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I used to hate curling my hair SO MUCH because it always doesn’t curl so easily. At first, I thought it was my hair quality because I’ve changed two hair straighteners, and the second one I had was from a decent brand and none of them worked well…. but today, truth be told, it’s really not about my hair! It’s the hair straightener! 

Now the reason why I can confidently say this is cos I’ve met another love of my life – my Glam Palm hair straightener!

There are many different things that make this hair straighter a favourite to many ladies. No doubt, the liberty to choose between 11 distinct heat settings (from 100-200°Cis great because ladies can decide how hot they would want the straightener to be. For me, I usually set it at only 120 degree celsius and it works super well in straightening my hair! For those with thicker hair, it would be better to set it at a slightly higher temperature.


Now if you are afraid of spoiling your hair as the temperature goes higher, fret not! 

GlamPalm Hair Straightener has healing stone technology where it uses special ceramic plates that are infused with healing stone mineral. This helps to result in beauty shiny hair despite it undergoing heat. I can definitely vouch for this because when I use my old hair straightener, it doesn’t give that silky finishing like how GlamPalm Hair Straightener would. 


Here I’m using the GP313, which is the medium size among the three sized available. It stands at 3.2cm (wide) x 8.9cm (long). 

Despite the width, I love gripping it to straighten my hair without feeling any soreness because of the light touch grip of the GlamPalm Hair Straightener. The resin coating of the straightener absorbs sweat from our hands to ensure it doesn’t slip while we are using it. If you notice, the edges of the cushion plates are also designed to be curved, so that it doesn’t result in awkward lines cutting across your hair.  

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Straightening hair can be so fuss-free now because this amazing thing here only takes 15 seconds to heat up. That is really fast, I just have to switch it on and I can almost use it instantly! That’s so much time saved!


All  GlamPalm Hair Straighteners come with the heat cap, which is to store the straighter so that it doesn’t lie around after using it. They also come with two hair clips for easy styling, and a sleek leather casing for storage purpose!


There’s also a warranty card which covers the hair straightener, although it itself is really of high quality! 

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Now that I have a great hair straightener on hand, it’s such a breeze to curl my fringe inwards to give that nice wavy look! Perhaps in my next post I will teach you how to do some hairstyles with this hair straightener! 

 GlamPalm Hair Straightener special ceramic plates allow it to glide through my hair seamlessly.

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Get one of the best Hair Straightener from GlamPalm today!

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