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The moment I think of NewLook, I will link it up with the ridiculous amount of shoe designs they have. Today, I was very glad to be invited to New Look’s Autumn Winter 2013 collection preview.

When we speak about Autumn Winter, we have to consider the terribly hot weather in Singapore. 

We sure want to look like this, 24/7 right? 

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Do you know?
New Look is actually founded in 1969 as a British fast fashion brand. It is no wonder that they are currently the 2nd largest fashion retailer in the UK’s fashion scene. Their brand pillars set strong on fashion excitement, value and newness in their fashion apparels. In fact, they have weekly new arrivals which they have translated from the latest trends in fashion show catwalks!

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One of the largest New Look stall in Singapore is located at Suntec City Mall, Tower 1. 

My goodness, just look at how huge and deep the shop is.

And here we have our fashion styling workshop!

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And some of the new apparels under this latest collection. I love the funky wedged-sneakers and color-blocked heels! They look so bold and sexy. 

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omysg newlook+ 11 styling

Melissa (right), who is from New Look Singapore. was explaining the different ways to style using the constantly updated New Look’s fashion apparels. The three main styles that she introduced, were also the three main fashion trends New Look advocates for this Autumn Winter Collection. 

They are:

1. Baboushka

2. New Model Army

3. Grunge

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Baboushka is mainly adopting the russian doll fashion style with a hint of folkish flair. It seems pretty much like a mixture of aztec prints and dark warm colours to me. 

To put off the bold prints for Baboushka, you might want to tone it down a little by wearing a cream knitted cardigan, just like how Melissa suggested. 

omysg newlook+ 6

If not, paired it with a simple solid coloured top with a long skirt with tapestry florals to create a contrasting yet comfortable design. 

omysg newlook+ 8


omysg newlook+ 45


New Model Army gives me a very edgy and casual kind of feel. They are often associated with leather details, gold or silver zips and animal prints. In other words, just stay away from the norm and create your own unique yet casual look with the New Model Army style. 

For example, have an animal/floral printed top hidden underneath a military inspired jacket to pull off a military-training kind of feel (LOL i don’t know). Anyway, just kidding. I like how the army jacket creates a nonchalant vibe, especially for the ladies. 

omysg newlook+ 12


omysg newlook+ 15


And of course, the Grunge style gives a rebel feel yet at the same time young and quirky. 

You can easily choose a denim romper or jumpsuit, with tartan-designed clothing on the inside. Make sure to take notice the small little details that can actually make a huge difference. 

omysg newlook+ 13

A very important tip to every ladies, is that you can always do layering of clothing apparels even if Singapore has a ridiculously hot weather. As long as you layered with thin garments, you can be stylish under the hot sun too! 

After the workshop, the bloggers had a little activity where we get to style our models according to our own selected fashion style. 

omysg newlook+ 17 omysg newlook+ 18 omysg newlook+ 20

Haha yes that’s me. I thought this style looks great but I’m not sure if I would wear it out though! Heels aren’t really the thing for me because they hurt 🙁 Nonetheless, thank you New Look for giving me such a great opportunity to discover a new style for myself! Hahaha. 

We end it off with of course a group photo! 

omysg newlook+ 25

Here are my partners-in-crime. They are absolutely lovely girls and I’m glad to be in a team with them! 

omysg newlook+ 26

omysg newlook+ 28 workshop

NEW LOOK Singapore is expanding so quickly. Their outlets are all incredibly huge, and stocked up with thousands of apparels ranging from shoes, clothings, dresses, accessories, bags and even basics! 

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omysg newlook+ 32

My favourite pair of heels, which is also under the new collection of New Look’s Autumn Winter Collection is this sexy red heels, with a hint of gold hidden so subtly! I may just get it for myself!

omysg newlook+ 35

And here’s the many new designs added to the outlets. Do check them out soon! 

omysg newlook+ 37 omysg newlook+ 56 omysg newlook+ 39 omysg newlook+ 40 omysg newlook+ 42 omysg newlook+ 43 omysg newlook+ 44

omysg newlook+ 46

omysg newlook+ baboushka omysg newlook+ 53


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omysg newlook+ 55
Mega Huge New Look outlet at Suntec City Tower One. 

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Here’s a very simply short clip of the fashion workshop! 

Special thanks to Melissa for her meticulous preparation by picking out the appropriate outfits.


Good news are meant to be shared! 

Simply quote “Omy Bloggers” at any New Look Stores and receive a 10% discount on regular-priced items! Promotion ends on 30 september 2013. 

New Look, Suntec City Mall Tower 1

What are you waiting for? 


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