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Hello guys! Today I’m gonna do a quick shout out to Althea Box and their Life-Proof Makeup Box which I received quite a while back… Apologies for the late update but I was tremendously swamped with work and other reviews. If you haven’t heard, Althea Box is basically a platform for you to get your favourite korean makeup items as one of the cheapest prices, since they ship directly from Korea!~

Let’s see what’s inside the Althea Box Life-Proof Makeup Box!

 1. LUXE Gel Tattoo
Capture eyebrow

Gel Tattoo is one of the easiest way to get temporary eyebrow without having to do eyebrow embroidery. It’s one of the fastest and painless way! Such eyebrow tint can last for about a week. 

 It’s my BONGcealer sounds really adorable. Looks like their coverage is pretty impressive. The sponge applicator is really useful as well.


To make sure excessive oil stay away, finish off your makeup with a good finishing powder, like this Mineral 100 HD powder! 


Lip powder? Sounds really interesting don’t you think? 

I haven’t really try it before but I’m pretty such may would like to try this new invention! 


The results look rather promising. I hope the color and effect stays on well though.


Masking is definitely essential to keep your skin moisturized all day! 

Oily skin? Fret not because this mat fix cushion sounds like the solution for oily skin.

It doesn’t stick on too much, and it isn’t oily when applied!


Of course, after finishing powder, better to use a conditioning mist to lock all your makeup down!


We’re not unfamiliar with beauty blender, but I’m sure there are other makeup sponges that can do the same job equally well. Try this It’s My Magic Sponge next time! 

I would say this kind of beauty box is really worth the money! You pay a sum and you get so many items in return, all in this box. Doesn’t it feel like present for yourself? 😉

For more, visit Althea Beauty boxes here!
Thanks for reading! ❤ Love, Celine

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