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If youre a girl who is Talented, Open minded and Passionate, THEFACESHOP is looking for you!


THEFACESHOP T.O.P GIRL 2014- A yearly affair and the one competition that everyone has their eyes on is back in its 3rd year!

THEFACESHOP T.O.P. GIRL is based on the objective of reaching out to consumers in an exciting way through a “beauty audition” and to select a country representative model for THEFACESHOP. So what does T.O.P. GIRL stand for? T.O.P. which stands for Talented, Open minded, and Passionate are the qualifying conditions that the brand is looking for in the representative model for THEFACESHOP.

In last year’s T.O.P. GIRL, a total of 9 countries have joined this customer-based beauty audition and selected 9 beautiful local representatives of THEFACESHOP for each country. The 9 TOP GIRLS of 2013 have served their roles as THEFACESHOP model and fulfilled their model duties including photo shoots with THEFACESHOP products, attending events as THEFACESHOP T.O.P. GIRL and appearing on magazine advertisements in the name of the natural brand, THEFACESHOP.

In 2014 this year, THEFACESHOP aims to increase the volume of event participants and broadening the event to a wider audience by focusing on creating brand exposures online. Piloting 4 countries with huge online business potentials, THEFACESHOP HQ has exclusively selected 4 regions that expect to achieve excellent results through this campaign- Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Recruitment period starts simultaneously in all participating countries from September onwards and application for T.O.P. GIRL 2014 is available via Facebook application for the convenience online and Facebook users.

Continuing last year’s success, T.O.P. GIRL 2014 is back with new and exciting qualifying standards. To be the brand’s country model, the girls need the following 3 characteristics to qualify as candidates.



A girl that’s not only beautiful on the outside, but also talented in her own unique way inside.

Open minded

A girl who can carry the title of the natural beauty brand and be the cosmetic model of THEFACESHOP.


A girl who is committed and passionate in the things she does and has a mesmerizing character.

T.O.P. GIRL 2014’s Amazing benefits include

-Be the official model for THEFACESHOP of her country for a year

-Attractive cash rewards

-Free flight and accommodation to Korea

-Social Video shooting and sightseeing in Korea

-Video will be widely marketed across countries

-Official Photo Shoot as a T.O.P. GIRL 2014

-Annual THEFACESHOP product gift hampers from the headquarters


Think you have what it takes to be THEFACESHOP T.O.P. GIRL 2014? Apply now!

Application for THEFACESHOP T.O.P. GIRL 2014 starts in September 2014.

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