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If you’re looking for a Bangkok hotel near some of the popular shopping districts in Bangkok, you might want to consider Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok! It’ probably one of the more photogenic hotel rooms too so you can shoot away in this all white room deco… 

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We checked in the third day of our stay in Bangkok and the staff was very polite too. 

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Centara Watergate’s staff are generally very nice. The guards are exceptionally friendly as well and they are willing to help you with your requests such as getting a taxi that runs on meter only etc etc. I’m mentioning this because I find the staff here friendlier than somewhere else.

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Great place to chill out and have a cuppa drink.

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Hotel check in lobby

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What a pretty place to take outfit shots!

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The rooms adopte a very clean contemporary interior concept. If you like your hotel room to be clean and white as such, you’ll surely love this.

The location of this hotel is firstly merely 5 mins walk away from The Platinum Mall. When the night kicks in and platinum mall is not available, there are also a few night markets around the hotel’s vicinity.

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Centara%2BWatergate%2BPavillion%2BHotel%2BBangkok 21 Basic toiletries in place as well Centara%2BWatergate%2BPavillion%2BHotel%2BBangkok 22

Refreshments in the minibar

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Our welcome gift!

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Centara%2BWatergate%2BPavillion%2BHotel%2BBangkok 18 Best%2Bhotel%2Bin%2BBangkok 1
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What I really like most is their clean and minimalist design. 

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And also my lovely friends doing the traditional #bkkloots flaylat for me!

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We also got to try out one of the best rooftop dining experience here at Centara’s Chili Hip Restaurant. I definitely suggest you to come before the sunset so that you can experience both the daylight and nightlight. Both were of different ambience but evening time is the best without extreme heat.


Sumptuous dinner at very affordable price, with great view!

Dinner was terrific at very affordable price. It’s also great for couples, friends gathering or to grab to drink.


Ask me if I would I would stay at Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel, I surely will! 

The people and service staff are very polite, and the rooms are the best I can ever ask for. The location is great because there’s already street stalls lining all along the streets right outside the hotel. 

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Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel

Address: 567 Ratchaprarop Rd, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

Phone:+66 2 625 1234

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