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Hello readers! 

Sorry, no food post for now. Food aside, do you face any problems with your skin? Say, black heads, pimples or even acnes? If so, you really have to read on because today, I might just change your life with this post (hehe). 

View the stunning results on my skin here.

IMG 4083

Derma means skin, while Rx is the greek abbreviation for medicial prescription. Thus Derma-Rx refers to a professional entity that is authorised to prescribe medical products to treat patient’s skin.  It is pronounced as D-R-X or DERMA-R-X, and not “Doctor X”.

Derma-Rx (DRx)      Singapore302 Orchard Road, 16th FloorTong Building  (next to Paragon Shopping Centre) Singapore 238862 Tel : (65) – 6733 1555 Fax (65) – 6733 2983 Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm Closed on Sun and PH IMG 4087

Step into the clinic and this is what awaits you. Clean, sleek and classy settings. 

Here at DRx clinic, the interior and furniture settings resemble a clean aesthetic clinic or lab. But on the other hand, the DRx Medispa (just opposite DRx clinic, on the same level) adopts a warm atmosphere because they want their customer to feel comfortable and easy at the Medispa. I honestly feel that it’s very thoughtful of them to design the atmosphere differently for different purposes.

IMG 4088
The counter to collect your products after consultation
IMG 4091
DRx range of products 
IMG 4108
DRx range of products 
IMG 4092
DRx range of products 

IMG 4081

The whole process was quick. I was told to register at the counter, and then given a form to fill up my personal details. To make sure you feel comfortable, they even have this field for you to indicate what name would you like to be called. 

As I was there on a weekday late morning, there wasn’t a lot of people. But usually, this clinic is packed with patients. 

I first had my consultation with this gorgeous lady in the photo below. She is Dr Yanni Xu, and she’ll be my doctor for my whole journey at DRx. 

IMG 4094

Dr Yanni first tried to pick a conversation with me to make me feel at ease. Readers, don’t feel that you’re here because you have terrible skin and people judge you. You came here for a reason: to receive medical help, because nobody deserves troubled skin. Dr Yanni then asked what problems do I have and I told her honestly what flaws pertaining to my skin do I feel that I have. 


2. Small tiny pimples 

3. LARGE pores 

4. Oily skin on T-zone 

5. Breakouts (a few huge pimples) during the period of the month

(please note that different people have different conditions, my problems will not be exactly your problems)

IMG 4079

After the consultation, I was brought through the product range by a kind nurse. 

Here, throw in any questions you have about the products. For example: 

1. how to use them

2. how it is helpful to the skin

3. when to use them (day & night)

4. the steps in the regime 

5. how to apply (dabbing or swiping?)


IMG 4078

And tada! I was so well aware of the products and the way to use them. All ready to start my skincare regime. 

IMG 4115
Makeup room for patients who wants to put makeup after the consultation

That being said, do note that it’s encouraged that patients do not apply makeup before the consultation. This is to ensure that doctors can accurately diagnose your skin conditions.

I was then brought around to explore the different services under DRx. At the Medispa, there are several rooms that are catered for facial treatments. 

IMG 4098 IMG 4104 IMG 4102 IMG 4100 IMG 4097

(Photo above) The one on the left is the sonic-cleansing machine that helps remove stubborn white/black heads. The equipment slowly vibrates while it moves across the skin and pores to loosen the comedones. As the comedones get loosened, it’s easier to remove it from the pores. Of course, such facial treatment performs best when assisted with DRx products. Which is why DRx is different from neighbourhood facial spas which use the facial equipment alone by itself. DRx encourages the use of DRx products first and if only there are stubborn issues pertaining, top it up with the facial treatment to attain your desired skin.  

(Photo above) On the right is the Microdermabrasion. It is used to remove dead skin cells by exfoliating it. I will only explain in my next post because I have limited knowledge about this treatment. 

IMG 4110 IMG 4111 IMG 4117 IMG 4112

DRx also has a section for hair treatments like hair thinning or hair loss. Here, unlike other hair treatment salons that use herbs for treatment, DRx used sciences such as laser to enhance regrowth of hair.


AND HERE YOU HAVE IT! My skincare regime products: 

IMG 4187

1. Foaming cleanser (170ml) SGD42.80

2. Toner (170ml) SGD42.80

3. Comedone Formula (25ml) SGD78.11

4. Blemish Formula (25ml) SGD74.90

5. MAX C (35ml) SGD169.06

6. Acne Spot Lotion (6ml) SGD26.75

7. Liposomal Sunscreen SPF 30+ (60ml) SGD62.06

(All prices after 7%GST)

I will do a detail explanation on product uses on the next post.

I know the prices may be steep for students or even working adults. But these products have lasted me about a month already. And guess what? Number 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 all look like brand new and the amount doesn’t seem to deplete by a lot. Only the cleanser and toner is decreasing. So all in all, I think the money will be extremely well-spent, and the products most likely promise results (HAD already proven on my skin). 

IMG 4190

IMG 4202

Welcome to the family!! 

To maximise DRx product efficacy, I have ditched all other skincare products, not even face masks or exfoliator…… and my skin now is in fact getting better! :))

IMG 4238

Want to know how my skin has improved? 

Stay tune for the next post 🙂

A big and special thanks to DRx for the sponsorship. 

But fret not because my whole review will be honest and justified with results. 

Singapore302 Orchard Road,

16th FloorTong Building

 (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)

Singapore 238862

Tel : (65) – 6733 1555

Fax (65) – 6733 2983

Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm



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