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Previously I had the chance to have a night stay at Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa and I thought it’s a good idea to write a staycation review on it. Hard Rock Hotel is pretty much a very well-loved hotel thanks to its worldwide brand reputation, and of course the unique room designs catered to the undiscovered musician in you. Their rooms are spacious but I reckon what guests really look forward to are the man-made beach they installed as their swimming pool. Yes, it’s a very interested concept and probably very relevant since Hard Rock Hotel Singapore is located in the Sentosa Island! Enough said, let’s enjoy the photos coming up!

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At  Hard Rock Hotel’s lobby, you’ll find an open concept bar and of course it’s signature Hard Rock merchandises store. 

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We had a very late check in because we were busy in the day, but this was a terrible mistake. The queue just to check in was horrendously long, and I think we actually queued for an hour (so try to avoid late check in around 5pm). Speaking of their customer service, it’s really awfully slow and inefficient. In fact after we checked in, we still have to join in another queue to collect the card keys, which I have no idea why do they have to separate and make the hotel guests queue again. Thankfully the second queue wasn’t that long.

But to be fair, when we checked out at 2pm the next day (we requested for late check out since they wasted our time during check in), the check in queue wasn’t that long. So I presume the time we check in (5pm) on day 1 was flooded with perhaps tourists who just arrived Sentosa? Likewise, the receptionist was kind enough to extend our check out timing when we requested for it. PS: They extended to 1pm but we complained a little about the long queue during checking in, so they extended to 2pm. Good and bad service, your call! 

OH before I forgot, can I inform you that this whole hotel has no wifi at all? I know it may be a good thing to have a digital media detox but seriously, no wifi in this era? It doesn’t really make a difference to me since I have local data. But imagine tourists already paying a substantial amount for this 5 stars hotel and now they have to pay more in order to stay connected with their families during this short period of time resting in the hotel. Quite terrible.

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Glad to say what comes after the ordeal during check in was much better. The room was really spacious despite being the most basic – Deluxe Room. The photo above is a double bed while the one below is a twin bed. Both were of the same layout except for the kind of bed you could request during check in or booking. 

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I would say the room is pretty well furnished with the necessary stuff – mineral water, slippers, ironing board and iron, basic refreshments (TWG tea bags!) and toiletries. There was however one thing that was a big turn off though – there was no mini refrigerator. 

Yes, beats me. I have no idea why there was no refrigerator. There was indeed a mini refrigerator-sized box but the temperature inside was simply room temperature. We were pretty appalled because it’s practically of no use. If someone can enlighten me on this, please do. 

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Other than all the bad points about this hotel I previously mentioned, I have to say I really loved the sounds system and the fluffy bed and pillows in this room! 

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The toilet cubical and shower room were also separated from the sink. 

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A bigger picture of the Deluxe Rooms. Comes with a sofa at the side of the windows along with a working table. 

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The side sofa gives a great view to either the pools or vivocity!

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So here comes the most anticipated aspect of Hard Rock Hotel® Singapore – Their man-made beach pools! 

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If you have always wanted to let your kids play at the beach but afraid of the dirty beaches, this is definitely a good replacement. Clean (thought man-made) sand with clear water, I wouldn’t complain! 

There wasn’t much crowd at the pool around 12pm as well. Great to relax and chill out here! 

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Overall, I have to say Hard Rock Hotel® Singapore was quite a disappointment for its 5 stars rating. I heard that the lack of wifi is because of the Sentosa island issue, so most hotels in this island doesn’t have complimentary wifi. I still find it a little unacceptable though. The slow and not-exactly-very-friendly service was quite a turn off for such a branded hotel though. Hard Rock Hotel® Singapore may be good for tourists since it’s located so near to many local attractions like SEA Aquarium, Universal Studios Singapore etc… But overall, not so recommended for Singapore Staycation! I’m pretty sure there are many better options in Singapore for staycations! 

Hard Rock Hotel® Singapore

Resorts World Sentosa – Hard Rock Hotel Singapore 

8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island Singapore 098269

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