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The Ultimate Guide To Hot Waxing In Singapore: Everything You Need To Know

Are you tired of constantly shaving and dealing with prickly stubble? Hot waxing is a game-changer, becoming increasingly popular in Singapore for its impressively long-lasting results.

This article will equip you with everything you need to know about hot waxing – from the types available to where best to get it done here in Lion City. Ready for smooth, hair-free skin that lasts? Let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways

  • Hot waxing is a popular hair removal method in Singapore that provides long – lasting results by removing hair from the root.
  • Honeybee Hot Wax is a natural and water – soluble wax suitable for all skin types, known for its exceptional grip on fairer skin.
  • Adina Hot Wax offers body waxing treatments with high – quality ingredients and a lovely scent, making the waxing process more pleasant.
  • Sleek Hot Wax is a convenient and effective option for hot waxing, especially for fairer skin types. It’s 100% natural and easy to clean up after use.
  • Hot waxing is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used on multiple areas of the body like underarms, bikini area, and upper lip.
  • To use hot wax, heat it in warm water or microwave, apply in the direction of hair growth, then remove firmly but gently in the opposite direction of hair growth.

About Honeybee Hot Wax

A woman lies on a towel surrounded by honeycombs and bees in a bustling outdoor setting.

Honeybee Hot Wax is a 100% natural and water-soluble formula, making it suitable for all skin types. Its exceptional grip is especially great for fairer skin.

How to Extend the Life of your Hot Wax Treatment

100% natural and water-soluble formula

A woman with flawless skin surrounded by flowers and plants in a vibrant and diverse portrait.

Honeybee Hot Wax is special. It uses only natural stuff. Sugar, lemon, and water make up this wax. No bad chemicals or smells are in it. This mix goes through a special method to be perfect for you.

The wax dissolves in water and does not hurt the Earth. It is easy to warm for your use. Doctors who know about skin like it a lot because it doesn’t cause redness or pain on the skin after using it.

Suitable for all skin types

A honeybee gathering nectar from a vibrant field of flowers in a bustling natural environment.

Honeybee Hot Wax is a skin-friendly and safe choice. No matter what type of skin you have, you can use this wax. It works equally well for all, from the most sensitive to rough types.

Its 100-percent natural formula makes it gentle on your skin.

This universal wax doesn’t hurt or irritate your skin at all. You’ll love how fairer your look becomes after using it! Other waxes like flavored ones and homemade ones are also safe for any skin type.

Exceptional grip for fairer skin

A close-up shot of a woman applying wax to her legs in a beauty/product photography setting.

Honeybee Hot Wax sticks to your skin well. It is great for fair skin types. The strong grip helps pull out hair from the roots. This leaves your skin smooth and bright. Using this wax can lead to a more even complexion.

You will love the way it makes your skin glow!

Types of Hot Wax Available in Singapore

A photo of a female model surrounded by different brands of hot wax and beauty industry products.

In Singapore, you can find a range of hot wax options for hair removal, including popular brands like Honeybee Hot Wax, Adina Hot Wax, and Sleek Hot Wax.

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Honeybee Hot Wax

A woman enjoying a spa treatment surrounded by floral decorations on a comfortable bed.

Honeybee Hot Wax is a natural and water-soluble wax that is suitable for all skin types. It has an exceptional grip, leaving the skin fairer after waxing. This hot wax is known for its smooth application and painless removal of hair by the root.

Made with quality ingredients, Honeybee Hot Wax is easy to use and provides a pliable texture that makes the waxing process more comfortable. Honeypot Wax Boutique in Singapore uses their own blend of in-house waxes, including Honeybee Hot Wax, ensuring a high-quality waxing experience for customers.

Adina Hot Wax

A woman receiving a relaxing hot wax treatment in a spa setting, captured in high detail with different looks and outfits.

Adina Hot Wax is a popular brand that offers body waxing treatment in Singapore. Their hot wax is made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a smooth and effective hair removal experience.

It is easy to use, as it has an ultra-thin consistency and spreads evenly on the skin. One of the great things about Adina Hot Wax is its lovely scent, making the waxing process more pleasant for customers.

Whether you want to remove hair from your legs, underarms, or bikini area, Adina Hot Wax provides excellent results. So if you’re looking for a reliable and convenient option for hair removal in Singapore, give Adina Hot Wax a try!

Sleek Hot Wax

A woman with smooth, hair-free legs is getting a waxing treatment in a beauty salon.

Sleek Hot Wax is a popular brand of hot wax in Singapore. It comes in a convenient 600gm size option, making it easy to use at home or in professional waxing salons. This hot wax is known for its exceptional grip, which makes it perfect for fairer skin types.

It is also 100% natural and water-soluble, ensuring that it is gentle on the skin and easy to clean up after use. So if you’re looking for an effective and convenient hot wax option, Sleek Hot Wax could be the right choice for you.

Benefits of Hot Waxing

A photo of a woman relaxing on a spa bed, showcasing her glowing skin after a hot wax treatment.

Hot waxing offers long-lasting hair removal, is suitable for sensitive skin, and can be used on multiple areas of the body. Read on to discover more about these amazing benefits!

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Long-lasting hair removal

A woman is receiving hot wax hair removal treatment in a professional salon.

Hot waxing is a hair removal method that provides long-lasting results. Unlike other hair removal techniques, hot wax removes the hair from the root, which means it takes longer for the hair to grow back.

This can result in smoother skin for weeks at a time, saving you from the hassle of frequent shaving or other temporary methods. So if you’re looking for an effective and efficient way to keep your skin hair-free for longer periods, hot waxing is definitely worth considering.

Suitable for sensitive skin

A woman with sensitive skin enjoying a spa day in a tranquil and serene environment.

Hot waxing is a great option for those with sensitive skin. It is less likely to cause irritation or discomfort compared to other hair removal methods. Hot wax has a gentle formula that is designed to be more tolerable for sensitive skin types.

It contains natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin. With hot wax, you can remove unwanted hair without worrying about redness, rashes, or allergic reactions.

So if you have sensitive skin, hot waxing can be a suitable choice for effective and gentle hair removal.

Can be used on multiple areas of the body

Hot waxing is a versatile hair removal method that can be used on different parts of the body. It’s great for smaller, sensitive areas like the upper lip, underarms, and bikini area.

Unlike shaving, hot waxing provides long-lasting results because it removes hair from the root. Whether you want smooth underarms or a clean bikini line, hot waxing is an effective option to consider in Singapore.

How to Use Hot Wax

A woman applies hot wax to her leg in a well-lit bathroom, creating a bustling atmosphere.

To use hot wax, first heat the wax either in warm water or in the microwave. Then, apply it to the desired area in the direction of hair growth, making sure to spread a thin and even layer.

After letting it cool for a few seconds, firmly but gently remove the wax strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Heat the wax in warm water or microwave

To heat the wax for your hot waxing session, you have two options: warm water or the microwave. If you choose to use warm water, simply place the container of hot wax in a bowl or basin filled with warm water.

Make sure not to submerge it completely! The warmth will gradually melt the wax, making it ready for use. Alternatively, if you’re short on time, you can heat the wax in the microwave.

Just transfer a small amount of wax into a microwave-safe bowl and heat it in short intervals until it reaches a smooth consistency. Remember to always check the temperature before applying to avoid burns.

Apply in the direction of hair growth

To get the best results when using hot wax for hair removal, always remember to apply it in the direction of hair growth. This is an important step because it helps ensure effective hair removal and minimize discomfort.

Whether you’re doing a Brazilian wax or using wax with strips or stripless wax, applying the hot wax in the direction of hair growth will help you achieve smooth and long-lasting results.

So make sure to follow this simple guideline for successful hot waxing!

Remove in the opposite direction

To effectively remove hair using hot wax, it’s important to know that you should remove the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth. This technique helps to ensure thorough hair removal by pulling the hairs out from the root.

By removing the wax in this way, you can achieve smoother and longer-lasting results compared to removing it in the same direction as hair growth. So remember, when using hot wax for hair removal, always go against the grain!

Hot Waxing Services in Singapore

A woman receiving a hot waxing treatment in a clean and modern spa.

Facebar and Skin offers professional hot waxing services in Singapore.

Facebar and Skin

Facebar is a popular beauty salon in Singapore that specializes in hot waxing services. They are experts in facial waxing for women and offer various options, including Brazilian waxing.

Along with hair removal services, Facebar also provides facial spa treatments to help restore the skin’s natural health. They use high-quality hot wax and combine it with their expertise to deliver exceptional results.

With their commitment to using renowned beauty brands and skilled hands, Facebar ensures a unique and satisfying experience for their clients. So if you’re looking for professional facial hair removal or other beauty treatments, Facebar is definitely worth checking out.

Wax Factor

At Wax Factor, we take pride in providing superior hair removal services in Singapore. As a salon specializing in hot waxing, we believe in using only high-quality products to ensure a comfortable and skin-friendly waxing experience for our customers.

One of the reasons why our hot waxing services stand out is because the hot wax adheres only to hairs and not the skin, resulting in a more comfortable experience with minimal risk of rashes or skin irritations.

Additionally, compared to other hair removal methods like shaving, waxing at Wax Factor offers long-lasting results with slower hair regrowth. So say goodbye to frequent shaving and hello to smooth and hair-free skin with our professional hot waxing services at Wax Factor.

PoT Wax Heaters

PoT Wax Heaters are widely used for hot waxing services in Singapore. These heaters are specifically designed for high performance and traditional hot wax application. They allow aestheticians to heat different waxes in individual wax pots, ensuring the right temperature for a smooth and effective hair removal process.

Hairizon, a reputable supplier in Singapore, offers PoT Wax Heaters along with various types of hot wax and paraffin wax options to cater to different needs. Whether you’re a professional aesthetician or someone looking to melt hard wax at home, investing in quality wax heaters like PoT is essential for achieving professional-grade results.

Pricing and Deals for Hot Wax in Singapore

A woman receiving a hot wax treatment at a luxurious spa, with various hairstyles and outfits.

Discover the attractive prices on Shopee Singapore and the exclusive packages and promotions offered at Wax Factor. Don’t miss out on these amazing deals for your hot waxing needs in Singapore!

Attractive prices on Shopee Singapore

Shopee Singapore offers affordable prices and great deals on hot wax products. You can find discounted rates, special promotions, and money-saving offers when shopping for hot wax on Shopee Singapore.

They provide competitive pricing and value for money deals, making it a budget-friendly option for hair removal. With secure payment options, you can enjoy attractive prices while purchasing your preferred hot wax products in Singapore.

Sleek Hot Wax 600gm

The Sleek Hot Wax 600gm is a professional and affordable hair removal wax that is perfect for removing short, coarse hairs. Priced at just $7.50 in Singapore, it offers gentle and effective hair removal without the need for threading or mess.

This hot wax melts easily and spreads evenly on the skin, making it easy to use. It can be used with disposable strips for added convenience. The Sleek Hot Wax 600gm is available for purchase online on platforms like Lazada and Carousell, offering an accessible option for those looking for an effective hair removal solution.

Packages and promotions at Wax Factor

Wax Factor in Singapore offers salon packages and promotions for customers looking for affordable hair removal services. They have a big promotion specifically for Brazilian Waxing Service, allowing you to get smooth and hair-free skin at a great price.

With Wax Factor, you can enjoy quality treatments without breaking the bank. So if you’re on the lookout for deals and specials on waxing, Wax Factor is definitely worth checking out.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

A note with positive customer reviews and testimonials about hot waxing in Singapore surrounded by wax strips.

Customers who have tried hot waxing in Singapore have shared their positive experiences and left glowing reviews and testimonials. These feedbacks indicate that customers are satisfied with the service provided, highlighting the quality of the hot waxing experience in Singapore.

Customer reviews play an important role in helping others make informed decisions when choosing a hot waxing service, as they provide insights into customer satisfaction and service quality.

The Ultimate Guide to Hot Waxing in Singapore has received valuable feedback from customers, which contributes to its success as a trusted resource for those seeking information on this hair removal method.

Tips for a Successful Hot Waxing Experience

A woman with hair-free legs relaxing by the pool in various outfits and hairstyles.

Exfoliate your skin before waxing to remove dead cells and ensure a smoother hair removal process.

Exfoliate before waxing

Before waxing, it’s important to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating helps get rid of dead skin cells and makes your skin look brighter and healthier. It also helps prevent hair follicles from getting trapped beneath the surface, which can lead to ingrown hairs.

By exfoliating before waxing, you’re creating a smooth surface for the wax to adhere to, making the hair removal process more effective. So make sure to scrub gently with a body scrub or loofah before your next waxing session for better results and smoother skin afterward.

Avoid hot baths or showers immediately after

After hot waxing, it’s important to avoid hot baths or showers right away. Hot water can irritate the skin and cause inflammation. Instead, opt for cold showers or cool baths to help soothe the treated area.

Lukewarm water is also a good alternative as it won’t aggravate the freshly waxed skin. Remember, heat can open up your hair follicles, so it’s best to steer clear of hot water for at least 24 hours after your waxing session.

Use moisturizer to soothe the skin

After hot waxing, it’s important to take care of your skin. Using a moisturizer can help soothe and hydrate your skin. Look for a hydrating lotion, soothing balm, or nourishing cream that is specifically formulated for post-waxing care.

These products can help calm any redness or irritation caused by the waxing process. Apply the moisturizer to the waxed areas of your skin in gentle, circular motions. This will not only provide relief but also help replenish moisture and keep your skin soft and smooth.

So remember, after hot waxing, don’t forget to give your skin some extra TLC with a moisturizing product!


A woman on a spa bed with a relaxed expression, surrounded by calming spa décor.

In conclusion, hot waxing is a popular and effective hair removal method in Singapore. With its long-lasting results and suitability for all skin types, it’s a great option for both men and women.

By following the tips and guidelines provided in this ultimate guide, you can have a successful hot waxing experience and enjoy smooth, hair-free skin. So go ahead and give it a try at one of the recommended salons or spas in Singapore!


1. What is hot waxing and how does it work?

Hot waxing is a hair removal method that involves applying heated wax to the skin, allowing it to harden, and then removing the wax along with unwanted hair.

2. Is hot waxing painful?

Hot waxing can cause some discomfort, but it is generally tolerable. The heat from the wax helps to open up the pores, making the hair removal process smoother.

3. How long does hot waxing last?

The results of hot waxing can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks, depending on individual hair growth rates and other factors.

4. Are there any side effects or risks associated with hot waxing?

Some common side effects of hot waxing include temporary redness, irritation, or ingrown hairs. It’s important to follow proper aftercare instructions to minimize these risks.

5. Can anyone get a hot wax treatment?

While most people can safely undergo a hot wax treatment, individuals with certain skin conditions or sensitivities may need to avoid or approach this method with caution. It’s best to consult with a professional esthetician for personalized advice.

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