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WOHO… it’s been a while since I last talked about shopping on taobao. You might already know, I previously wrote about reasons to shop online on ezbuy, and you probably don’t need people to tell you the perks of shopping on Taobao, because they’re so cheap! Today I’ll share with you some of my fashion purchases from Taobao through ezbuy, and also some links to taobao shops that sells quality fashion apparels.
To start off, ezbuy actually collates many fashion links under their Handpicked Fashion Collection tab. Find aplenty choices on this page. PS: Don’t forget to sign up a new account to get $10 voucher!  Here’s what I’ve gotten so far.

1. Lace midi length jumpsuit romper%2B1
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2. Earrings earring

3. Off-shoulder top Off shoulder%2Btop

4. Nubra Might be a little obscene to a few, so I’ll skip the photos. Nubras can be selling at above SGD15 onwards in Singapore. But if you get from taobao, it’s barely SGD5-6. And you won’t believe this… a pair of heels at only SGD5?? Though bear in mind that you’re paying for the quality. My experience is the quality won’t be fantastic with a very low price tag.

5. Heels heels 6. Off-shoulder romper Off shoulder%2Bromper
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So make sure you pop by ezbuy to get some Handpicked Fashion Collection! 

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love, Celine

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