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Today’s sponsored blogger review has something to do with the HAIR! 

Hair loss problem can affect one’s entire life and personal image. If you suffer from hair loss or scalp problems, I strongly encourage you to read on because I’ll be sharing with you one of the hair loss treatments.

Phyto Hair Science prouds itself to be the leading hair solution provider in Singapore. PHYTO HAIR SCIENCE, formerly known as PHYTO HAIR SPA, is a revolutionary new concept in hair and scalp treatments. Here, we combine the wonders of nature with the latest advancements in technology and research to come up with the best treatments for your hair and scalp problems.

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When I arrived at Phyto Hair Science, I was ushered to a room to carry out the consultation and diagnosis of my scalp. To start off, Ms Jeanie shared many general knowledge of Phyto Hair Science and hair scalp issues. Out of curiosity, I asked if she only did that because I came as a blogger, and fortunately the answer was no. Before starting to recommend any treatment or products to the customers, Phyto Hair Science consultants will always go through simple education of hair scalp to better inform the customers,  which in my opinion is really essential! 

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 Phyto Hair Science will always do a scan-diagnosis for your scalp both before and after their treatment.  

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Here’s what I’ve gathered from the consultant. Phyto Hair Science prides itself with its DSR program, which means Detox, Stabilise and Regrowth. More information can be found here. In order to solve hair loss or hair thinning problem, it is very important to first detox any dirt within the hair follicles, and of course from deep within the scalp. Then it’ll be ideal to proceed to stabilising and promoting regrowth of hair. 

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A sample of hair scalp diagnosis at Phyto Hair Science


The treatment room has about 3-4 massage chairs for the clients to enjoy while going through any hair treatment at PHYTO Hair Science. An iPad equipped with multiple movies is allocated to each massage chair as well, giving customers a well-rounded premium customer service. 

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The therapist first brushed my hair to seperate my hair strands into orderly manner, open and stimulate. She then applied detox mask onto my hair which gives a really cooling effect. The hair mask contains natural ingredients hence it’s able to purify and detoxify unhealthy hair follicles and nourished the hair cells. After applying and massaging the hair mask onto my scalp, she then covered my head for the oxygen therapy. The next 10mins was completely relaxing and therapeutic,  it’s hard not to fall asleep.

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After the good 10 mins of relaxation, the therapist washed off the mask with helichrysum detox shampoo and proceeded to shoulder massage for 20mins. 

20 mins of shoulder massage! Although there was quite a movement, I actually fell asleep. 

This shoulder massage comes with 4 different kinds of oil, namely soothing, anti-oxidant, anti-stress and relaxing. I chose the anti-stress lavender oil that comes really in time during this exam period. 

After a relaxing massage session, the terapist applied customized oil-controlling serum because my hair is a little towards the oily side. The customised balancing serum acts to cleanse, purify and balance (the oil I suppose) the scalp. You can top up other type of serum for different problem. To further encourage effective absorption, the therapist did another 20 min worth of scalp massage. The scalp massage also acts to improve blood circulation for hair growth. 

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The next step: infra-therapy, is to shine infra-heat to the scalp that kills the bacteria and boost blood circulation, allowing faster absorbency rate and higher efficacy level. It also stimulates collagen production. 

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Finally, she blow-dried my hair and it’s time to have a look at my scalp again after the detox session! 

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The photos below are magnified view of the hair scalp, and may not be visually pleasing to your eyes. 









Here’s the before and after photos! 



Clearly, you can see the follicles are more opened up and in fact sunkened. Dead skin cells are mostly removed, and the excessive sebum on my scalp has been cleaned off. I understand my scalp will not give you a good representation since I do not suffer from hair loss, BUT the idea is the same: you have to clean the follicles to ensure its healthiness in order to stimulate more hair growth. If the follicles are clogged with excessive sebum (oil), new hair growth will be impeded. 

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Phyto hair science also has their in-house Tricological products consisting of a range of shampoos and hair tonics, of which will be prescribed to customers according their individual needs and problems. 

Alright, thank you for reading and I really hope you can solve your hair problems (if you have any). Seek professional help to save yourself from dampened morale and confidence!

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