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IMG 9573 Hello hello I am back! This time round it’s a pleasure to be sharing my aesthetics experience with you readers who are interested to find out more about Rejuran Healer, or simply one of the common ways to reduce neck lines, stretch marks or even acne scars. I did my procedures with Kowayo aesthetics you may want to check them out after you’re done here! 

I am obviously not a medical expert to share the medical information and benefits of the treatment. Rather, I would love to share my personal experience including how painful it is, what is the entire procedure and so on. 

For the very first visit, it goes without saying that you have to have a consultation with the doctor to express your needs and desired outcomes, and he’ll share the appropriate treatments to you. I told Dr Wong that I really didn’t like the lines on my neck so he shared with me Rejuran healer, a common skin rejuvenation procedure that encourages natural production of collagen & elastin, thereby filling up the “lines” or wherever the area needs help. 

Rejuran healer treatment in summary:

– Made of active ingredient – Salmon fish DNA polynucleotides (PN)

– Stimulates natural production of collagen & elastin 

– Hydrates skin effectively to improve physical appearance 

– Can be done on face, neck & hands

Key benefits includes:

– Enhance skin elasticity 

– Restore skin moisture 

– Neck rejuvenation

IMG 1083

Nurse helping me to apply numbing cream. The waiting time for the numbing cream to take effect is about 20-30mins. This part is usually the longest wait because the injection only takes 5 mins tops. 

IMG 9569

For the subsequent visits (yep rejuran procedures usually recommend 3-4 visits), we always waste no time and go straight into numbing the concerned area. To make sure the numbing effect is sufficient and minimize the pain sensation, numbing usually takes up to 20mins. You can do anything that doesn’t take too big a movement, like going to the washroom or sitting upright using your phone.

IMG 1091

Before the procedure starts, the nurse will also help to ice the area right before injection. Pain level wise I would rate it a 4 out of 10. I know it is cliche to say but everyone indeed has different pain level threshold but honestly after several procedures done so far including facial extractions, I can already say my pain threshold when it comes to my face can be really damn low haha. BUT, the very good thing is this injection procedure only takes 2-3mins? Dr Wong can be so fast and accurate, even if you feel painful, just remember this procedure won’t last long. Just drift your mind away from the procedure for a few mins and think of something else, it helps! Trying singing in your head lol. 

IMG 8408

There is a bit of downtime where little bumps will form right after the injection. The bumps will subside by the next day, but some bruising may occur. Luckily it is on my neck area so I can easily hide them with my long hair. Nobody (or at least I think) actually notices the bumps. It also helps when we have to wear a mask everywhere we go now. 

IMG 1094
IMG 8416
IMG 8420

Most of the time I am done at the clinic with my procedure within 30-40mins. It’s a really quick one and you can be back to doing your usual activities. 

All in all, this procedure is recommended to those who really desires to improve their appearance. It is not a crime for people who wants to look better, you be you! Speak to Dr Wong if you are interested in the treatment and the nurses there are also very friendly so no doubt they will love to share more about Rejuran healer treatment with you. 

For more information, visit

+65 6884 4280 

+65 9728 2087 on WhatsApp 

Email: [email protected]

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love, Celine

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