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I have to confess. 

I am always lazy to take care of myself, my skin and my health. Haha! Especially my face! I don’t usually use facial products because I am very lazy to use them. I once spent $200 on facial products from TheFaceShop before. Well, the amount spent did make me a little more hardworking on taking care of skin, but it didn’t last long ahahahha. 


It’s not until that fateful day… 

When I saw my dry, dull, pale and unnourished skin in the mirror in the lift. I thought to myself, “Gosh, I’m turning 21, I can’t possibly let my skin die” and regret few years later. 

So I dig out the masks I bought few months back, and they are still in pink conditions! 

2012 11 30+22.37.39+copy I got this from hongkong, and I love them! I think 我的美丽日记 has been popular for its wide range with different functions and uses. Different types of masks are tailored for different skins, and I find it very thoughtful! Allow a consumer to easily find a mask that suits her own unique skin.  This is their official website!   我的美丽日记  Screen+Shot+2012 11 30+at+11.14.26+PM

The wide rangeeeeee.

Screen+Shot+2012 11 30+at+11.14.54+PM

I’m not sure why the one i’m using now isn’t on the web. But it’s amazing! It fits the face perfectly. And I’m known to have a smaller face haha. But I guess the sheet is enough to fit a slightly bigger face too. For me it just extends a little down to my neckline. 

2012 11 30+22.39.13+

Can totally see how thick and ‘packed-with-nutrients’ the sheet is. 

And 20 minutes later… 

My skin is very smooth now!! ^_^

Need to be more hardworking. Age is catching up.

Hui Yan-

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