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For my fourth visit to Bangkok, I decided to give Amari Watergate Bangkok Hotel a try because of the absolutely convenient location. Do you know it’s located just right opposite The Platinum Fashion Mall? Not only that, this five star hotel has plenty of facilities and top-notched services always ready for hotel guests. Read on for more pictures and thoughts about Amari Watergate Bangkok Hotel!

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The room that we got was the Grand Deluxe room of approximately 40 square metres,

 which has the following: 

40 inch LCD TV with DVD player

Free WiFi

Spacious writing desk

Marble bathroom

Iron and ironing board

Personal safe

Amari%2BWatergate%2BBangkok 7 Spacious writing desk

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This extra sofa was good enough as a makeshift bed as well. The housekeeping staff was very nice to actually line this sofa with a bedsheet for our second night stay. 

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Toilet and sinks are separated, so that one can still use the sink when the toilet is occupied.

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As usual, complimentary water are given. But what was a pleasant surprise was that they actually gave three the next day just because the staff knows we have three people staying in a room of supposedly two guests! So kind :’)

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Personal safe

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The mini fridge is also sufficiently packed with snacks and drinks in case you are lazy to get out and grab some snacks late at night.

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I have to say it was a wonderful stay here at Amari Watergate Bangkok Hotel. The staff are all very friendly and courteous, they even helped me when i met trouble. 

I actually experienced snatch theft when I was in Bangkok and I immediately headed back to the hotel and placed my shopping loots before I visit the police station. So I went to the counter and asked for directions to the nearest police station. Not only did the staff gave me a map, he also asked what’s wrong and found out about my incident. He then gave me an english form to fill up for a police report and that really expedited the process of making a police report at the station. Thank you Amari!

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Checking in and we got served ginger tea!

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Placing our luggages here before we get our rooms

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Amari Watergate Bangkok

Address: 847 Petchburi Road, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

(Right opposite The Platinum Mall)

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If you’re looking for hotels in bangkok with spacious rooms and great services, you can consider Amari Watergate Bangkok Hotel. The location is extremely good because it’s right opposite The Platinum Mall, few mins walk away from the Pratunam Morning Market and street food, super convenient! You really wish you stay somewhere near because you can easily head back to your office and place your shopping loots! That’s what I did all the time during my stay here in Amari Watergate Bangkok Hotel 😉

Thanks for reading! ❤ 

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