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For some of us who really can’t live without the most basic makeup, and by basic I’m referring to just the base foundation/bb cream/cc cream, I reckon the least we could do is to use a less harmful makeup product. Don’t you agree with me girls? For some products out there, they do contain harmful chemicals that can cause breakouts and other skin issues. Which is why, I’m trying out this Hanskin Super Snail BB Cream these days….


Hanskin Super Snail BB Cream is meant to help to improve skin elasticity and promote skin cell regeneration. Its anti-oxidant & antibacterial properties also lessen wrinkles and repair damaged skin. Besides all these great ingredients, Hanskin Super Snail BB Cream also contains moisturising ingredient such as jojoba oil, yams, root extract, okra and marigolds. They can shrink loosen pores, calm and restore the skin’s water & oil balance. That being said, it’s really good for dry skin since it has such moisturising effect.

Unfortunately, Hanskin Super Snail BB Cream doesn’t come in different shades so I am hoping it will blend into different people’s shades. I did a swatch on the back of my palm as you can see from the photo here: It comes out really dark, but becomes really fair upon blending. Seems really promising! 🙂

It also blends off really well, although the scent isn’t that great. It gives a semi-matte finishing and isn’t too greasy. 


Thank you BNTnews for sending this lovely item over! 


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