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If you like something adventurous, something new or something fusion-like, perhaps you’ll like this Korean Fusion restaurant located at West Gate. SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro is here to unveil a list of Korean-Fused dishes to satiate your hungry palate.
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The unique thing about SYNC restaurant is not just about the dishes being fused with some elements of Korean delicacies, but for the fact that they’re in collaboration with Samsung and most of the electronic devices are powered by Samsung. Technology has advanced so fast, so much so that restaurants are slowly inducing technologies in their operations. SYNC is not losing out on this with all the devices available for diners, and ordering are made easier with electronic tablets provided as well.
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Technologies put aside, the cuisine offered that night was pretty good as well. 

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Toppoki with fried bacon and egg,  $7.90

Start off your gastronomical meal with the soft chewy Toppoki that has been topped with fried bacons. Bacon lovers, watch out for the saliva drooling down the corner of your mouth. The texture of a crispy bacon bits with chewy Toppoki was so perfect that it’s one of the must-order at SYNC restaurant. The saltiness of the bacon bits managed to bring down the extreme sweetness of the Toppoki sauce as well.

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Kimchi Cheese Fries $6.90

Another dish that you must not miss is the Kimchi Cheese Fries. This mouth-watering rendition of cheese fries may sound complicated and weird to have Kim Chi toppings on it, but the cliche cheese fries was made less ‘gelat’ for me with the spiciness from the kimchi. I thought it was quite a creative dish to break the norms. 

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Korean Chicken Wings $6.90 (3 pieces)

 If you prefer something spicier, try the Korean Chicken Wings drizzled with sesame seeds to have an added sesame taste. Sink your teeth in the crispy chicken while it’s hot to taste the best out of it! I like the sweet sour taste from the sauce coated over the wings. 

Among the three appetizers, my favourite would be the first two since they’re less common out there. The kimchi cheese fries won my heart in the end because the fusion KimCheese is amazingly delicious ^_^

Moving on to the mains,  spice lovers will definitely relish the K-pot stew. 

What makes this stew unique is not the magimee-like-noodles but the starchy flavourful soup. It comes fully packed with ingredients like meat slices and chewy toppoki. 

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K-pot stew $14.90

Korean%2BFushion%2BRestaurant%2B %2BSYNC%2B %2BWest%2BGate12

Jajangmyeon, $12.90

  For a drier version, the Jajangmyeon is here to impress. The dish was wiped out by all of us in no time because the sweet savoury sauce from the meat was really yummy. Remember to mix well before serving!

Korean%2BFushion%2BRestaurant%2B %2BSYNC%2B %2BWest%2BGate13

Jajangmyeon, $12.90

Korean%2BFushion%2BRestaurant%2B %2BSYNC%2B %2BWest%2BGate15

Bibimbap $12.90

Finally, how can we call it a day without the tradition Korean Bibimbap?  

Korean%2BFushion%2BRestaurant%2B %2BSYNC%2B %2BWest%2BGate16

Bibimbap $12.90

Korean%2BFushion%2BRestaurant%2B %2BSYNC%2B %2BWest%2BGate22

Jap Chae with beef  $11.90 (add $2.50 for beef)

 Jap Chae with beef is also well-loved by all of us. If compared to Jajangmyeon, this is a ‘cleaner’ version with lesser condiments to complicate the tastebud. The beef slices are the highlights of the dish. 


If you’re good a sweet tooth, you definitely do not want to miss their lava cakes with respective flavoured ice-cream. 

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White chocolate taro lava cake $7.90 (served with ice cream) 

My favourite would be the Matcha flavoured lava cake paired with matcha ice cream that taste pretty authentic.
Korean%2BFushion%2BRestaurant%2B %2BSYNC%2B %2BWest%2BGate24

Matcha lava cake $7.90 (served with ice cream)

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Korean%2BFushion%2BRestaurant%2B %2BSYNC%2B %2BWest%2BGate20
Korean%2BFushion%2BRestaurant%2B %2BSYNC%2B %2BWest%2BGate26

Ending off the tasting with two of my lovely girls. 

Thanks Rach and team for inviting! 🙂

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro

Westgate Mall (next to Jurong East MRT Station)

#03-01/01A, Level 3 of Samsung store

Sun – Thu: 11:00 – 23:00 

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