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Article by Henry Lam. Hello sushi lovers! We’ve all had that moment when we just need to eat some of those raw fish on rice but we’re eit…

Article by Henry Lam. Hello sushi lovers! We’ve all had that moment when we just need to eat some of those raw fish on rice but we’re either too lazy to go out or there’s just no restaurant near our place so we end up eating whatever is in the kitchen. But let’s face it. Nothing can ever replace the feel of raw salmon on the tongue. So, whenever the craving hits and we cannot go to a nice Japanese restaurant to feed our craving, the struggle can get real. s
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Why We Love Sushi

Besides the obvious reason which is, simply put, that sushi tastes so good, there are underlying health benefits to eating sushi–which makes it alright to want to eat it and not feel any guilt, unlike when we crave burgers and pizza. An article on Daily Mail enumerates the health benefits that can be derived from eating sushi.

For one, fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which are said to be beneficial to heart health and also improves blood circulation. It is also a good source of protein. Then there’s rice, which is a good source of energy and is also by naturopaths to help treat digestive disorders. Ginger is another ingredient in sushi that is also good for digestion.

Wasabi, the green paste often added to sushi along with Japanese soy sauce, is known to aid in the prevention of cancer when included in one’s regular diet. Seaweed, which is rich in iodine, is good for the thyroid gland. It is also rich in other important nutrients such as copper, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Where to Get the Most Delish Sushi
There are several types of sushi, but for now, we will be focusing on three of the most popular ones, namely nigiri, gunkan maki, and inarizushi, and which restaurants to get them from. The good news is that have to go out to have a taste of these yummy foods as more and more restaurants now deliver, as do independent delivery services such as Deliveroo, which partners up with upscale restaurants you wouldn’t normally expect to deliver to your door to do just that. In fact, all the restaurants we list below are available to order from, not just to visit.

Nigiri is the most popular form of sushi which originated in Tokyo. This sushi is comprised of a hand-pressed rice cylinder and topping, which could be any choice of seafood, vegetables, meat, omelette, or tofu. Sakae Sushi restaurants all over Singapore offers a wide range of delectable nigiri sushi, including Ebi Sushi (cooked prawn sushi), Hokkigai Sushi (surf clam sushi), Maguro Sushi (tuna sushi), Kani Fumi Crab Miso Paste Sushi (crab meat stick), Ika Sushi (squid sushi), and Salmon Sushi, Tamago Sushi (egg omelette sushi).

Gunkan maki is made up of a rice ball wrapped with a wide strip of nori and topped with uni sea urchin, squid, salmon roe, or potato salad. Other popular toppings are negitoro (a mix of tuna belly fat and green onion) and kanimiso (blended crab brains). Take a look at Sushi Tei’s menu and you’ll be amazed by its mouth-watering selection of gunkan maki – Ikura Sushi (salmon roe), Kani Corn Sushi (crab meat and corn), Salmon Salad Sushi, Chuka Chinmi Sushi (scallop), Black Caviar Sushi, Tobikko Sushi (flying fish roe), Lobster Salad Sushi, and Chuka Iidako Sushi (baby octopus).

Inarizushi is a bit different from nigiri and gunkan maki as it does not contain fish. This type of sushi comes in the form of a piece of aburaage (deep fried tofu) that resembles a pouch and is filled with vinegared sushi rice. The deep fried tofu is simmered in a seasoning of mirin, soy sauce, dashi, and sugar. Combined with rice, this sushi is a nice blend of sweet and slightly sour dish. The inarizushi may able be topped with mushrooms, boiled prawns, chives, squid or omelette strips. Not a lot of Japanese restaurants offer this type of sushi, and Itacho Sushi one such place that offers this. 

To get an idea how sushi is made, watch this video:

Sushi is love, that is a fact. And now, you can easily grab this Japanese dish whenever the craving hits by simply ordering it online from any of the restaurants that offer your favourite sushi.

Article by Henry Lam.

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