range to see if they too do wonders. 

On the similar page we have 4. Goodal Oil plus Skin Mist. I find it really amazing that Goodal skin mist is actually a toner, essence and instant moisturizer in one – woah that’s really a lot packed in one! Try on this skin mist to give yourself that refreshing 

Recently, I’ve been actively exercising so I’m thankful that I did lose some weight. The down side is that I noticed some stretch marks, especially around my lower bottom area. To solve this,  we have the 2. Glyderm Stretch Mark Cream  and 5. Skeyndor Body Sculpt. 

Compared to other slimming cream, Glyderm Stretch Mark Cream is definitely not as greasy and it feels just like to lightweight moisturiser. Took me by surprise when a tingling sensation kicks in but I soon realise it’s a stretch mark cream for a reason hahah. 

Finally, it’s always good to have a cup of refreshing summer tea by Tealy. Give it a try and you may like it as much as I do! 🙂


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