Exploring The Top Tourist Attractions In Bangladesh: A Comprehensive Guide

The image showcases the breathtaking scenery and wildlife of the Sundarbans mangrove forests.

Are you planning a trip to Bangladesh but don’t know where to start? Well, did you know that this vibrant country is home to Cox’s Bazar, the longest sea beach in the world? In this in-depth guide, we’ll uncover hidden gems and popular tourist destinations that make touring Bangladesh an adventure of a lifetime.

Ready for an unforgettable journey? Let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways

  • Cox’s Bazar Beach is the top tourist attraction in Bangladesh with its 120 km long sandy beach and crystal-clear waters.
  • Sonargaon, the old capital of Bengal, offers historical sites like Panam Nagar and Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum.
  • The National Parliament House in Dhaka is a must – see for its architectural grandeur.
  • Lalbag Fort in Dhaka is a popular tourist attraction with its Mughal architecture and historical significance.
  • Ahsan Manzil, also known as the Pink Palace, showcases luxurious Bangladeshi architecture from the past.
  • Saint Martin Island is famous for its coral reefs, beautiful beaches, and biodiversity.
  • The Shahid Minar commemorates the Bengali Language Movement protests and holds cultural importance for Bangladeshis.
  • Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho (National Martyrs’ Memorial) pays tribute to those who sacrificed their lives during the Bangladesh Liberation War.
  • The Bangladesh National Museum provides insights into the country’s rich history and culture through exhibits.
  • Ratargul Swamp Forest offers a unique ecosystem experience with its freshwater forest flooded during monsoon season.
  • Dhaka: Offers a mix of modernity and rich history with attractions like Sonargaon, National Parliament House,
  • Landmarks such as Shahid Minar & places like Lalbag Fort
  • Rajshahi: Known as “silk city” boasting historical ruins & landmarks including Puthia Temple Complex & Varendra Research Museum
  • Sylhet: Famous for tea gardens & natural beauty. Must-visits include Jaflong & Ratargul Swamp Forest
  • Khulna: Home to Sundarbans – largest mangrove forest globally; Also includes attractions like Shaat Gambuj Mosque &
  • Chattogram: An exciting destination featuring beautiful beaches & hills

Top Attractions in Bangladesh

Top Attractions in Bangladesh 135841333Cox’s Bazar Beach capturing the tranquil beauty and vibrant colors of the sunrise.” title=”A photo of Cox’s Bazar Beach capturing the tranquil beauty and vibrant colors of the sunrise.” class=”awimage” />

Cox’s Bazar Beach, known for its long stretch of sandy shores and crystal-clear waters, is one of the top tourist attractions in Bangladesh.

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Cox’s Bazar Beach

A photo of a vibrant sunset over Cox's Bazar Beach with diverse people and a bustling atmosphere.

Cox’s Bazar Beach is a top spot in Bangladesh. It has the longest sandy beach, reaching 120 km! People love to swim and soak up the sun here. The town of Cox’s Bazar draws many visitors too.

Its natural beauty makes it well-liked by tourists from all over the world.


A photograph of an ancient temple surrounded by lush greenery and a bustling atmosphere.

Sonargaon is a key part of Bangladesh’s history. It was once the old capital of Bengal. Now, it’s home to many amazing sights. Panam Nagar and Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum are must-sees in this city.

Another top draw is Explore Panam City.

Walking around Sonargaon feels like going back in time. You will see pretty temples and parts of old buildings. Do check out the Goaldi Mosque too! The tomb of Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah is another spot you can’t miss here! For those who want more, there’s also an option for a full-day tour from Dhaka to Sonargaon.

National Parliament House

A vibrant photo capturing the bustling atmosphere and beauty of National Parliament House surrounded by lush greenery.

The National Parliament House is a must-see in Bangladesh. Known as Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban, it sits in the heart of Dhaka. This building takes up more than 200 acres of land! It’s one of the biggest parliament houses globally.

The house stands for Bangladesh’s freedom and rule by the people. Tourists flock to see this famous symbol every year.

Lalbag Fort

A group of friends exploring Lalbag Fort in Dhaka, showcasing its beautiful architecture and bustling atmosphere.

Lalbag Fort is a beautiful Mughal fort in Bangladesh. It can be found in the old town of Dhaka, the country’s capital city. The fort gets its name from the neighborhood it’s located in, called Lalbagh or Red Garden.

Built during the 17th century, this fortress remains unfinished but is still a popular tourist attraction and an important landmark in Dhaka City. When you visit Lalbag Fort, you’ll see different parts of the complex such as the Mausoleum of Pari Bibi, Diwan-i-Aam (the Hall of Audience), and Quilla Mosque.

Ahsan Manzil

A group of tourists posing in front of Ahsan Manzil, a popular cityscape photography spot.

Ahsan Manzil is a famous tourist attraction in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is located on the bank of the river Buringanga in old Dhaka. This beautiful palace was once the residence and seat of the Nawab of Dhaka.

Its construction took place between 1859 and 1872. Ahsan Manzil is often called the “Pink Palace” because of its pink color. It is considered to be an architectural masterpiece and a symbol of luxury, beauty, influence, and aristocracy in Dhaka.

Saint Martin Island

A stunning sunset over the beautiful beaches of Saint Martin Island, captured with precision and vivid colors.

Saint Martin Island is a famous tourist destination in Bangladesh. It is the only coral island in the country, located about 9 km south of the Cox’s Bazar – Teknaf peninsula. One must-visit spot on Saint Martin Island is Chhera Dwip, which is the southernmost land of Bangladesh.

The island is known for its conservation of ecosystem and biodiversity, making it an ecological hot spot. Saint Martin Island offers beautiful beaches, including the popular West Beach.

In addition to its natural beauty, there are also other attractions like Lawachara forest, tea plantations in Srimangal, Madhabpur Lake, tribal villages, Hamham waterfall and wetlands to explore while visiting this stunning island getaway.

Shahid Minar

A group of diverse tourists posing in front of the Shahid Minar, a famous city landmark.

The Shahid Minar is a special monument in Bangladesh. It was built to remember the people who died during the Bengali Language Movement protests. This monument is very important for the people of Bangladesh because it represents their fight for language rights and cultural identity.

Many tourists visit this place to learn about its historical and cultural significance. The Shahid Minar attracts visitors from all over the world, making it one of the top tourist attractions in Bangladesh.

Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho (National Martyrs’ Memorial)

A vibrant photo of the Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho surrounded by blooming flowers and a bustling atmosphere.

The Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho, also known as the National Martyrs’ Memorial, is a famous attraction in Bangladesh. It is located about 35km southwest of Dhaka’s capital and is one of the most iconic places in the country.

Designed by Syed Mainul Hossain and built by Concord Group, this memorial was constructed to honor the martyrs of the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. The memorial consists of 10 mass graves that symbolize the bravery and sacrifice of those who lost their lives during the war.

Visiting this memorial allows you to pay tribute to these courageous individuals and learn more about their resilience and patriotism.

Bangladesh National Museum

The Bangladesh National Museum is a popular tourist attraction located in Dhaka. It offers visitors a chance to explore the country’s rich history and culture. With its reasonable admission fee and friendly staff, it is an accessible destination for both locals and tourists.

The museum has recently launched a virtual gallery, allowing people to experience its exhibits even during the lockdown. By visiting the Bangladesh National Museum, you can gain a deeper understanding of the country’s heritage and traditions.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

Ratargul Swamp Forest is a stunning freshwater swamp forest located in Gowain River, Fatehpur Union, Gowainghat, Sylhet, Bangladesh. It’s known as one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Sylhet and draws many visitors every year.

During the monsoon period, the forest gets flooded with water from the hills of India, creating a unique and vibrant ecosystem. In fact, it’s often called the Sundarbans of Bangladesh and is one of only twenty-one freshwater forests in the world.

If you’re looking for a breathtaking destination that showcases nature’s beauty at its finest, Ratargul Swamp Forest in Sylhet is definitely worth visiting.

Popular Cities in Bangladesh

A vibrant nighttime cityscape of Dhaka with illuminated skyscrapers, bustling streets, and diverse individuals.

Dhaka, the bustling capital city, offers a mix of modernity and rich history. Rajshahi boasts ancient ruins and historical sites. Sylhet is known for its tea gardens and natural beauty.

Read on to discover more about these captivating cities in Bangladesh.

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Dhaka is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. It is a bustling metropolis that attracts tourists from all over the world. With its rich history and vibrant culture, Dhaka offers visitors a wide range of attractions to explore.

Some popular tourist spots in Dhaka include Sonargaon, National Parliament House, Shahid Minar, Lalbag Fort, Ahsan Manzil, and Bangladesh National Museum. These landmarks showcase the city’s historical significance and architectural beauty.

In addition to sightseeing, there are various tours and activities available in Dhaka, including day trips to nearby destinations like Sonargaon and Mainamati. Visitors can also enjoy city tours of Old and New Dhaka to discover the local culture and indulge in delicious street food.


Rajshahi is one of Bangladesh’s oldest cities and it has a rich cultural heritage. Known as the “silk city,” Rajshahi is famous for its thriving silk industry. The city boasts several popular sights and landmarks, including the Puthia Temple ComplexChhoto Sona MosquePancharatna Gobinda Temple, and Bara Ahnik Mandir.

Tourists are drawn to Rajshahi because of its historical significance and vibrant culture. Notable attractions in the city include the Sompur Mahavihara and Varendra Research Museum.

Besides being a tourist destination, Rajshahi also serves as a major urban, commercial, and educational center in Bangladesh as well as being the administrative seat of the Rajshahi district.


Sylhet is a city in Bangladesh that holds great economic importance. It is famous for its lush tea gardensbeautiful waterfalls, and rich cultural heritage. This city serves as a major center for commerce and finance, with many industries and businesses located there.

Tourists can explore popular attractions like Jaflong, Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bisnakandi, Khadimnagar National Park, Pangthumai Waterfall, and Shahjalal Dorgha. Sylhet offers various day tours and destinations that make it an ideal place to visit for travelers.

Visitors can enjoy activities such as visiting tea gardens, exploring historical sites, and immersing themselves in the natural beauty of the forests and waterfalls found in Sylhet.


Khulna, the third largest city in Bangladesh, is a vibrant destination located on the banks of the Rupsha and Bhairab Rivers. One of its top tourist attractions is the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world.

Visitors can explore this unique ecosystem and spot diverse wildlife such as Bengal tigers and saltwater crocodiles. Other popular tourist sites include the Shaat Gambuj Mosque, known for its impressive architectureKhulna University, renowned for its academic excellence, and the Khan Jahan Ali Bridge offering picturesque views of the river.

Food enthusiasts will delight in Khulna’s delicious seafood dishes while experiencing a bustling river port atmosphere.


Chattogram is a vibrant city located in southeastern Bangladesh. It’s the country’s second-largest city and serves as the chief Indian Ocean port of Bangladesh. Known for its natural beauty, Chattogram boasts stunning beaches and picturesque hills in the Chattogram Hill Tracts.

The city has a rich history and diverse culture, making it an exciting destination for travelers. Don’t miss out on visiting popular attractions like Jamboree Park, Patenga Sea Beach, and Foy’s Lake while exploring this bustling commercial hub of Bangladesh.

Walking Tours & Private Sightseeing Tours

A diverse group of tourists explore a vibrant market in Bangladesh, captured with sharp focus and clear detail.

Experience the best of Bangladesh with a variety of walking tours and private sightseeing options. From day trips to multi-day adventures, immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of this vibrant country.

Read on to discover the top attractions and plan your perfect itinerary!

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Day Trips

Experience the best of Bangladesh with exciting day trips that allow you to explore the country’s rich heritage and natural wonders. Whether you’re interested in cultural tours, outdoor activities, or historical landmarks, there are plenty of options for every type of traveler.

Take a full-day city sightseeing tour in Dhaka and visit popular attractions such as the National Parliament House, Lalbag Fort, and Ahsan Manzil. If you prefer nature adventures, embark on a day trip to Ratargul Swamp Forest or enjoy a boat ride along the beautiful rivers of Bangladesh.

With top-rated tours and activities available, you can make the most out of your time in this vibrant country.

Venture beyond the cities and discover the captivating beauty of Cox’s Bazar Beach or go island-hopping in Saint Martin Island. Explore historical sites like Sonargaon and Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho (National Martyrs’ Memorial), where you can learn about Bangladesh’s rich history.

Full-day Tours

There are 10 full-day tours available in Bangladesh, ranging in price from $104.77 to $108.77. These tours offer a chance to explore popular attractions like Old Dhaka, the Ship Breaking Yard, Sonargaon, and various islands.

If you prefer walking tours, there are options available in Dhaka for private sightseeing. One notable area to visit is Sonargaon, which holds historical significance as an ancient capital.

The full-day tour includes a stop at the Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum, providing a glimpse into the region’s cultural heritage.

Cultural Tours

Discover the vibrant culture and rich history of Bangladesh through a variety of cultural tours. These tours offer an immersive experience, allowing you to explore the country’s unique heritage and traditions.

Some popular cultural tours include the Old Dhaka City Tour, Full Day Sonargaon, Old Capital and Island Trip, and Dhaka Full-Day City Sightseeing Tour. By joining these guided tours, you can visit historically significant sites like Sonargaon and learn about their cultural significance from knowledgeable guides.

If you prefer a more personalized experienceprivate guided tours and cruises are also available to help you delve deeper into Bangladesh’s fascinating culture. With options provided by TourRadar alone numbering 12 in total as of 2023, there is no shortage of opportunities to embark on an enriching cultural journey in Bangladesh.

Multi-day & Extended Tours

If you want to explore more of Bangladesh, consider joining multi-day and extended tours. Tripadvisor offers the best options, with itineraries designed to suit your preferences. You can find walking tours in cities like Old Dhaka City or take full-day trips to places like Sonargaon and other islands.

Private sightseeing tours are also available, such as the Sonargaon full-day tour or the private full-day Dhaka City tour. Araf Tours is a popular organizer that specializes in couple and family-friendly tours, including a visit to Cox’s Bazar, which boasts the longest natural sea beach in the world.

If you prefer local guides, there are many who offer various tour activities and experiences for you to choose from.

Outdoor Activities

In Bangladesh, there are many exciting outdoor activities that you can enjoy as part of walking tours and private sightseeing toursDhaka, the capital city, offers a full-day city sightseeing tour where you can explore its famous landmarks and attractions.

If you’re interested in history, you can take a private day tour to Sonargaon, a historic city near Dhaka. There are also various walking tours available such as the Old Dhaka City Tour or the Full Day Sonargaon tour.

These tours allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience the beauty of Bangladesh firsthand. Whether it’s exploring ancient sites or taking in the bustling streets of Dhaka, there is something for everyone to enjoy in these outdoor activities.

What Travelers are Saying

A picturesque sunset scene at Cox's Bazar Beach featuring a long stretch of sandy shores and bustling atmosphere.

Travelers who have visited Bangladesh have shared their positive experiences and recommendations about the country’s top attractions. They praise Cox’s Bazar Beach for its long stretch of sandy shores and beautiful sunsets.

Sonargaon is also highly recommended, with tourists enjoying exploring its ancient ruins and historical sites. The National Martyrs’ Memorial, known as Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho, has impressed visitors with its grand architecture and significance in honoring the nation’s heroes.

Travelers also appreciate the natural beauty of Ratargul Swamp Forest and the cultural richness found in Ahsan Manzil. These reviews give potential travelers a glimpse into the diverse offerings of Bangladesh that are worth exploring during their visit.

Places to Visit in Bangladesh

A stunning aerial photograph showcases the lush green tea gardens of Sylhet, capturing the unique beauty of the region.

Cox’s Bazar, known for its stunning beaches, is a must-visit destination in Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is a must-visit tourist attraction in Bangladesh. It is famous for having the world’s longest uninterrupted natural beach, stretching over 120 kilometers. The city offers breathtaking views and scenic beauty that attracts numerous tourists each year.

Cox’s Bazar has a unique blend of Buddhist and Hindu influences, particularly on Maheshkhali Island. With its impressive attractions, such as Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, this destination should not be missed when exploring Bangladesh.

The Sundarbans

The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world and a popular tourist attraction in Bangladesh. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its rich biodiversity, especially its various species of mangroves, including Gewa.

The Sundarbans offers exciting safaris and excursions for visitors to explore this unique ecosystem. It is important to note that the Sundarbans is shared between India and Bangladesh, with India owning 40% of the area and Bangladesh owning 60%.


Srimangal is a town located in the Sylhet Division of Bangladesh and it’s known as the tea capital of the country. You can explore attractions like Lawachara National Park, Madhabpur Lake, and the Baikka Beel Wetland Sanctuary.

The town has beautiful tea plantations where you can learn about how tea is made and enjoy stunning views. It’s easy to reach Srimangal as it’s well-connected to major cities like Dhaka and Chittagong.

Nature lovers and birdwatchers will love visiting Srimangal because of its diverse flora and fauna.

Lalbagh Fort

Lalbagh Fort is a historical attraction located in the old city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Situated on the banks of the Buriganga River, this fort was built by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in the 17th century but remains unfinished to this day.

The fort features notable structures such as the Mausoleum of Pari Bibi, Diwan-i-Aam, and Quilla Mosque. It offers visitors a glimpse into the artistic legacy of the Mughal Empire and provides insights into Bangladesh’s rich cultural heritage.

Exploring Lalbagh Fort allows you to immerse yourself in history and appreciate its architectural beauty while learning about this fascinating region’s past.


Rangamati is a beautiful destination in Bangladesh that you won’t want to miss. It’s located in the Chittagong division and is known for its stunning natural beauty. One of the top attractions here is Kaptai Lake, which happens to be the largest man-made lake in the country.

Rangamati also offers picturesque waterfalls and hilly landscapes that will take your breath away. Don’t forget to visit Polwel Park, Parjatan Hanging Bridge, Shuvolong Waterfalls, and Lake View Island while you’re here.

Rangamati is truly a must-visit spot for travelers looking to explore the best of what Bangladesh has to offer.


Bandarban is a beautiful destination in Bangladesh that is known for its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage. It is located in the Chittagong Hill Tracts and is surrounded by lush green hills.

Bandarban is famous for being the pious hub of Theravada Buddhism, which is practiced by tribal communities like Marma or Mogh. One of the major tourist attractions in Bandarban is Buddha Dhatu Jadi, a significant religious site that draws visitors from all over.

Other popular spots to visit include KeokradongBoga LakeNilachal, Nilgiri Mountains, Sangu River, Nafa-khum Waterfall, Amiakhum Waterfall, and Rijuk Waterfall. Bandarban offers a unique blend of natural beauty and adventure for those seeking an unforgettable travel experience in Bangladesh’s hill districts.

Saint Martin

Saint Martin’s Island is a special place in Bangladesh. It’s the only coral island in the country, and it’s about 120 kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar. This island has become a popular destination for tourists because of its breathtaking beauty.

When you visit Saint Martin’s Island, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped from the modern world and entered a paradise of natural wonders. The island is also known for its efforts to protect its ecosystem and diverse wildlife.

There are plenty of fun activities to do here, such as scuba diving, relaxing on sandy beaches, and enjoying delicious fresh seafood. So if you’re planning a trip to Bangladesh, make sure to include Saint Martin’s Island on your itinerary!


Paharpur is an important archaeological site in Bangladesh. It is located in the Naogaon District in northern Bangladesh. The complex at Paharpur includes a large temple and various ruins.

It was a center of intellectual activities and witnessed the emergence of a new form of Buddhism. The Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur is the largest of its kind in the Indian subcontinent.

Tourists can visit Paharpur to explore its historical landmarks and attractions, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts.


Kuakata is a stunning and popular beach in Bangladesh. It offers breathtaking views of the sea with its panoramic beauty. Many people call Kuakata “Sagar Kannya” or “Daughter of the Sea.” This beach is known for being safe and competitive among other tourist spots in Bangladesh.

Located in the Kalapara Upazila of Patuakhali District, Barisal division, it attracts a large number of tourists every year. Kuakata is definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for a major tourist destination with beautiful beaches.

Amiakhum Waterfall

Amiakhum Waterfall is located in a remote area called Tindu, which is part of the Bandarban Hill District. It is situated near the Bangladesh-Myanmar border and is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bangladesh.

The waterfall cascades down into a different area deep within the hills, creating a stunning sight for visitors. To reach Amiakhum Waterfall, it takes roughly a day and a half of walking from the town of Remakri.

Due to its natural beauty and charm, it is highly recommended for travelers to include a visit to Amiakhum Waterfall in their tour plan when visiting Bangladesh.

Best Time to Visit Bangladesh

A vibrant field of blooming flowers with people of diverse appearances, outfits, and hairstyles.

The best time to visit Bangladesh is during the drier months of November to March. Explore the stunning attractions and discover why this country is a hidden gem in South Asia.

Climate and weather

Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon climate, which means it has hot and humid weather for most of the year. The average temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 34 degrees Celsius.

The warmest months are usually March and April. If you prefer cooler weather, it’s best to visit between November and February when the winter months bring pleasant temperatures. This is also a good time because the monsoon rains have subsided, making it more comfortable for exploring the country’s tourist attractions.

Peak and off-peak seasons

The best time to visit Bangladesh is during the winter, between December and March. This is considered the peak tourism season, with many travelers flocking to popular destinations like Cox’s Bazar, Dhaka, and Saint Martin’s Island.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these places can get crowded during this time. On the other hand, it is not recommended to visit Bangladesh during the monsoon season from June to October due to heavy rainfall and high humidity.

Overall, if you want pleasant weather and fewer crowds, plan your trip for the off-peak seasons outside of October to March.

What Bangladesh is Famous For

A group of smiling children wearing traditional Bangladeshi clothes playing in a vibrant green rice field.

Bangladesh is famous for its rich culture and heritage, stunning natural beauty, and diverse wildlife and biodiversity. Discover why this country should be at the top of your travel list!

Culture and heritage

Bangladesh is famous for its rich culture and heritage. The country has a vibrant history, with influences from ancient civilizations like Buddhist, Muslim, and Hindu cultures. Visitors can explore ancient Buddhist stupas, palaces of Muslim sultans and Buddhist kings, and beautiful Hindu temples.

The cultural diversity in Bangladesh is evident in its traditional music, dance forms like Baul and Jatra, colorful festivals like Pohela Boishakh (Bengali New Year), and mouthwatering cuisine that includes dishes like biryani, hilsa fish curry, and pitha (traditional sweets).

With such a diverse cultural heritage, Bangladesh offers a unique experience for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the traditions of this beautiful country.

Natural beauty

Bangladesh is known for its stunning natural beauty, offering visitors a variety of landscapes to explore. The country boasts majestic mountains, meandering rivers, expansive beaches, and rich biodiversity.

The three hill districts of Rangamati, Khagrachari, and Bandarban are particularly famous for their breathtaking scenery. Bandarban, situated in the Chittagong Hill Tracts area, is renowned for its picturesque hills covered in lush greenery.

Moreover, the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest provides an extraordinary natural experience with its tea gardens, scenic islands, and diverse wildlife sanctuaries. With its diverse landscapes and heritage monuments blending seamlessly with its natural wonders,it’s no wonder that Bangladesh holds a special place among travelers seeking beauty and tranquility.

Wildlife and biodiversity

Bangladesh is known for its rich wildlife and biodiversity. With over 360 bird species, it is a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. The Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to the endangered Bengal tiger and various species of deer, monkeys, and crocodiles.

The Haor wetlands are another important ecosystem in Bangladesh, teeming with diverse aquatic life including fish and birds. Visitors can also explore Lawachara forest, Srimangal’s tea plantations, Madhabpur Lake, tribal villages, Hamham waterfall, wetlands, and Madhabkunda to witness the country’s impressive biodiversity up close.

Safari tourism is popular here as well since visitors have the opportunity to explore protected areas and wildlife sanctuaries across the country. Overall, Bangladesh offers a unique experience for those interested in wildlife and discovering its incredible biodiversity.

How to Plan Your Visit

A diverse group of people explore a vibrant city in a bustling atmosphere, captured in crystal clear photography.

Plan your visit to Bangladesh by considering the recommended length of stay, choosing a tour package that suits your interests, and ensuring you have the necessary visa and travel requirements in place.

Recommended length of stay

Most travelers are allowed to stay in Bangladesh with a Visitor Visa for a maximum of 30 days in total. This is usually enough time to explore the top tourist attractionsvisit the popular cities, and experience the best that Bangladesh has to offer.

However, if you want to delve deeper into the culture and heritage of the country or explore more remote areas like the Sundarbans or Srimangal, it’s recommended to plan for a longer stay.

Consider extending your trip by opting for multi-day tours or adding extra days to your itinerary. With its diverse landscapes and rich history, there’s always something new waiting to be discovered in Bangladesh.

Choosing a tour package

To make the most of your visit to Bangladesh, it’s a good idea to choose a tour package. These packages can help you save time and take the stress out of planning. Look for guided boat tours that will take you through the beautiful mangrove forests and give you the chance to spot wildlife.

They often have experts who can provide valuable information about the area. Additionally, consider packages that offer activities like trekking, hiking, bird watching, and boat trips during November to March when the weather is suitable for these adventures.

By choosing a tour package, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the amazing experiences Bangladesh has to offer without worrying about all the details yourself.

Visa and travel requirements

To visit Bangladesh as a tourist, you may be able to get a visa on arrival. However, it’s important to check the Bangladeshi Embassy website for the latest information on visa requirements.

If you’re in the U.S., it is recommended to obtain a Bangladeshi visa in advance from the embassy or nearest consulate. Applying for single-entry visas upon arrival can sometimes lead to being denied entry.

Keep in mind that Australian Government travel advice suggests exercising caution when visiting Bangladesh and staying updated on safety, laws, and travel advisories.


A diverse group of tourists smiles while exploring and enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Bangladesh.

Explore the diverse beauty of Bangladesh with this comprehensive guide to its top tourist attractions. From the stunning Cox’s Bazar Beach to the historic Lalbag Fort, there is something for everyone in this country.

Plan your visit wisely and uncover hidden gems that will make your trip unforgettable. Don’t miss out on experiencing the rich culture, natural wonders, and warm hospitality that Bangladesh has to offer.

Happy exploring!


1. What are the top tourist attractions in Bangladesh?

The top tourist attractions in Bangladesh include beautiful parks, historic sites, and unique wildlife reserves.

2. Can this guide help me explore Bangladesh?

Yes, this comprehensive guide provides detailed information about various tourist attractions throughout Bangladesh.

3. What can I expect to see at these attractions in Bangladesh?

At these Bangladeshi attractions, you can experience rich culture, natural beauty, and historical landmarks.

4. Is it easy for a foreigner to explore these locations in Bangladesh?

With our comprehensive guide detailing the top tourist spots in Bangladesh, foreigners will find their exploration easier and more enjoyable.

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