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Here’s something very different about today’s post. 

In the midst of my hectic schedule especially when exams are around the corner, I would still like to take some time off to share with you about SMU – Singapore Management University. 

Here’s a very quick 5 reasons why you should join SMU: 


1. Amazing opportunity to make new friends and know professors personally. 

Till now, I’ve never regretted joining SMU because I’ve made many new friends and even professors personally. Here’s some of the photos I took with my groupmates and the professors. 

A photo with my Finance Professor, who is really passionate about teaching finance although his family runs a listed university in Thailand.  
2013 04 03+15.03.07
A photo with my Management Accounting Professor who is really fatherly and cares a lot about our work progression.  

Which brings me to the second point, 

2. SMU’s unique pedagogy. 

SMU is well-known for their small seminars teaching style. I came to SMU for this one reason, and I’ve never regret it either. I enjoy being in a class no larger than 45 students, giving me the full opportunity to interact with the professor personally. I know I hated lectures, which is why I know I like SMU’s teaching style. 

Some people find SMU too competitive just because of this pedagogy, where class participation becomes a component to your grade. Think about it. Competition is everywhere. It’s not only SMU that has competition. Stop living in your comfort zone because when you step into the real world, you’ll just be facing the same thing. In fact, SMU is just preparing you for that. We talk about highly worthwhile investment here. 

3. Six different schools with own niche. 

The six different schools are school of: Economics, Information Systems, Accountancy, Social Sciences and lastly Lee Kong Chian School of Business.  

Each schools with their own Dean and distinctive quality, has varied attributes that make them different from each other too. Go for something you like and have passion in, that’s the most important thing to note while making your decision. 

4. Internship and exchange programs. 

Think about it. SMU is significantly smaller to its close competitors, but has an almost equal number of internship and exchange opportunities. That equates a more than proportionate number of opportunities for the students in SMU. But that doesn’t mean you should be complacent either. Work hard and strive for the best. 

5. Wide range of CCAs and OCSPs 

IMG 9530 IMG 9906

OCSPs, overseas community service project, is one of the best thing that happened in my university life. I went to Thailand for CSP. I miss the kids there. 

Not forgetting my campus life in freshmen year where I get to join the CCA I enjoyed myself so much. SMU focusses not only on the academic area, but your campus life is equally important as well! 

Having said that, the current undergraduate recruitment drive is on now. Time to sign up! 🙂 


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