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I’ve been a fan of ZALORA due to its wide variety of brands it offers. Zalora never fails to continue expanding and including more brands that consumers love. Other than being a fan of Zalora, I’ve also been the greatest fan of Sephora for any beauty items that I need. My girlfriends always visit Sephora more like a habit than a need to purchase something! So when I know Sephora is finally available online, I have to give it a try!

As I was browsing, I found out 3 perks of having Sephora online on Zalora platform. 

1. Editor’s picks 

On Zalora, you’ll get to find out all the editor’s picks in one consolidated manner. Whenever I have no brand preference for a certain product, I do appreciate some sorts of recommendation and editor’s picks are just the ones to read up. 


2. Hot items 

Ever wonder what’s the most popular item among consumers and beauty enthusiasts? I doubt the physical stores would able to tell you, if not you have to walk from counters to counters to find out the most popular items for each brand, which sounds really troublesome! I like how these hot picks are available for me to read up more and purchase within a click away. 


3. Shop by brands

Have you been loyal to that one and only brand? Fret not because Sephora on Zalora allows you to shop by brand, filtering out other brands that you are not interested in. It also shows the available items per brand so that you can save the time scrolling through products from other redundant brands. 


After browsing through some of the products, I can’t help put to pick some favourite items that I came across! 

Tarte Blush 
SK2 set perfect for gifts
CIATE nail polish with feather materials!

And of course, let’s not forget how much convenience online shopping can bring us. We save the time travelling down, squeezing with the crowd and joining in the very long queue. Don’t wait any longer, hop onto Sephora on Zalora now! 🙂

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Post courtesy to Zalora. 

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