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I’m finally back in Singapore, still not sleeping at 1 am because of jet-lag, so I’m dedicating some time to this very trusty pair of sunglasses I have. This pair of sunglasses comes from Bally luxury eyewear collection, and I am truly satisfied with the durability of the sunglasses and the protection it provides to my delicate eyes.  

bally%2Beyewear I’ve been wearing this sunglasses most of the time, and I think I’m a little biase towards this pair of sunglasses than the POLICE eyewear I have. Probably because the frame shape of this Bally sunglasses suits my round face more, and it kind of gives the illusion of a slimmer face due to the squarish frame and a pointy end on the top corner – in order words – cat’s-eye shape. Besides, the maroon colour is such a sweet and fun colour! The colour isn’t too outstanding as well so it goes really well with almost any of my outfits. 

In fact, this trusty pair of sunglasses has accompanied me up the hills, to road trips, sunny beaches and all the way down to the seawater! Despite dropping it so many times, the frame and lenses are all in-tact and doing well (heh heh). 

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Up on the hill in Dubrovnik, Croatia 

BALLY sunglasses eyetrendy

About Bally (extracted from Eyetrendy)

Bally’s hallmark is the crafting of exquisite leather. For 160 years, Bally has been globally recognised for its ‘Swiss Made’ quality and contemporary style. Timeless hand workmanship traditions continue to imbue collections with great style and substance. Born in Switzerland in 1851, Bally has been at the very centre of European leather craftsmanship since artisans began combining ancient skills with new technology. The cohesion of form and function was a passion of Bally’s founder, Carl Franz Bally, a global pioneer in shoe design, construction and production. In 1976, Bally extended its product range to include handbags, leather accessories and ready-to- wear which have become an integral part of Bally’s modern collections for the global luxury market. Every product is testament to Bally’s passion for perfection: the punctuation of a brogue; the soft touch of a bag’s leather; the classic silhouette of a sartorial jacket; the elegant contour of a Bally heel. Now owned by LABELUX Group, Bally celebrated its 160th anniversary in 2011, making it the world’s most enduring luxury brand. With ever increasing global operations and a robust e-Commerce business, Bally continues to go from strength-to-strength every year.

BALLY sunglasses

The eye frame seems to be brown but it’s actually dark maroon under normal lightings, so it goes really well with the maroon temple (side frame) with tiny black squarish dots. I feel that in order to select a good pair of sunglasses, you first have to understand your face shape and try out different pair of glasses to see which suits you more! Watch this video and you might understand better: 

So, do you now know which type of shades suit you more? 🙂

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While kayaking in the sea of Croatia!

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Roadtrip in Morocco, North Africaaaaaa

Sunny beach in Bol, Split

I must really give thanks to Eyetrendy Singapore/Sinkwang for this lovely pair of sunglasses! I now officially declare that this is my favourite favourite pair. Thank you Eye-trendy Singapore! 🙂


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