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My Valentine’s Day story 

It’s been some time since I had a post talking about my private life. But just for the Valentine’s Day occasion, I’m going to share my mini love story with you.

I’ve been together with my boyfriend for slightly more than 2 years, but it’s surprising how we have came so far although we only know each other for 2 months before jumping into the relationship. It’s really quite funny because I was not quite expecting to be with him. All along I only treated him as a friend! (Friendzoned but we got out of the zone hahha). Back then he was just a guy friend who gave me lot of relationship advices and guides. In fact at that point of time, I was crushing on another guy! lol.

The hard truth is, I always think our decision to start the relationship was a very rushed one. Not sure about my bf, but for me it was pretty much a decision not so well pondered. I just felt that he was really sweet and nice, and sometimes things like love can’t be explained. Yet there’s one thing for sure that has been keeping us together: commitment

I was 20 and he was 22. We both knew we wanted a long lasting relationship that may eventually lead to marriage. My kind of ideal love life is to marry a man whom I have been together with for at least 3-4 years. Despite the short time knowing each other before getting together; despite the multiple quarrels and arguments, we have never broken up before.

Long story short, I think commitment is really important. Have that goal in mind so that both of you could work towards to. Like for us, we really wanted to start off with having animals as part of our family. Sometimes we even talk about how we want to spend our lazy sundays together, having breakfast on the couch while watching movie the whole day. I think it’s these small little dreams that we could look forward to. 

Keeping hopes and realistic goals should be something a happy couple has. Let’s hope to achieve the little dreams we have, albeit nothing extraordinary. 

Happy Valentine’s Day Mr Tan! 


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