Affordable Accommodation: Cheap Hotels In Singapore Near Changi Airport

Traveling to Singapore but concerned about the high hotel prices near Changi Airport? Did you know Expedia offers the option to book now and pay later for affordable accommodations in the area? This guide will share handy tips, recommended budget hotels, and insider knowledge on securing the best deals around Changi.

So let’s dive right in – aren’t you curious how much you could save?.

Hotels near Changi Airport: A Guide for Budget Travelers

Hotels near Changi Airport A Guide for Budget Travelers 129817905

Find the perfect hotel near Changi Airport by searching for options based on stars, review scores, prices, and freebies.

Where to stay in SINGAPORE?

Search by stars, review score, price, and freebies

Search by stars, review score, price, and freebies 129817227

You can find cheap hotels in Changi near the airport. Use Expedia to choose your hotel. You might want to see how many stars a hotel has before you book it. A lot of stars mean the hotel is very good.

Look at what other people say about the hotel online. Did they like staying there? Was it clean and nice? You should also think about how much money you want to spend on your stay.

Some hotels cost less than $30, and others cost more than $100 per night.

Some hotels give free things like meals or shuttle rides from the airport. It’s good if you don’t have to pay for these things yourself!

Recommended Changi hotels

Recommended Changi hotels 129817117

The Crowne Plaza Changi Airport tops the list of best hotels near Changi. It sits close to the airport and is known for great service. Customers love it. Also, Park Avenue Changi Hotel comes up as a top choice too.

It has good reviews from happy visitors.

If you want to save money, look at Hotel 81 Changi and Arianna Hotel. These are affordable places where you can stay comfortably in Singapore. They offer good deals with savings up to 75%.

So, these two are surely your budget-friendly options.

There are ten other hotels that deserve your attention for stays in 2023 near the airport. Each one provides satisfaction along with comfort to customers at an affordable price point.

When to book a hotel in Changi

When to book a hotel in Changi 129817799

Booking a hotel in Changi can save you money if done right. The best time to book is two months before your trip. This way, you get more choices at lower prices. Hotels like the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport and Park Avenue Changi Hotel have many great reviews.

Most hotels near Singapore Airport offer free shuttle service too. So, early booking allows you to plan ahead and pick a hotel with this perk. Also, certain sites like Expedia let travelers book their stay now and pay later.

They also list cheap hotels starting from $29 per night!

Avoid waiting until the last minute as prices may go up or rooms may sell out fast! No one wants to miss out on good deals for budget-friendly accommodations near Changi airport because they waited too long to book! Plan well and enjoy your visit without breaking the bank!

Top tips for finding a hotel deal

Top tips for finding a hotel deal 129817946

To find a hotel deal near Changi Airport in Singapore, here are some top tips. First, compare prices and features on websites like Expedia. Look for hotels with good ratings and reviews from other travelers.

Next, consider booking your stay during the off-peak season or on weekdays to get better rates. Additionally, signing up for hotel loyalty programs or using travel credit cards can help you save even more money.

Lastly, be flexible with your dates and check for last-minute deals or promotions that hotels may offer.

Remember to do your research beforehand and read the fine print to ensure there are no hidden fees or restrictions. By following these tips, you can find affordable accommodations near Changi Airport without compromising on quality and comfort.

Cheap Hotels in Changi: Options and Amenities

Cheap Hotels in Changi Options and Amenities 129817886

Discover a range of affordable options for accommodation near Changi Airport, from budget-friendly 2-star hotels to comfortable 4-star stays.

Top 10 Best Cheap & Luxury Hotels in Singapore | Singapore Nightlife

2 stars and below

2 stars and below 129817371

If you’re looking for affordable accommodation near Changi Airport in Singapore, there are some options available that are 2 stars and below. These hotels offer budget-friendly stays without compromising on comfort.

Hotel Boss is a popular choice, offering discounted rates and basic amenities. Another option is the Harbour Ville Hotel, which provides low-cost accommodations with clean rooms. For travelers seeking an economy hotel, ibis budget Singapore Pearl is a good option with its affordable prices and convenient location.

Bright Star Hotel offers value accommodations at reasonable prices, while Village Hotel Changi provides inexpensive lodging options. With these cheap hotels in Changi, you can enjoy your stay without breaking the bank.

3 stars

3 stars 129817215

There are affordable accommodations available in Changi that are rated 3 stars. These hotels offer reasonably priced rooms starting from $50 per night, making them a budget-friendly option for travelers.

Despite being low-cost accommodations, these 3-star hotels still provide value for money stays with their comfortable rooms and essential amenities. Some of these features include free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and private bathrooms.

Guests staying at these wallet-friendly options can also enjoy facilities like swimming pools, fitness centers, and on-site restaurants where they can grab a quick bite to eat. With a range of choices available among the 1058 hotels near Changi Airport, budget-conscious travelers will have no problem finding inexpensive hotels that meet their needs for their stay in Singapore.

4 stars and above

4 stars and above 129817503

Some of the budget-friendly hotels near Changi Airport in Singapore have a rating of 4 stars and above. These hotels offer quality amenities for travelers on a budget. One popular option is Changi Cove, which is a 3.5-star hotel that provides comfortable rooms and excellent service.

Another affordable choice is Hotel Indigo, located near Changi Airport and offering stylish accommodations at an affordable price. These hotels provide value-for-money stays with great amenities, making them ideal for budget-conscious travelers visiting Changi Airport in Singapore.

Features and amenities

Features and amenities 129817410

Cheap hotels in Changi offer a range of features and amenities to accommodate budget travelers. These accommodations may not have all the luxuries, but they provide basic facilities for a comfortable stay.

You can expect amenities like free Wi-Fiair conditioningclean rooms with comfortable beds, and private bathrooms. Some affordable hotels also offer shuttle services to and from the airport, making it convenient for guests.

While these budget-friendly options may not have fancy restaurants or swimming pools on-site, you can still find nearby eateries and cafes within walking distance. Additionally, some cheap hotels in Changi may provide vending machines or snack bars for quick refreshments.

Overall, despite being low-cost accommodations, these hotels ensure that guests have access to essential amenities during their stay near Changi Airport.

Where to Stay in Changi: Neighborhoods and Popular Areas

Where to Stay in Changi Neighborhoods and Popular Areas 129817272

Changi Airport is conveniently located near several popular neighborhoods and areas in Singapore, making it easy for budget travelers to find affordable accommodations within close proximity.

Affordable and central hotel in Singapore? | Hotel G Singapore Review

Proximity to Singapore Airport

Proximity to Singapore Airport 129817741

If you’re looking for a hotel near Singapore Changi Airport, you’ll want to consider the proximity to the airport. The Crowne Plaza Changi Airport and Park Avenue Changi Hotel are two of the closest hotels to the airport.

Staying close to the airport has its advantages, such as convenience and saving time on travel. Plus, if you need to catch an early morning or late-night flight, staying nearby makes it easy to get there quickly.

With discounted rates available for accommodations near Changi Airport, you can also save money while enjoying a convenient location for your stay in Singapore.

Landmarks and attractions

Landmarks and attractions 129817944

Changi, Singapore is not only known for its affordable accommodation options but also for its famous landmarks and attractions. One popular landmark in Changi is the Changi Village Food Centre, where you can find delicious local dishes at affordable prices.

It’s a great place to experience the vibrant hawker center culture of Singapore.

Another must-visit attraction in Changi is Changi Beach Park, located along the beachfront. This scenic park offers breathtaking views of the seaside and is perfect for picnics or a leisurely stroll.

You can also enjoy various recreational activities such as cycling or fishing.

For those looking to explore nearby islands or take a ferry ride to neighboring countries, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and Changi Point Ferry Terminal are notable landmarks in Changi that provide easy access to these destinations.

Top neighborhoods in Singapore

Top neighborhoods in Singapore 129817860

Orchard Road, the Colonial/Historic District, Marina Bay, Chinatown & CBD, and Bugis are some of the top neighborhoods in Singapore for staying in Changi. Orchard Road is a popular shopping district with luxury hotels and high-end shopping malls.

The Colonial/Historic District is known for its historical buildings and cultural attractions, offering boutique hotels and upscale accommodations. Marina Bay offers luxury hotels and upscale accommodations as well, with iconic landmarks like Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

In Chinatown & CBD, you can experience a bustling area with traditional Chinese heritage alongside modern skyscrapers. This neighborhood provides a variety of accommodations including affordable options.

Final Tips and Recommendations

Final Tips and Recommendations 129817413

Discover the top budget hotels near Changi Airport, get insider tips on finding hotel deals, and explore the amenities offered by cheap hotels in Singapore. Don’t miss out on reviews, photos, and recommendations for affordable accommodation options in this bustling neighborhood.

Top budget hotels near Changi Airport

Top budget hotels near Changi Airport 129817861

Looking for affordable accommodation near Changi Airport? Here are some top budget hotels that offer comfortable stays without breaking the bank. The Crowne Plaza Changi Airport is a popular choice, with positive reviews from over 6,500 guests.

Prices start from $227 per night. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, consider YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport Landside. With prices starting from $145 per night, it offers a convenient and affordable option for travelers.

Another great option is the Park Avenue Changi Hotel, which has been reviewed by over 1,000 guests and offers competitive pricing. Don’t forget to check if these hotels offer free shuttle services to make your airport transfers hassle-free!

Hotels with free shuttle service

Hotels with free shuttle service 129817557

Some hotels near Changi Airport in Singapore offer free shuttle service for their guests. One such hotel is Novotel Singapore On Stevens, which has been ranked as the best value hotel with shuttle service according to Tripadvisor.

Another option is Shangri-La Singapore, which also provides a complimentary shuttle service. Village Hotel Changi by Far East Hospitality is another airport hotel in Singapore that offers free airport shuttle service.

In total, there are 6 hotels in Singapore where you can enjoy this convenient amenity. These hotels can be booked for as low as $99, making them great options for budget travelers looking for affordable accommodations near Changi Airport.

Reviews and photos of cheap hotels

Looking for reviews and photos of cheap hotels in Singapore near Changi Airport? Look no further! We’ve got you covered. When it comes to finding affordable accommodations, it’s always helpful to hear from other travelers who have stayed there.

That’s why reading reviews can be so beneficial. You’ll get insights into the hotel’s cleanliness, customer service, and overall experience. Plus, many websites provide actual photos taken by guests themselves, giving you a true sense of what to expect.

In addition to reading reviews and browsing through photos, you can also consider checking out deals and discounts available on various travel websites. These deals often include special rates or added perks like complimentary breakfast or free Wi-Fi.

By taking advantage of these offers, you’ll be able to stretch your budget even further while still enjoying a comfortable stay in Singapore.

Remember that location is key when choosing a hotel near Changi Airport. Look for hotels that offer shuttle services to make your journey more convenient. And if you’re planning on exploring beyond the airport area, consider staying in neighborhoods like Chinatown or the East Coast Zone where affordable accommodation options are available.

Cruises and other budget-friendly options

If you’re looking for more budget-friendly options for accommodation near Changi Airport, there are other alternatives to consider. One option is to explore cruises that depart from Singapore.

Cruises can offer a unique and cost-effective way to travel while enjoying various amenities and entertainment onboard. Another option is to look for discounted rates or packages that include both accommodations and transportation, such as shuttle services, when booking your stay near Changi Airport.

By bundling these services together, you may be able to find a better deal that fits within your budget.

When it comes to finding affordable lodging near the Port of Miami Cruise Terminal in Florida, there are several options available as well. You can search for motels or hotels that offer discounted rates specifically catered towards cruise passengers.

These accommodations often provide convenient amenities like free shuttle service to the terminal, making it easier for you to get where you need to go without spending extra money on transportation.


In conclusion, there are plenty of affordable accommodation options near Changi Airport for budget-conscious travelers. Whether you’re looking for budget hotels, hostels, or alternative lodging choices, there are cost-effective options available.

One tip is to consider booking an extra night at a hotel or finding a cheaper one in the city if your budget is tight. You can also take advantage of websites like Expedia that offer the option to book now and pay later.

By exploring different neighborhoods and using search filters based on stars, review scores, prices, and freebies, you can find reasonably priced hotels with amenities that meet your needs.

Remember to read reviews and look at photos before making a decision to ensure a pleasant stay without breaking the bank.

Overall, Singapore offers wallet-friendly lodging options near Changi Airport that won’t compromise your travel experience. With careful planning and research, you can find cheap hotel deals that suit your budget while still enjoying all the attractions and landmarks Singapore has to offer.


1. Are there any cheap hotels in Singapore near Changi Airport?

Yes, there are affordable hotels located near Changi Airport in Singapore that offer budget-friendly accommodation options.

2. What is the average price range for these cheap hotels near Changi Airport?

The average price range for cheap hotels near Changi Airport can vary, but they usually start from around $50 to $100 per night.

3. What amenities can I expect at these cheap hotels?

Cheap hotels near Changi Airport typically offer basic amenities such as comfortable rooms, Wi-Fi access, air conditioning, and some may also have restaurants or breakfast services.

4. Is it easy to travel from these cheap hotels to Changi Airport?

Yes, most of the cheap hotels near Changi Airport provide shuttle services or are conveniently located within a short distance from the airport, making it easy to travel back and forth.

5. How can I book a room at one of these affordable hotels?

You can easily book a room at one of these affordable hotels near Changi Airport by visiting their official websites, using online booking platforms or contacting them directly through phone or email.

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