The Ultimate Packing List For Singapore: Essential Items For Your Trip

A suitcase packed with essential items for a trip to Singapore, surrounded by iconic landmarks and bustling cityscape.

Planning for a trip to Singapore but unsure what to pack? The island-city state boasts a tropical climate and strict guidelines on what is allowed in. This article provides you with an ultimate packing checklist, ensuring you’re prepared and within the law while maximizing your enjoyment of this diverse city.

Keep reading because knowing what to bring can make your visit smooth sailing.

Key Takeaways

  • quick-dry travel towel is a must-have item for your trip to Singapore. It’s lightweight, compact, and dries quickly, making it perfect for beach trips or days out in nature.
  • Using a virtual private network (VPN) will help keep your online activities secure while in Singapore. It provides an extra layer of privacy and protects your personal information from prying eyes.
  • neck wallet is an essential travel item that keeps your valuables safe and hidden. It’s perfect for crowded areas where pickpocketing may occur.
  • Packing a reusable bag is important to stay organized and be environmentally friendly during your trip. Choose one that is lightweight and can convert into a backpack when needed.
  • Don’t forget to pack a universal travel adapter so you can charge your devices in different countries without any compatibility issues.
  • Protect your smartphone with a waterproof phone case to prevent water damage while taking photos or videos underwater. This is especially useful when visiting Singapore’s beaches or during sudden rain showers.
  • Be prepared for unpredictable weather by bringing a windproof travel umbrella that can withstand strong winds. This will ensure you stay dry during unexpected downpours in Singapore.
  • Stay hydrated with a water bottle equipped with a filter to have access to clean drinking water wherever you go. Not only does it save money on buying bottled water, but it also helps reduce plastic waste.
  • Use TSA – approved luggage locks to secure your belongings during transit while still allowing airport authorities easy access if needed. These locks provide peace of mind and save time at security checkpoints.
  • Keep all your electronic devices powered up with a portable charger so you never run out of battery life during your trip.

Packing Essentials

A person holds a packed suitcase on a busy city street in a photo capturing various faces and outfits.

When packing for your trip to Singapore, make sure to include these essential items: a quick-dry travel towel, a virtual private network (VPN) for secure internet access, a neck wallet to keep your valuables safe, a reusable bag for shopping or carrying items on the go, a universal travel adapter for charging your devices, a waterproof phone case to protect against unexpected rain or water activities, a windproof travel umbrella in case of sudden showers, a water bottle with filter for clean and safe drinking water, TSA-approved luggage locks for added security, and a portable charger to ensure you never run out of battery.

What To Pack For Singapore Trip in 2022 | Singapore Vacation Packing Checklist

Quick-dry travel towel

A colorful variety of people's faces, hairstyles, and outfits showcase a quick-dry travel towel hanging outdoors.Quick-dry travel towels are a must for your trip. These towels are light and fold up small. You can easily fit one in your bag. The best kind of quick-dry towel is made from microfiber.

This type of fabric takes in water fast.

A nice pick is the Latrek Microfiber Travel & Sports Towel. It dries sweat or sea water off you in no time at all! If you want something very soft, try a bamboo towel. Like cotton, bamboo feels good on the skin but it also dries fast too! For beach trips, gym times, or days out in nature, these towels serve you well.

Virtual private network (VPN)

A person working on a laptop in a coffee shop with a cityscape view in the background.

A Virtual private network (VPN) on your trip is important. It helps keep your online actions hidden. This secures all of your data from prying eyes.

VPNs give a layer of privacy not found in open web use. They hide data like payments and personal info too. In Singapore, it’s smart to use a VPN for safe browsing.

Cybersecurity is key when traveling. The VPN will help protect against unwanted views of your internet activity. Anonymity in the digital world keeps you secure!

Neck wallet

A woman explores the vibrant streets of Singapore, capturing the bustling atmosphere with her camera.

A neck wallet is a must-have part of your pack for Singapore. It’s a clever hidden travel item that keeps your stuff safe. You can be at ease knowing your cash, cards, and ID are near and under cover.

The best thing about the neck wallet is it stays out of sight. Tuck it in under your shirt to hide from thieves. It helps you keep a low profile when among the locals.

You will find this concealed pouch super handy on busy streets or packed buses. Keep focus on enjoying Singapore rather than worry about losing money or important papers!

Reusable bag

A woman holds a reusable bag filled with sustainable travel items, surrounded by clean clothes and shoes.

Pack a reusable bag for your trip to Singapore as part of your essential travel items. These sustainable bags are perfect for storing dirty laundry or shoes, keeping them separate from your clean clothes.

Choose an eco-friendly option that aligns with your values and promotes a more sustainable travel experience. Look for a bag that is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around during your trip.

Consider a reusable bag with zip-away backpack straps, which allows you to convert it into a backpack when needed. Remember to pack light and opt for carry-on luggage to make traveling more convenient.

When packing for Singapore, don’t forget to include a reusable bag in your essential items list. This will come in handy when you need to store dirty laundry or shoes separately from clean clothes in order to keep everything organized during your trip.

For an eco-friendly choice, select a sustainable bag that aligns with your values and supports environmentally conscious practices. It’s important to choose one that is lightweight and compact so it won’t take up much space in your luggage or become burdensome while exploring the city.

Universal travel adapter

A person holding a universal travel adapter in front of a map background, surrounded by diverse individuals and a bustling atmosphere.

The universal travel adapter is an essential item for any international trip. It allows you to charge your electronic devices in different countries without worrying about plug compatibility.

The Epicka Universal Travel Adapter, which has been recommended as the best option after extensive research and testing, fits various types of plugs and is suitable for worldwide use.

It is a multipurpose adapter that can be used in over 150 countries and provides worldwide voltage conversion. Brands like Epicka and Ceptics offer reliable travel adapters that can be purchased on Amazon, ensuring that you have the necessary tools for your overseas travels.

Waterproof phone case

A person swimming underwater takes photos with a waterproof phone case and professional camera equipment.

A waterproof phone case is a must-have item for your trip to Singapore. This handy accessory will protect your smartphone from water damage, allowing you to take photos and videos even when you’re underwater.

With a waterproof case, you won’t have to worry about dropping your phone in the pool or getting caught in the rain. It’s also great for beach trips and outdoor adventures where water is involved.

The ShellBox Waterproof Case is highly recommended as it provides reliable protection without compromising on functionality.

Having a waterproof phone case isn’t just useful for Singapore; it’s an essential travel accessory that can be used anywhere in the world. Whether you’re exploring tropical islands or hiking near waterfalls, this protective case will ensure that your smartphone stays safe from accidental spills or drops in water.

Plus, with advancements in waterproofing technology, these cases are now designed to fit almost any smartphone model easily.

Windproof travel umbrella

A woman walks through the vibrant streets of Singapore using a windproof travel umbrella.

A windproof travel umbrella is a must-have item for your trip to Singapore. The city’s weather can be quite unpredictable, with sudden rain showers happening throughout the day. To stay prepared and avoid getting drenched, it’s recommended to include a windproof travel umbrella in your packing list.

These umbrellas are designed to withstand strong winds, ensuring that they won’t flip inside out or break easily. A compact and lightweight option would be perfect for easy transportation while exploring the city.

So don’t forget to pack a sturdy and portable windproof travel umbrella to protect yourself from unexpected downpours in Singapore.

In addition, purchasing rain gear and umbrellas locally in Singapore is also an option if you prefer not to bring them from home. The city has numerous stores selling weather-resistant items at reasonable prices, allowing you to adapt quickly if the need arises.

Water bottle with filter

A woman holds a water bottle with a filter surrounded by lush greenery, with different faces, hair styles, and outfits.

A water bottle with a filter is an essential item to pack for your trip to Singapore. One popular choice is the GRAYL water bottle, which can filter bacteria, viruses, and chemicals from any source of fresh water in just a few seconds.

This is especially important when traveling in Southeast Asia, where access to clean drinking water may be limited. The Hydro Flask is another great option, made from BPA-free stainless steel and designed to be slip-free.

With a filtered water bottle in hand, you can stay hydrated throughout your trip without worrying about contaminants in the water.

Not only do these filtered water bottles provide clean drinking water on-the-go, but they also eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles. By using a reusable bottle with a filter, you can reduce waste and do your part for the environment.

These bottles are durable and portable, making them perfect for outdoor activities or exploring Singapore’s many attractions.

TSA-approved luggage locks

TSA-approved luggage locks are essential for keeping your belongings safe and secure while traveling. These locks have a special feature that allows airport officers to use a master key to inspect your luggage if needed, without damaging the lock.

Whether you’re checking in your bags or carrying them on board, using TSA-approved locks gives you peace of mind knowing that your items are protected during transit. Plus, having these locks can help expedite the security screening process at airports, saving you time and hassle.

So make sure to invest in these reliable and convenient locks for worry-free travel.

By using TSA-approved luggage locks, you ensure that your bags are securely locked but can still be easily opened by airport authorities if necessary. This makes it easier for them to conduct thorough inspections without damaging your lock or delaying the inspection process.

TSA-approved locks are recommended not only for checked luggage but also for carry-on bags as they provide an added layer of security against theft or tampering. With these locks in place, you can confidently enjoy your trip knowing that all of your belongings are well-protected throughout your journey.

Portable charger

Include a portable charger in your packing list for Singapore. It’s an essential item to keep your devices powered up throughout the trip. One recommended option is the myCharge AdventureMax Portable Charger, which has dual USB functionality.

This means you can charge two devices at once, such as your smartphone and tablet. With its compact size and lightweight design, it won’t take up much space in your luggage or weigh you down while exploring Singapore.

The portable charger ensures that you never run out of battery life during your adventures, keeping you connected and allowing you to capture memories with your camera or navigate using maps on your phone.

Keeping a portable charger handy is essential when travelling so that you always have a power source readily available for all of your electronic devices. Whether it’s charging up your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets like wireless headphones or cameras, a portable charger can be a lifesaver when outlets aren’t easily accessible.

Clothing for Every Season

A vibrant collection of fashionable clothing and accessories showcased in a bustling atmosphere.

Whether you’re visiting Singapore in the scorching summer or mild winter, it’s essential to pack clothing suited for every season. Find out what to wear to beat the heat and stay stylish in this tropical paradise.

Minimalist Women's Packing List Essentials: Southeast Asia in a Carry On Bag

Dressing for summer and fall

When packing for Singapore, it’s important to dress appropriately for the hot and humid weather. Lightweight and breathable clothing is a must to stay comfortable in the tropical climate.

Opt for loose-fitting tops, shorts, and skirts that allow air circulation and keep you cool throughout the day. Casual and relaxed styles are perfect for exploring the city or enjoying outdoor activities.

Don’t forget to pack swimwear too if you plan on hitting the beach or taking a dip in a pool.

To protect yourself from the sun, don’t forget to bring a hat or cap along with sunglasses. These accessories will not only shield your face from harmful UV rays but also add a stylish touch to your outfit.

Additionally, consider wearing light-colored clothing as they absorb less heat compared to dark colors. This will help you stay cooler during those sunny days in Singapore.

Dressing for winter and spring

When visiting Singapore, it’s important to pack clothes suitable for the hot and humid weather. However, if you plan to travel to colder destinations during your trip, it’s essential to bring some winter clothing as well.

Winter clothing can be bulky and take up a lot of space in your luggage, so it’s important to pack smart. Consider layering your outfits with lightweight items that can easily be worn together to keep warm.

Don’t forget essentials like a warm jacket or coatsweaters or long-sleeve shirts, and thermal undergarments for extra warmth. For spring in Singapore, opt for lighter fabrics such as cotton or linen that will help you stay cool in the warmer temperatures.

It’s also worth considering packing versatile pieces that can be layered or mixed and matched depending on the weather conditions. This way, you’ll be prepared for any unexpected changes in temperature during your trip.

What NOT to bring (durian fruit, winter clothes)

Durian fruit and winter clothes are two things you should leave behind when packing for your trip to Singapore. Durian fruit, although considered a cultural delicacy in some places, is completely banned from public places in Singapore due to its strong smell.

It’s important to note that the airlines also prohibit the transportation of durians on flights. As for winter clothes, they are not necessary for your trip as Singapore has a tropical climate year-round.

So, be sure to avoid bringing these items with you and enjoy your time exploring all that Singapore has to offer!


A hiker stands atop a mountain peak, surrounded by a stunning landscape.

Include comfortable shoes for walking and flip flops for the beach.

What to bring to Singapore? | Singaporean tells you what you should pack!

Comfortable shoes for walking

The Ultimate Packing List For Singapore suggests that packing comfortable shoes for walking is essential for your trip. When exploring the city, you’ll be doing a lot of walking, so it’s important to have shoes that are both comfortable and supportive.

Whether you prefer sneakers or sandals, make sure they fit well and provide good arch support. Flip flops can also come in handy for casual outings and trips to the beach. Additionally, if you plan on hiking or participating in outdoor activities, consider bringing a pair of sturdy hiking boots or waterproof shoes to protect your feet and provide better traction.

Flip flops for the beach

Flip flops are a must-have when packing for the beach in Singapore. They are comfortable and convenient footwear for walking along the sandy shores or taking a dip in the ocean. Flip flops are open-toe shoes that allow your feet to breathe and stay cool in the warm weather.

They are also quick and easy to slip on and off, making them perfect for casual beach activities. Whether you’re building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, or simply lounging under an umbrella, flip flops provide the right amount of comfort and flexibility for your feet.

When choosing flip flops for the beach, opt for ones that are sturdy and durable. Look for high-quality materials that can withstand exposure to sand, saltwater, and sun without falling apart.

Additionally, consider getting flip flops with non-slip soles to ensure better traction on wet surfaces. It’s also worth noting that some beaches may have pebbles or coral reefs near the shore, so having a thicker sole on your flip flops can offer extra protection against any sharp objects you might step on.

Toiletries and Personal Items

A collection of travel essentials arranged neatly on a beach towel.

Don’t forget to pack travel-sized toiletries, sunscreen, lip balm, wet bag, and packing cubes for your Singapore trip.

Travel-sized toiletries

One important thing to pack for your trip to Singapore is travel-sized toiletries. These are small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, and other personal care items that are easy to carry with you.

Having these compact toiletries will make it convenient for you to freshen up whenever needed during your travels. It’s a good idea to use TSA-approved toiletries so that you can easily bring them in your carry-on bag without any hassle at the airport.

Don’t forget to pack them in a toiletry bag or organizer to keep everything organized and easily accessible while you’re on the go.

Travel-sized toiletries are essential for maintaining personal hygiene during your trip. They allow you to stay clean and refreshed without carrying large bottles that take up valuable space in your luggage.

Packing these miniature versions of your bathroom essentials will save you from buying full-size products or relying on hotel supplies. Plus, they comply with airline regulations regarding liquids in carry-on bags, making security checks quicker and smoother.

Sunscreen and lip balm

Sunscreen and lip balm are essential items to pack when traveling to Singapore. The hot and sunny weather in Southeast Asia can be harsh on your skin, so it’s important to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.

Sunscreen with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) will shield your skin from UV radiation and prevent sunburns. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen generously on all exposed areas, including your face, neck, arms, and legs.

Lip balm is also important to keep your lips moisturized and protected from the sun. The strong sunlight can cause dryness and chapped lips. Look for lip balms that offer UV protection as well, so you can safeguard against both dryness and potential damage caused by the sun.

When traveling to Singapore or any other tropical destination, it’s advisable to bring these personal care essentials from home as they may be expensive or hard to find locally. By packing sunscreen and lip balm with you, you’ll ensure that you have everything needed for proper skincare under the hot sun while exploring this vibrant city-state.

Wet bag and packing cubes

Packing cubes and a wet bag are essential items for keeping your toiletries and personal items organized during your trip to Singapore. Packing cubes are small nylon bags with compartments that help you separate and categorize your clothing.

They come in various sizes, making it easy to fit them into different types of travel bags. Additionally, packing cubes are lined with fabric, providing protection for your clothes while also allowing for easy packing and unpacking.

On the other hand, a wet bag is a waterproof bag designed to store damp or wet items. It’s perfect for storing toiletries, swimwear, or even sweaty gym clothes. The waterproof material ensures that any moisture doesn’t leak out onto the rest of your belongings in your suitcase or daypack.

Using these travel organizers can greatly simplify the process of packing and unpacking while on vacation. With packing cubes, you can easily find specific items without having to rummage through everything in your luggage.

And with a wet bag, you don’t have to worry about dampness from wet items ruining other things in your bag.


A woman enjoys water sports with wireless headphones, underwater camera, and different outfits.

Don’t forget to pack an underwater camera and wireless headphones for capturing your adventures in the water and enjoying your favorite tunes on the go.

Underwater camera

If you love taking pictures underwater, don’t forget to pack an underwater camera for your trip to Singapore. It’s a must-have electronic device that allows you to capture amazing photos and videos while exploring the oceanic beauty.

With a waterproof and submersible camera, you can indulge in marine photography and document your diving adventures.

When packing your underwater camera, make sure to bring additional equipment such as a Micro Mesh Kit for maintenance and care. This kit includes items like a rocket blower, lens cleaner, and O-ring, which are essential for keeping your camera in good condition during your trip.

Another important item to consider is a spare charger for the Sola Light or Ikelite Strobe. These lights are commonly used with underwater cameras to provide proper lighting in the depths of the ocean.

Having a spare charger ensures that you won’t run out of battery power when capturing those breathtaking underwater shots.

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are a must-have electronic item for your trip to Singapore. These headphones use Bluetooth technology to connect to your devices without any tangled wires. They come in different styles, including over-ear and in-ear options, so you can choose what suits you best.

One key feature of wireless headphones is their noise-cancelling capability, which blocks out background noises during long flights. This makes your journey more enjoyable and allows you to immerse yourself in your favorite music or podcasts.

Wireless headphones are considered a travel tech essential and should be included in your packing list for a round-the-world trip.

When it comes to wireless headphones, there are several options available on the market. Noise isolation headphones and noise reduction headphones are popular choices as they effectively block out external sounds.

You can also opt for travel-specific headphones designed for comfort during long-haul flights. Whatever style you choose, wireless headphones will enhance your travel experience by providing high-quality audio without the hassle of tangled cords.

Singapore-Specific Items

A vibrant market scene in Singapore showcasing colorful local fruits and vegetables with a bustling atmosphere.

Don’t forget to pack a travel belt and a wet bag for your trip to Singapore.

Travel belt

A travel belt is an essential item to bring when traveling to Singapore. This secure and convenient accessory helps you keep your belongings safe and organized during your trip. With a travel belt, such as the Cincha strap, you can easily attach extra bags or items to your carry-on luggage.

It provides added security by preventing your bags from falling off or getting lost while navigating through crowded areas or busy airports.

When exploring Singapore’s vibrant streets and attractions, having a travel belt allows you to have hands-free movement without worrying about carrying multiple bags. It keeps everything compact and streamlined, ensuring that you can move around comfortably while keeping track of all your essentials.

Wet bag (for rainy days)

A wet bag is an important item to have for rainy days in Singapore. This waterproof bag is useful for keeping your belongings dry and organized when it’s raining outside. It’s especially handy for storing dirty shoes and clothes that may get wet during the rain.

You can also use the wet bag to store bars of soap, so they don’t get soggy in your luggage. The wet bag is considered a Singapore-specific item because of the city-state’s frequent rainfall throughout the year.

So make sure to pack a wet bag as part of your rainy day essentials when visiting Singapore!

What NOT to Bring

A pile of prohibited items including vapes, chewing gum, firecrackers, and pirated media, captured in a photo.

Leave behind any vapes or e-cigarettes, as they are strictly prohibited in Singapore. Also, be sure to skip packing chewing gum, firecrackers, and pirated media to avoid any legal troubles during your trip.


Vaping and using e-cigarettes are not allowed in Singapore. It is important to note that bringing these smoking devices into the country is illegal and can result in fines of up to $2,000.

If you do use vape pens or vaporizers, it’s essential to leave them at home when traveling to Singapore.

The ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) provides a list of prohibited items for entry into Singapore, which includes vaping equipment. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) also states that vape devices must be packed in carry-on luggage only.

Be sure to follow these guidelines when packing for your trip.

It’s worth mentioning that disposable vape bars can be brought on a plane in carry-on luggage or pocket. However, it’s always best to check with the airline beforehand and familiarize yourself with their specific policies regarding vaping devices.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is not allowed in Singapore. It is banned and cannot be brought into the country or sold there. The ban on chewing gum in Singapore is enforced to keep the city clean. However, tourists are allowed to bring a maximum of two packs of chewing gum for personal consumption.

Selling or importing chewing gum is against the law, so it’s important to be aware of this restriction when visiting Singapore. Remember to respect the local regulations and enjoy your trip!


Firecrackers are not allowed to be brought into Singapore. This is because they are considered explosives and pyrotechnics, which are prohibited items in the country. It is important to note that safety regulations and customs regulations strictly enforce this rule.

If you attempt to bring firecrackers into Singapore, you may face legal consequences and penalties for smuggling illegal goods or contraband. Therefore, it is essential to comply with import restrictions and avoid packing firecrackers when traveling to Singapore.

In the Republic of Ireland, fireworks and firecrackers are also not permitted. However, some individuals may try to smuggle these items from Northern Ireland where they are legal. It is crucial to be aware of the laws regarding hazardous materials like fireworks or firecrackers when traveling internationally.

Pirated media

Pirated media refers to illegal copies of movies, music, and pornography. It is important not to bring pirated media when traveling to Singapore. The country has strict laws against copyright infringement and unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material.

Bringing counterfeit goods or unlicensed recordings can result in severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment. Singapore takes intellectual property rights seriously and works diligently to combat piracy.

To ensure a smooth trip without any legal issues, it is best to leave any pirated media at home and support the legitimate creators by purchasing authorized copies instead.

Other Travel Essentials

A traveler explores a vibrant street market with a backpack and travel insurance documents in hand.

Don’t forget to pack travel insurance and a daypack or backpack for your Singapore trip.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a must-have item when traveling to Singapore. It provides protection and peace of mind in case of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies. With travel insurance, you have coverage for medical expensestrip cancellations or interruptionslost or delayed luggage, and even emergency evacuations if needed.

In Singapore-specific situations like flight delays due to haze or other natural disasters, travel insurance ensures that you are financially protected. So make sure to include travel insurance as one of your essential items for your trip to Singapore.

Having travel insurance also acts as a safety net for unexpected events during your trip. Whether it’s an illness that requires medical attention, a lost passport that needs replacing, or a flight delay that causes extra expenses, travel insurance can help cover these costs and minimize the impact on your wallet.

Daypack or backpack

A daypack or backpack is a must-have when traveling to Singapore. It’s an essential item that allows you to carry your belongings conveniently and comfortably. Whether you’re exploring the cityvisiting tourist attractions, or going shopping, having a daypack or backpack will make it easier for you to carry any purchases, souvenirs, or snacks.

When choosing a daypack or backpack for your trip to Singapore, consider factors like size and comfort. Opt for a bag that has enough room to hold all your essentials without being too bulky or heavy.

Look for features like padded shoulder straps and back support to ensure maximum comfort while wearing it throughout the day.

Remember that Singapore is known for its warm climate and high humidity levels, so choose a bag made of lightweight and breathable materials. Water-resistant or waterproof options are also ideal in case of sudden rain showers.


A vibrant display of essential travel items for Singapore set against iconic city landmarks.

In conclusion, the ultimate packing list for your trip to Singapore includes essentials like a quick-dry travel towel, VPN for secure browsingneck wallet for keeping valuables safe, and a reusable bag.

Don’t forget items like a universal adapter, waterproof phone case, windproof umbrella, and water bottle with filter. Remember to dress for the hot weather and bring comfortable walking shoes.

Leave behind winter clothes and durian fruit! Pack toiletries in travel sizes and don’t forget sunscreen. Lastly, make sure you have travel insurance and a daypack or backpack to explore this vibrant city-state.

Happy travels!


1. What are the essential items I should pack for a trip to Singapore?

Essential items to pack for a trip to Singapore include lightweight and breathable clothing, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a travel adapter.

2. Is it necessary to bring an umbrella when visiting Singapore?

Yes, it is recommended to bring an umbrella as Singapore can experience sudden rain showers throughout the year.

3. Can I drink tap water in Singapore?

Yes, tap water in Singapore is safe for drinking. You can refill your reusable water bottle or ask for tap water at restaurants.

4. Should I pack any specific medications for my trip to Singapore?

It’s advisable to pack any necessary prescription medications as well as over-the-counter remedies like antihistamines or pain relievers that you may need during your stay.

5. Do I need to carry cash or are credit cards widely accepted in Singapore?

Credit cards are widely accepted in most places in Singapore. However, it’s always good to have some cash on hand for smaller establishments or local markets that may not accept cards easily.

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