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Food review 9/13/2020

My boyfriend and I love fine dining restaurants, and I am always thankful that we can afford these restaurants on special occasions like bir…

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My boyfriend and I love fine dining restaurants, and I am always thankful that we can afford these restaurants on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. We’ve been to a few 1 Michelin Star restaurant but this is actually our first time to a 2 Michelin Stars French Dining restaurant, and it’s none other than Saint Pierre. Normally, I won’t be bothered to go anything more than just instagram stories and occasionally an instagram post. But because this meal at Saint Pierre was so great, I decided to put down some photos to remember this unforgettable meal. I am not reviewing the food because I’m really rusty and I’m never a good food blogger to begin with, so please just read through and enjoy the photos (again, nothing professional, all photos taken using iphone cos I really did not expect myself to be penning this down).

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I kind of lost track starting from all the dishes presented to us even before the starters. 

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First Starter (left) – CAVIAR. Hokkaido Scallop and buttermilk 

Bread (right) – Nothing fancy but the three butter variants were pretty cool and tasty

Saint%2BPierre%2BSingapore 05

Second Starter – Marron (+$18). Marron is a freshwater crayfish found in Western Australia. It was a special item in the menu so we decided to go for it.

Saint%2BPierre%2BSingapore 04

Main Course – Beef. 

Honestly I felt that the beef was a little too fat (way too good to our liking)/ 

Saint%2BPierre%2BSingapore 07
Saint%2BPierre%2BSingapore 10 Cheese Platter (+28). 

Surprisingly, the cheese platter was the most value for money. For just 28++ you get to choose 5 variety. The waiter will explain how each cheese would taste like, how strong it is, what is it made of and where is it from. Overall I like the walkthrough of the different cheese by the very knowledgeable waiter. 

Saint%2BPierre%2BSingapore 11

It also comes with really interesting jam, fruits and nuts! By the way, this portion is only for one pax, which I think is enough for 2 persons to share. 

Saint%2BPierre%2BSingapore 06


Saint%2BPierre%2BSingapore 12 And a complimentary baked alaska for the birthday boy!  
Saint%2BPierre%2BSingapore 14

Ended off the meal with petit four. 

The real reason why I decided to write a post (very rare nowadays) is because I was truly impressed with the service offered by all the waiters/waitresses. In fact, even the owner/chef Emmanuel Stroobant came out to ask if the food was alright right before we were about to leave. For the special Marron dish, he also came out to cook it in front of us, which elevated the dining experience to another level. 

The price can be a little steep but it’s definitely a luxurious dining experience you should try out once in a while for a special occasion 🙂

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love, Celine

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