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It was an impromptu decision (hence photos taken with phone) to head over to Tom’s Palette in the night to get some late ice cream ‘supper’. It was about to close, so luckily we reached there before they did! The closing time is 9.30pm! Check out more details at the end of this post. 

Tom’s Palette has been popular amongst youngsters and university students, especially SMU students because it’s located pretty near the school. Our school’s skating team will occasionally skate here for dessert right after our dinner on skates. 

What I love about Tom’s Palette is none other than their creative flavours which they make the effort to produce a new flavour every month! So it means if you come every month, you’ll get to try out their new invention! 

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Lotssss of variety! 

Not sure if they offer exotic flavours like durian, but they do offer certain tea-flavoured ice cream! One of their popular flavours is the Salted Caramel CheeseCake. It was quite nice but it’s a little too salty for me, hence I didn’t choose it. 

What’s more attractive is, besides their cheaper than usual prices, they offer 10% discounts to some schools as well! So a medium sized cup becomes only $3.60 after discount! Which is considered cheap compared to… say udders? 

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So here’s what I had! Two of their popular picks! 

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Medium Sized Cup


$3.60 After 10% disc

Here’s a quick description of the flavours: 

Granny’s Favourites – Molten chocolate with cookie dough in a slight chocolatey taste chocolate ice cream 

The cookie dough is chewy! I like the slight chocolatey taste in this ice cream, since I’m not really into very very sweet chocolate ice cream. I dislike taste that is too strong or sweet. I’m weird. 

Milk Ice Cream – Roasted Almonds coated with chocolate in the milk ice cream, with one of the main ingredients to be none other than… milk powder! 

Ahhh I lovee the roasted almonds, they taste… freshly roasted! It’s gives a unique crunchy feel in your non-ordinary ice cream! 

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It was SY’s treat! Hehehe. 

And some pictures of the ice cream parlor. 

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This is surely a good place for you to come with your friends if you have no where else to go after gaming, shopping etc etc. If your feet are tired, give them a break and come to Tom’s Palette for a cup of ice cream and chill out with your friends! Usually, you can stay here for up to 1/2 – 1 hour if there isn’t a lot of people! Just like any other ice cream parlors.

For the ambience, I would say it’s a little bustling but that’s all we usually see in an ice cream parlor, isn’t it? It’s just because of such environment which is appropriate for a friends gathering because you can laugh all you can with your friends with no fear of disrupting the quietness, if any. The place is air-conditioned as well, with plenty of seats available. 

What is worth the recommendation is none other than their affordable price for all the students out there. They offer milkshakes and fruit ice blended as well, if you are thirsty! Here’s their website

Tom’s Palette 

( Tel: +65 6296 5239

Address: #01-25 100 beach road Shaw Leisure Gallery S(189702)

Shaw tower 

Nearest MRT station: Bugis MRT station + 10 mins walk

Opening hours: 

Mon – Thur, 12.30 – 9pm

Fri – Sat , 12 – 10pm

Sun, 1 – 7pm

Hui Yan-

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