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glamglow%2Bcleanser%2Band%2Bmuds%2Bsingapore Ever since I heard great stuff about GlamGlow from my girlfriends (Alene and Kymm), I made my very first expensive purchase at Escentials for the two mud masks few months back. So far, I prefer the Supermud Cleansing Mask (white bottle) more than the Powermud Dual Cleanse (Green), but ever since I tried their latest released ThirstyCleanse Cleanser….. I AM SOLD.  You need to know why.  glamglow%2Bfamily%2Breview

We were kindly invited to the launch of GlamGlow’s latest cleansers and of course we attended with glee because we girls are all great fans of GlamGlow. Imagine we love the masks so much, how much would it mean to us when we can finally use them every single day, without worrying that mud masks would dry the hell out of our skin? Well at least these cleansers are meant to be used every day so I presume it’s perfect for GlamGlow fans (me!). 


So we tried on the three latest release.

From left: SuperCleanse, ThirstyCleanse & YouthCleanse. glamglow%2Bthirsty%2Bcleanse%2Breview

We were each given a bottle of GlamGlow Cleanser to try and I got the Thirsty Cleanse, which is like a heavenly match for me. I have very dry skin especially for the forehead, so thirstycleanse helps to retain the moisture after each cleanse without making my face super duper dry. 


Interesting thing about the GlamGlow Cleansers is that they turn from mud… to foam! 

GlamGlow ThirstyCleanse

The thirstycleanse is a daily cleanser which helps to moisturize our skin while deep cleansing it, rinsing away makeup and impurities. It contains fresh green coconut water, olive milk and rare brazilian yellow clay, which have different functions of hydrating, smoothening and cleansing respectively. Overall, I am loving this product and I used it only at night, every single night. I use my original cleanser in the day. 

I can tell you this is hydrating because…. the supercleanse cleanser was a little too drying for me. Read on. 


And so, my love for GlamGlow doesn’t stop there. I thought it was a great time to purchase it since its launch to be the very first few to review this new thing under such a great brand. I purchased the SuperCleanse because the YouthCleanse isn’t released yet haha! Well of course not just that, I thought this is a good-to-have to use one or twice every week to deeply cleanse my skin, and probably unclog the pores a little. 


GlamGlow SuperCleanse Cleanser


Now you can immediately tell this is the GlamGlow SuperCleanse Cleanser because it’s the only one in black. It is a little coarse due to some bits in it, I’m guessing it helps with exfoliating dead skin cells off our skin. It smells slightly more minty thanks to the Licorice root extract, which I thought is a very refreshing element to a cleanser!

The reason why I got this is because like I said, I like how this will be my weekly cleansing routine to really get deep into the pores and remove all the impurities. And because this is deep cleansing and my skin is more towards the dry, I won’t be using this every day instead i’ll use the thirsty cleanse 🙂


GlamGlow SuperCleanse Cleanser

The SuperCleanse contains K17 & Mediterranean Clays to detoxify and refine skin texture, which makes it great to be a weekly maintenance kind of thing. It also contains bamboo charchoal and licorice extract to replenish the skin and clam any irritated skin to reduce redness.  


GlamGlow Cleansers (S$59) are definitely going to join my skincare regime from today onwards. To get yours, head down to Escentials today! 

Escentials Paragon

Tel: 6737 2478

Opening Hours: 

Mon – Sun: 10:00am – 9:00pm

Escentials Orchard

Tangs Beauty Level 1, Singapore 238864 

Tel: 6734 2122

Opening Hours: 

Mon – Thu, Sat: 10.30am – 9.30pm 

Fri: 10:30am – 11:00pm 

Sun: 11:00am – 8.30pm


Now I shall wait for the youth cleanse (black bottle) to be out to review it!!

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