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Fancy a slimmer face without having to go through any botox, facelifts, ultherapy or facials? How about if I tell you there’s this product that can lift up your saggy cheeks, hydrate your dry skin and contour your entire face just by one spray, would you believe me? “You gotta be kidding me”, that’s the first thought I had too. But until I try it on the spot at Mary Chia’s MU V.TIVATE event last Saturday, the results proved me so wrong. Put your skepticism aside for now and read on to witness the difference yourself, no joke about this. 

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Before we spray on the MU V.TIVATE mist spray, the beautician measured the moisture level of my skin and the result was a scary 35.2%. In case you don’t know, any number below 50% is dehydrated 🙁

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Then we moved on to try out the mist spray. The directions for using this mist spray is really easy. You just have to hold in a little away from your face, spray it on and wait for it to dry. You don’t really have to massage too much either, which is quite amazing cos I thought you’ll always have to massage to achieve the lifting effect. 

Once the MU V.TIVATE mist spray dries up, we quickly measured my skin moisture level and found out it has increased to a whooping 51.3%! Not so dehydrated as before (35.2%)!

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If you don’t believe me, look at the left and right comparison in this photo, which was kindly produced to me by the Mary Chia staff. 


Notice that my cheek is much lifted up and my eye socket is not so puffy. Even the corner of my eye is lifted up!

As for my friend Chloe, her jawline got more defined and slimmer. 

If you ask what Mary Chia MU V.TIVATE does, it has 4 uses: LIFTING, UV DEFENCE, HYDRATING and REGENERATING.

 MU V.TIVATE basically serves to promote face slimming and lifting through spraying. Aside from lifting your saggy skin to a desired v-shaped look, the mist spray also helps to hydrate the skin and restores volume and a more youthful contour. Most importantly, all the ingredients are derived from plants’ stem cells, which make it a very effective anti-aging product. The ingredients include Dansonyl (leaves of African Baobab trees), Helioguard 365 (red seaweed), Eryngium Maritimum Callus Culture Filtrate (sea plant) and Apium Graveolens (Celery). All these ingredients jargon drives me crazy, so I would rather ask the expert at Mary Chia to explain the product efficacies to me.

 At the event, I also got to try the Collagen Beauty Drink, one of the supplements under Mary Chia. To be very honest, I’m not a fan of collagen drinks because I hate the fishy taste. But seriously, all for beauty, what more can I ask for! 🙂

My partner in crime that day, Chloe! Been so long since we last met.

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 MU V.TIVATE mist spray comes in 5ml ($68) or 50ml ($388). But you’ll be happy to know that there’s a special launch price of $338 from now till 30 November! Check it out at all Mary Chia and Urban Homme outlets. 


To a better defined face! Yay! 

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Thank you Mary Chia and Vanessa for the invite! I would put this product into good use muahahha. 

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love,


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