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My boyfriend and I went over to Covelli Italian Bistro to celebrate my 21st birthday! 

We went on a Sunday afternoon and surprisingly, there was not much people. But the waitress just had to allocate us to a table right next to a couple when there is so many more other seats. (not happyL)

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This Italian Bistro is located right at the basement of Orchard Central, at an isolated corner beside the lifts. There is also an open-kitchen separated by a walkway from the main dining area. You can actually see how the chefs prepare your dishes. 

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The ambience here is really serene, and especially silent. 

The bistro plays classical music to promote the tranquil atmosphere for the diners to enjoy the dishes as well. I love the ambience here. 

By the way, the guy in green is actually Chen Han Wei, that’s him:


Haha okay back to the review! 

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We ordered spaghetti each and were given a piece of garlic bread as the starters. 

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For a garlic bread, I thought it was decent enough. The degree of toast was just nice and it tasted especially good when it’s served hot. 

Just as when we were done with the bread, our mains were ready. Good effort at staggering the serving of food. 

Here come’s the food! 

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Aglio olio 


Add: Prawn $20

Add: Crabmeat & baby spinach $22

I thought coupling with the additional options would serve as an average-priced spgahetti out there at most restaurants, but my bf doesn’t like both prawn and crabmeat, so no to both! 

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I got to try a bit of this, and I thought the standard is just slightly above average. 

It may look spicy here but it was not. There’s a hint of black pepper and garlic slices in this dish, prepared with extra virgin olive oil and basil & italian parsley. The chef used linguine for this aglio olio.

So this was what I had: 

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Aragosta la Pasta 


Unfortunately, I didn’t quite enjoy this dish, albeit a chef’s recommendation. In fact, I did not even finish it like how I usually would! Not saying this doesn’t taste good, but I guess I am just not a fan of angel hair pasta. 

This Angel hair pasta is served with lobster in their homemade tomato sauce, topped with black Tobiko Caviar. 

This pasta would be perfect if it happen to be served with linguine or spaghetti. I’m sure there’s a reason for the chef to use angel hair, but as the diner myself, I really didn’t enjoy the slimy and cluttered spoonful of the angel hair pasta in my mouth. The texture and feeling of it just wasn’t sensational.  In fact, the tomato sauce was nothing remarkable.

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But good thing is the lobster meat was fresh and tender. It was not hard to retrieve the meat out of the shell too. 

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Pretty satisfied with the lobster, but definitely not the pasta. 

To be honest, I didn’t quite love the food here so much that I would come back again. I would rather come back for the ambience rather than the food, surprisingly. 

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My baby boy. Of course you’re not fat hehe. 

He’s wearing a slogan tee he got from bangkok. 

“I’m not fat, I’m just easy to see” 

I wish I am too! Hehe. 

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This is what you’ll see when you step out of the lift at basement two.

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It was just a casual lunch with my boyfriend a day before my birthday because I had family dinner that night. We went over to stgames at cathay to play console games. I guess there’s really nothing much to do in Singapore, but I enjoy the games as long as my boyfriend enjoys it 🙂 

The experience at the Covelli Bistro was overall a relaxing and satisfied one. The service provided by the waitresses was swift and polite. I enjoyed myself at this Bistro quietly hidden at a corner at the basement of Orchard Central, hiding away from the bustling crowd. 

I would actually say the price here is slightly above average, but no harm coming here once in a life time. Bear in mind I am standing in a viewpoint of a student who only works as a part time tutor. 

Hope you liked my review!


( Tel: +65 6238 6400/ 8181 8023

Address: Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd #B2-13/22, Sp 198 785

Nearest MRT station: Somerset MRT station

Opening hours: 

Mon to Sun 11am-10pm

Visit their website here

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