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Some people often say “Good things come in pairs”. Looks like it when I receive this massive box consisting the full range of Benefit Cosmetics they’re Real! and Double The Lip and Duo Shadow Blender! Lip lining can be quite a chore considering we have to bring out both the lip lining pencil and the lipstick itself. That’s where Benefit Cosmetics they’re Real! Double The Lip comes in, a lipstick that lines your lips and fill in the rest at the same time. Both products are meant to reduce makeup steps and make is as simple as it can be, and I’m excited to try them out.

benefit%20cosmetics%20theyre%20real theyre%20Real%20Double%20The%20Lip

Both Benefit Cosmetics they’re Real! Double The Lip and Duo Shadow Blender come in 8 versatile and amazing shades.


they’re Real! Double The Lip (SGD$35)

If you have noticed, the sharper tip is of a darker colour (most of the time) because that’s the shade that is meant to line your outer lips. The texture of they’re Real! Double The Lip is really creamy and colours are pretty intense for the darker shades. That makes is very easy to blend if you think the the colours of one lipstick is too far apart (e.g. Criminally Coral). Benefit%20theyre%20Real%20Double%20The%20Lip

For someone who’s so into coral, Flame Game and Criminally Coral is my favourite. For a day-to-day basic makeup look, shades Lusty Rose and Nude Scandal are safe choices!

Watch the video for better illustration! 


they’re Real! Duo Shadow Blender (SGD$42)

Now the Duo Shadow Blender is quite an interesting one. Just two shades for $42? That does sound a little expensive at first but wait! Open up and you’ll see this adorable ball-shaped sponge applicator. It’s meant for you to do a quick swipe across the eyeshadow, then onto the eyes – as easy as that! For the convenience and ultra adorable packaging, one or do wouldn’t harm!


I have a soft spot for pinkish tone.. so I’m in for shade Naughty Neutral and Provocative Plum. Brazen Bronze and Beyond Nude are very similar, while Easy Smokin’ seems to be a darker shade of both. Gahhh all these eyeshadow swatches on so easily and pigmented. All the shimmers are so impactful, I really like them!

theyre%20Real%20Double%20The%20Lip%20singapore benefit%20theyre%20Real%20Double%20The%20Lip benefit%20theyre%20Real%20Duo%20Shadow%20Blender

Both they’re Real! Double The Lip (SGD$35) and they’re Real! Duo Shadow Blender (SGD$42) are available at Benefit Cosmetics Store and Sephora Singapore! 

For more, visit Benefit Cosmetics Singapore.


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